Andrew's Working from Home Schedule + Tips

Andrew is taking over the blog today! I thought it would be fun to get his perspective on a few things He will be doing a guest post roughly once every two weeks or so (unless we see there is a lot of love, we can bump this up!!). Today's post came from the notion that it might be helpful to hear how he's dealing with working from home, seeing as he is coming from an office environment. I hope this is useful and without further adieu, we will let Andrew take it away from here... 


10 Things I'm Doing to Manage My Anxiety + Stress

It's no secret that I deal with my own mental health issues. Now I feel like everyone is having to deal with theirs as well. I wanted to share how I'm dealing with and managing my stress and anxiety with all that is going on around us. These are my tips and what I'm doing right now that have been helping. I thought by sharing, it could make you feel less alone but also be a road map to find your own tips and tricks!


Weekend Update: April 3

Happy Friday to all! I hope your week was better than last, and that you have the MOST amazing weekend ahead of you! You deserve it!!


Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review

SOOO I started self-tanning. Not because I felt like I needed to be tan, but honestly, only because I thought it would make a good blog post and Caitlin finally convinced me (after three years) to try it out. 


How to Get the Perfect At-Home Manicure

I'm ahead of the time, and -- boy -- am I happy about it. Quarantine is making me realize I'm pretty low maintenance in terms of my appearance. Outside of my monthly facial, I’m not missing out on any beauty appointments! Thankfully, I've been doing my nails for the past few months at home and I'm here to share my best tips and tricks for the perfect at-home manicure.

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