Rent the Runway Unlimited Review + (50% off Promo Code!)

As of last month, I have been using Rent the Runway Unlimted for a year. Which is kind of crazy (at least I think!). I initially tested it out because I wanted to see if it would help cut back on my shopping...


Then it transformed into using it almost all the time for new work clothes each season (it was a Godsend). And when my friends started getting engaged and married (including myself!), I looked to it for fun dresses and special occasion clothing that I'd really only ever wear once. And now? A year later, I love to use it for my everyday casual.

In short, my Rent the Runway Unlimited membership has been the absolute best. It's the best on SO many different occasions, I feel like people forget about that! What started as a place to rent dresses for weddings, has turned into your dream closet of the coolest, newest, and chicest items that you don't have to buy (or store!). 

I have readers email here and there asking about what to wear to X or to Y event and mention that they're looking to not spend too much. I always try and recommend a few items in their search, but I constantly find myself suggesting Rent the Runway.

Think about it like this: say you do ONE month of a Rent the Runway Unlimited membership. It's August 1st, and you have a birthday party, shower, girl's trip and date night planned during the month (that's also on top of work, weekends with friends and all the other stuff life throws at you!). You'd love to try some new styles, wear some new pieces and refresh the look but you're only working with a budget of $159. There's not much in terms of quantity you can get for that price. 

Now you turn to Rent the Runway. You sign up for a month of unlimited (and can get 50% off your first month with the code RTRKRISTA), so the total comes out to $80 in clothes for the whole month. You place your first order, and you get four new items in. You love them all and wear them within the week. Then you send three back (you want to wear another item again next week!) and pick out three new pieces to wear for the following week.

The cycle repeats -- always four items in your home, constantly trying on, wearing and loving your new clothes. If it doesn't fit? Not your style? Changed your mind? Send it back and get something new. It's like a never-ending closet of FUN!

It has just been so fun to work with them over the past year helping you guys test out and love your RTR memberships! They're always so generous in providing discount codes for you guys to use as well. It's been RTRKRISTA for some time, but the offer only keeps getting better! I literally begged them to offer 50% off your first month (which they don't do!!), and they were gracious enough to say yes!!

I personally think summer and winter are the best times to do RTR because of all the events you have in the summer and on the flip side, all the cute coats you want in the winter (but never want to store or buy!). So if you were ever thinking of trying it out, now may be the time!

And for those of you who have and love your RTR Unlimted, I have fun news for you all as well! I'm currently in the process of going through their entire site and picking out my favorite items to create a custom page to shop from! My categories are for work, weddings, weekend, bride-to-be, vacation, and accessories. You can thank my friend Ashby because she says she never knows what to rent. GIRL I GOT YOU!

So be on the lookout for that in the coming month (it's a lot of work lol). UNTIL THEN, I wanted to share some of the past items I've rented (and more importantly, taken photos of) over the past year. And I also broke them into categories to help show you how much I really use it for my every day -- vs. just for weddings -- and hopefully share some great picks for your next order too!

And in the transparency of disclosure/curiosity, I don't make a commission on you using my code. My membership has been comped but this month is the first official time they've sponsored a post on the blog! 

I remember when they first reached out and offered one month in exchange for promotion, and I tried it out and fell in love with it and have been working with them ever since -- organically promoting (and gushing over) them. Today is very exciting!!! I honestly love it when I get to work with brands I love on a long term basis like this. RTR, ily.




PS if you want to know more about Rent the Runway and the unlimited (and other) package offered, check out my post on it from January reader Q&A!

Reminder you can use the code: RTRKRISTA for 50% off your first month of unlimited!

Thanks to Rent the Runway for sponsoring today's post! 

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