5 Ways to Style Dudley Stephens Fleece

After my in-depth review of the Dudley Stephens fleece, I thought I'd also share the different fleece options and how to style them for work, or everyday! Be on the lookout for a giveaway with DS soon too!


Highlight: These pants are AMAZING. I wish I had them when I was working in an office. Wowow. First off Spanx just makes pants that feel good but also these are like office-appropriate leggings. I've worn them a few times to different events this month and I cannot stop raving about them to friends!

Highlight: This top... I know I've raved about it a ton already but it seriously is so good. It layers so well and is perfect for Dudley Stephens fleeces :) Its on the pricey side but it will last you and it made really well. Possibly a Christmas list item??

Fleece / Skirt / Shoes (can get $45 off with code KRISTA45)

Highlight: It know this look may seem cold now but when I shot it a few weeks back I promise it wasn't as cold!! But really, what my pale legs are trying to tell you is these shoes are so comfortable. The most comfortable heel out there, and perfect for work. I totally understand all the rave reviews now!!

Highlight: No specific item mention on this one but more of the overall idea that you can wear these fleeces with skirts, no issue! I love this look, especially since I am a lover of fall skirts! It really just gives you another option for how to wear the fleece if you don’t want to wear pants that day hahaah.

Highlight: This style is best with leggings since it covers so well! I personally love (if you're trying to switch things up) wearing a camo print pair of leggings. I used to wear these all the time in the office without issue! It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I like the contrast of solids and prints. Plus, on their own, these leggings are THE BEST most comfortable leggings. And under $70!


If you're new to Dudley Stephens, they are the most amazing fleeces you will ever own. There is a real reason that they sell out so fast, especially around this time of year. If you missed it, you can read my review about each style they offer in this post as well as check out the Q&A I hosted with fellow readers wanting to know more!

And while my 25% off code is no longer active, you can still get $25 off your first purchase with the link down below. If for some reason it isn't working, try creating a new account (with new email) and then click on it. If that still doesn't work, please email me! I can help!

You can also get $25 off your first purchase at Dudley Stephens with this link! It's not often they go on sale so this is the best option.


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