Weekend Update: January 15

Happy Friday! This week felt like it flew by. I mean, no major soul-crushing events happened this week, right?? Life just feels like it's blending all together, but it's the weekend now and that counts for something. I hope you all can enjoy a little sunshine and family time! 


20 Home Decor Items I Love

I have one thing on the mind and its HOME DECOR. It's soooooo much fun to look at all the pretty things and imagine spending endless amounts of money getting the ideal dream home. It's not happening but we are making it work by shopping a lot of second-hand places. But it's also nice to check out a few things here and there and finding great new items to mix in with the older pieces.


My Differin Review

My Differin Review

After close to three months of use, I wanted to share my Differin Gel review. I shared it on stories when I started out, and had a bit of a rollercoaster ride, so that's what took this post so long. I made sure to try a couple different routes with Differin before stopping it completely.


Facebook Marketplace Finds - Vol. 1

Facebook Marketplace Finds

Welcome to a new little series of my Facebook Marketplace finds! I love sharing these on Instagram with you all but I know it can be hard without links or with a time limit so we're moving it to here. Plus I can share a lot more than I normally would in a blog post. Hope you enjoy!


Weekend Update: January 8

Weekend Update January 8

Hi friends, happy 2021... we had what? A good 5-day streak going on? Well, I can just feel 2022 will be our year lol. Hope you have a nice weekend 💙

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