Weekend Update: May 14

This was the only photo I took this week lol. I got my second shot on Tuesday and it totally kicked my butt. Glad to share I'm back to normal and it was 100% worth it but sheesh!! After not being sick for more than a year, I was so not prepared.


Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve Review

I'm back and 30!! Last week Andrew and I went to Puerto Rico for my birthday trip, and we had the absolute best time. I wanted to share some bits about the hotel and answer some questions you guys had. I'll be back tomorrow with dedicated outfit links for everything I wore!


My SPF Makeup

Maybe one day I'll stop talking about it? But today is not that day. I need to sing it from the rooftops: SPF makeup. Stay protected from the sun while rocking a full face of makeup. It's that easy! And all thanks to TikTok.


Weekend Update: April 30

Happy Friday! I can't believe it's almost May. That is so wild to me. Where have the months gone??


Spring + Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

I'm sure 2021 will be filled with a lot of weddings, so I wanted to round up some of my favorite dress options for spring and summer events. They're put in order from lowest to highest in price in the collage below. My dress above would be great for a wedding and it's linked here (same print different style here).

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