What I Bought From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Sale is open to ambassadors as of 9:30am this morning and I wanted to share what I decided to buy from the sale and how I ended up shopping for everything with two clicks!!


July Favorites

Ok can we all agree that July flew by?? It went by so fast but it was also such a horrible month. I felt like it really "hit me" this month that this pandemic is far from over and this year is basically a wash. I got really depressed mid-July and was stuck in a funk that I couldn't shake. But I'm happy to say that I've gotten past it and have exciting things to look forward to in the coming months. SO with that, here are some random things that made my month better!


My New Obsession: Face Mask Chains

Face Mask Chains: Stylish Face Masks

I have something that is about to flip your world upside down. You've seen them, you've wondered about them, and I'm here to let you know mask chains are where it's at. They are worth it.


5 of My Must Haves From The Nordstrom Sale

5 of My Must Haves From The Nordstrom Sale

I know some people are gearing up for the Nordstrom sale starting later this week (lucky if you get to shop today!!) and I just wanted to call out a few of my *must-haves* from the sale. Some I have purchased over the years from the sale and others are ones that I truly love and use daily that I recommend enough to snag while it's on sale!

Remember, if you have early access with your Nordstrom card, you are able to shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access. 

Below are a few sale items I recommend. Snag them before they go back to full price!


Weekend Update: July 31

A little snap of Andrew and I! Going to be so weird to look back on this time and see all the masks. You'd never even know Andrew has a MUSTACHE now!! Hahaha I think I talked him into it, and you know what? I don't hate it. Will you ever see it? Who knows!

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