Why I Love Rent the Runway Unlimited and What It Is

If I told you I was renting this coat, would you be interested in learning more? Sharing some details and answering some questions about Rent the Runway unlimited below!


What is it?
It's a membership service from Rent the Runway where you can "rent" clothes for a period of time before returning and renting something new. 

How much does it cost?
Memberships are month to month and cost $159. You can get 40% off your first month with my code: RTRKRISTA

How does it work?
Each month you get to rent four items at a time from what is available and you're able to swap/return as much as you want for those four items during the month. You can return them in the Flatiron store (if you live in NYC or are nearby), via WeWork locations or through the mail. Once the items are in, spots open up and you're able to rent something new.

What are you able to rent?
Anything! Formal dresses, casual dresses, skirts, tops, bags, earrings -- just about anything you can think of outside of shoes and undergarments!

What can it be used for?
I personally love and use it for work and my weekends. There are a ton of really great work items on there so you can constantly keep changing it up with your wardrobe. When I say weekends that also means anything from weddings (rent a formal dress) or vacations (rent warm weather items) or even just a girls night out (rent a cute top). It can be used for anything!

Why do you like it?
I like it because it opens up a no-hassle, semi-no-cost way to try out new things without actually buying them. There are a ton of really nice designer items on there that I can rent for free each month. As well as items that are so unique that I'd probably only ever wear them once. It's a great way to curb your spending/buying habits with clothes and also perfect in keeping your closet small!

Perfect example: this jacket above. I love coats and I want ALL of them but living in New York I just don't have any space to keep them. Now being able to rent them is the perfect solution: I'm not spending $300 on a new coat each month, I don't have to find a place for all of it to stay and I'm able to mix it up by getting new coats each week.

How long can you keep an item for?
As long as you want (granted you still have your membership)! There is no rush to return items -- you can keep it for as many cycles as you want; it will just make it so it takes up a spot for something new to be rented. I kept a coat for close to two months without any issue and loved it!

Can you mix casual and dress picks in the same month?
Yes! You're able to pick absolutely anything you want as long as it's available. There is no limit to what type of items

What kind of stuff do you normally get?
It totally depends on what is coming up and the time of year. But overall I love to rent dresses and am on a coat renting expedition!

Is it worth it if you want to buy the item outright?
I don't think so just because the discounts aren't normally that good. I have bought one item that I just adored and didn't remember getting it on that big of a steal price. 

How quick are the shipments? How fast can you switch out an item?
Really fast! I usually get them next day of my order but it has taken up to 3 days once before. It usually tells you in the app how quickly it will be arriving. As for switching out, if you have a drop-off location near you it can be as quick as an hour but if not, my guess is it would take up to a week (from shipping to receiving your new order)

What size ranges are there?
It looks like they have sizes from 0-22 as well as options for women who are expecting!

What are the membership options if I don't want to do Unlimited?
They have an option for $89/month called RTR Update where you can get 4 new items each month (no swapping out) and their selection is smaller from what you can rent. You can compare both options here! I personally think it's worth it to do Unlimited! 

How long will your code be active?
For as long as you guys keep using it! It's set to run until April but we usually re-up it so always message me if you're trying to use it and it doesn't work.

Is it clean when it arrives? Do you have to wash it before sending it back?
Yes it is clean and no you do not have to wash it. When you send it back, it goes to their dry cleaning facility (I think out in New Jersey). They wash/dry clean and get it ready for the next shipment!

Do you think it is worth it for someone who doesn't "dress up" a lot?
Yes! They have a ton of casual clothes available -- my friend uses it almost exclusively for jeans and casual tops.

Can you pause for a month if desired?
I don't believe so but I know you can stop your subscription and re-sign up when you're ready!

How many items do you actually want to keep? 
I've only ever wanted to keep one! You'd be surprised at how easy it is to rent, wear and return the items once you're done. And if you want it back, just reorder it! It's helpful knowing you can just rent it again if you ever need to.


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