My Top Rent the Runway Picks

I've done it... I've done the impossible and went through every. single. item. that Rent the Runway offers, and we made it into a landing page for you to shop from! You ready?

GUYS, it's finally here!! In addition to begging Rent the Runway to provide a 50% OFF CODE for Unlimited, I also so badly wanted to create a landing page for my top items! There are just so many great things available on Rent the Runway, it can get a little overwhelming! So I went through their entire website and picked out my favorites -- seriously!

You can check out my top picks on this page where it will have my Unlimted code, a selection of my favorite categories (wedding, every day and work) and ALL the information you will need about Rent the Runway Unlimted!

My biggest question when it comes to RTR is what they should rent for X event. And to help everyone I wanted to create this short (but in reality very long) list for whoever may need it. Shout out to all my friends' weddings -- this is your guide!!

And as a reminder, my unlimited code ENDS at the end of September, so if you have ever wanted to test out Rent the Runway Unlimited, this is the time!! You can get 50% off your first month with the code "RTRKRISTA" -- 50% is the best offer you'll find from anywhere on the internet so take advantage of it while you can. 

I was just telling my friends this past weekend that if they get the subscription for this month and spend $80 total, they can continuously rent 4 items over and over for the month. Think about that.. spending $80 for all the weddings, weekends, events, work and whatever else you have going on this month. That's a total steal! 

It's even worth it if you're thinking of renting one dress like normal from the site. If you're getting something small, it'll probably be closer to $80 for. one. item. Think how far that can stretch for getting 4 items throughout the month. I can't tell you how many of my friends used this for my wedding! It's the best deal and the best time to try!!

And if you want to see all of my favorite items from the site -- including my other categories like weekend, fall, formal events... you can check out my list HERE. Best thing yet -- you can save the whole list to your account to quickly reference when you're shopping. When I update it every week, it will update on your page too!

For a little refresher, you can brush up on my unlimited review HERE and what it is and how it works Q&A HERE.

Thanks to Rent the Runway for sponsoring today's post!

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