How I'm Saving Money on My Fall Wardrobe

Get ready for a super cute fall look that I wore the other weekend to a friend's shower! My outfit may look expensive, but you'll never believe how much I'm renting it all for ;)

Polo Ralph Lauren: Double Breasted Knit Blazer / J. Crew: Turtleneck (similar) / Veda: Green Leather Circle Skirt / Stuart Weitzman: Highland Boots / Celine: Nano Luggage (more options here) / Lele Sadoughi: Small Crystal Lily Earrings in Honey

For the three things in this outfit that I am renting, the total is just shy of $800... And think about that in comparison to a Rent the Runway membership of $159 a month for 4 items continually switched out. That's a big difference!! Shameless plug that you can get your first month at 50% off with the code RTRKRISTA.

I've turned so many friends on to the subscription, and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love it. The concept is so simple, it saves you money on shopping, you get to continually refresh your wardrobe, and there are always new items to rent! I wore this look to Ashby's shower this past weekend, and three girls (who were fabulously dressed BTW) there were using RTR, and we couldn't stop talking about how much we love it!

Especially for fall and winter, it's the best. For a couple of reasons, actually... you want to look cute in the colder months, and it's hard to do because you're always wearing a jacket. But you don't want to keep wearing the same one 100 times over so you're looking to switch it up. Rent the Runway. Their selection fo coats honestly rival their selection of dresses, it's that good.

Oh, and speaking of dresses -- how about those formal fall and winter wedding where you never know what to wear? It's not like we have long formal dresses just hanging around. And the last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on a dress you'll wear once. Rent the Runway.

How about at work, when your short dresses or regular work attire just isn't cutting it with the cold temps and dress code for the office? You, again, don't want to just buy new winter clothes you might not even like that much that you'll only wear maybe once or twice over the next few months. Rent the Runway.

I loved it for work when I was in the office. It's honestly the best for that. But now, seeing as I work from home, I really use it for events (for myself, the blog, or friends). It's a fun way to elevate your style without having to drop a ton of money each month on clothes. I mean you've already seen this jacket in this post and this skirt in another post. And I won't be stopping any time soon! These two pieces I really love. And as long as you keep up with your membership, you can keep your rentals for as long or as short as you want. I think I'll get another few wears out of each and then send it back for something new!

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So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to test out Rent the Runway for yourself! It's only $80 for your first month with the code RTRKRISTA!

Thanks to Rent the Runway for sponsoring today's post!

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