Nantucket Guide Pt 1: Where to Stay + How to Get There

The Nantucket guide has begun! I think this might be a three or four part series outlining where to stay, how to get here, where to eat, what to do, what to wear and where to shop! How does that sound to you all? I asked you guys what you wanted to know about Nantucket on Instagram and this is what we got! Hope you enjoy...

Favorite Places to Stay in Nantucket...

Hotels + BnB's:

Places We've Stayed that are Affordable:

--21 Broad: This is our favorite hotel on the island. You can read reviews about it here and here but it is truly so wonderful and special and the perfect place to stay. In terms of cost, it's reasonably priced and you get a whole slew of amenities. It's in a perfect location and the staff is always nice. Highly recommend!

--76 Main: This is a sister property to 21 Broad and just as wonderful. It has an older feel than 21 Broad, but also has great amenities. The staff is wonderful and the location is on the other side of town. It's a great place to stay.

--Hawthorne House: We stayed here for the first time last June with Ashby and Mike. It was the most affordable place we've stayed on the island and is smack dab in the middle of town. It's a great place to stay if you plan to spend your days out and about. There are no amenities outside of wifi and cleaning service. It's a bare-bones B&B that was great for our trip. I had a nice stay there!

--The Veranda House: We stayed here for the first time two weekends ago and it was lovely. It's a little outside of town (like a 3 minute walk) but had wonderful service, free breakfast in the morning and a really cool view of the water from our room! (the first picture above was from our balcony)

Places I Want to Stay Next:

--Greydon House: This is a new (and beautiful) hotel two houses down from 21 Broad! It seems wonderfully decorated and I have only heard good things about the hotel so far! I personally love to shoot in front of it hahah. It's just so pretty!!

--Union Street Inn: Every time Andrew and I walk by, we always say we want to stay there. It looks like the most cozy little inn and after seeing some photos online of the gingham headboards and striped walls, I think it's time.

--The Roberts Collection: This is a group of four different little B&Bs located right in town. I've been dying to stay here because of the decor. It's right up my alley. One day we will test it out!

More Expensive Hotels:

--Harborview Nantucket: We almost had our wedding here but it was too expensive. Still, it's quite beautiful. It's right on the water and has its own private beach with water amenities provided. This is a great place to stay as a family or on a special vacation!

--Nantucket Island Resorts: This is a group of hotels around the island that are all wonderful but come at a much more expensive price! Places like The Wauwinet, Jared Coffin House (least expensive of the bunch) and The Cottages on the Boat Basin (which I'll be staying at on my trip in June!!). They have just about everything you need and have accommodations for whatever group you may be traveling with. It will all come at a higher price but will be 100% worth it. 

--The Nantucket Hotel: We're actually having our rehearsal dinner at Breeze which is inside the Nantucket hotel! We've never stayed here before but just walking around you can feel the wonderful service, the stunning views and all the amenities! They also provide shuttles and buses to take you around town. It's a great hotel!

Airbnb's + VRBO: If you book enough in advance, there are a ton of great and affordable options for homes and apartments to rent. Andrew and I have stayed in houses all over the island as well as a boat  in the harbor (above)! It's a lot of fun and will get you the most bang for your buck!

How to Get to Nantucket...

By Plane: While some people fly on small puddle-jumpers, there are also major airlines that serve Nantucket. Whenever we fly, its a full-sized plane with four seats across via JetBlue. Flying from any major airport will get you on a normal airplane. I also think there are water planes you can fly in but I've never done that so these are the major airline options below!
  • JetBlue - from Boston, MA (BOS), Washington - Reagan National (DCA), and New York City (JFK).
  • American - flying seasonal service from Washington - Reagan National (DCA) and New York City (LGA).
  • Delta - flying seasonal service from New York City (JFK) and (LGA)
  • United - flying seasonal service from Newark, NJ (EWR)
Flying is easily my favorite way to get there because it's super easy from NYC. The flight is about 40 minutes long. If you book far enough in advance, JetBlue has pretty good airfares. The airport isn't big by any means so it's super easy once you land. Just walk off the plane, get your luggage and you're off!

By Car/Boat: I group these together because you do need to drive to the ferry dock. From New York, it's about a 4 hour drive without traffic and the ferries are either a one-hour or two-hour ride (depending if you get the fast or slow ferry). You drive to Hyannis, MA, and take either The Steamship Authority or Hy-Line Cruises to Nantucket. There are multiple parking options offered by either ferry service for a daily fee. There are also options to take a ferry from NYC, NJ and Bedford to Nantucket but those are about 5-6 hours and I haven't heard a good thing about it lol. Lots of bumpy waters and sea sickness!

Taking your car to the island is not recommended, as it can be expensive and the island is easily navigated by other means. But if you wanted to, you can buy a ticket for your car (about ~$400 round trip) and take it over on the 2 1/2 hour ferry. Just buy tickets WAY in advance because space is limited!

How to Get Around Nantucket...

Walking: Depending on where you stay, you can see and do most of the island without renting a bike or car. You'll need an Uber/taxi from the airport, but a lot of the island is centrally located and easy to walk around. I always recommend finding a place to stay in town if you're visiting for a quick weekend or are looking to save money. Everything you may need is within a five-minute walk. Andrew and I have taken the on-island buses and they are cheap ($2 a ride) and really easy to use!

Bikes: If you're looking to head a little further outside of town or are staying outside of downtown but not too far, a bike rental is a great option for you! The island is not very big so a lot of places become more accessible via bike like Cisco Brewery and more beaches. The only snag with bikes would be weather and cobble stone streets (ow). 

Cars + Ride Sharing: Having a car is great but very expensive. It's needed if you stay outside of town, and really makes the whole exploration of the island a lot more fun. AND it's great for when it rains. Andrew and I rented cars the first few times we went and we really got to see and do it all! If you rent a four-wheel drive car, you can ride out to the beach at places like Great Point and see all Nantucket has to offer. 

I would really only recommend renting a car if you stay outside of downtown as there is limited parking and strict overnight rules. If you're looking for an affordable way to do Nantucket, spend a little more on a local hotel/B&B and skip the car altogether! Uber is on island and there are also a ton of taxis available. If there is really something further away than walking distance, call a car!


Whew! Ok that's the Nantucket guide part one. Part two is coming next week and will focus on what to do and eat on the island! Until then, you can check out all Nantucket related content HERE.

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