The Best Boots for a NYC Winter

I had a reader message me last week about this mentioning she was coming to the city to visit and needed good, comfortable, and warm shoes for the city in the winter. I loved the question so much I thought I'd make a post out of it!! Winter boots are my fav!


Topshop: Chunky Cable Turtleneck Sweater / Time and True: Jean Leggings / Sorel: Joan of Arc II Cozy Wedge Bootie / Celine: Nano Luggage / Jennifer Behr: Bow Earrings

These, of course, can be applied to wherever you may live or visit, but I just wanted to share what has gotten me through NYC winters in the past! I think it's extra hard being in a city like this where your primary method of transportation is walking so you have to do your best to not freeze when you head outside.

Sorel: Now, Sorel is more of a new fad for me in terms of winter boots! I had (obviously) heard about them a ton but never dove into the idea until a year or two ago. I think I picked up a pair of wedge boots to wear to the office, and I ended up really liking them! From there, it was kind of like a spiral of getting three more pairs over the past year, my latest being the ones above

I think they do the best job at winter boot in terms of keeping your feet warm, dry, comfortable, and looking cute! They have a ton of styles -- literally something for everyone, and depending on the shoe are pretty aggressively priced against their competitors! I have yet to find anything I don't like about my boots! (Posts here and here)

Ugg: I've been a lover of Uggs since high school, and while I strayed away some in college, I'm back with full support as of the past six years since being in the city. They are just so comfortable and warm. I can't seem to not wear them!! Plus, they have so many newer styles that make the options endless! I generally prefer the classic chestnut style, but they now have wedges, sneakers, full boots, and a ton more. 

In terms of style, I wouldn't really rank these as high on the list. I think I wear them more when I run out of the house and want to be warm. They are perfect for that! But if you find some that are more dressed up then definitely get them! Mine have lasted for years, are waterproof, and are still SO warm to this day! (Posts here and here)

LL Bean: These are my tried and true, ride or die boots. I've had them since college, and I seriously love to wear them! I suggest them to just about everyone because they are pretty affordable (in terms of boots in this category), are made to last and will never go out of style! They are so. good. in the rain and snow, and I can step in puddles that are so deep without any worry! I love that you can style them a ton of different ways and that they show off cute socks very well. 

The only drawback with these shoes (the non-lined ones) is that they don’t keep your feet very warm. Sure, you can buy the lined ones, but I always suggest getting the non-lined boots so you can wear them year-round (they can get very hot). I personally just go with a heavy sock in the winter, but either way, these boots are fantastic for the city! (Posts here and here)

Aquatalia: I got my first pair in the Nordstrom Sale this past July, and I love them. It's pretty hard to find cute waterproof non-boot, boots (like Ugg, LL Bean). These are basically weatherproof riding boots, which makes then sleek, great for work, and stylish! There are totally those times when you just don’t want to wear something bulky around (especially in the city or when you're dressed up), and these are a great option and alternative. I've been wearing them non stop during rainy weather days in the city. 

The only drawback is they are expensive. I found them here for 33% off, but they are 1 - worth it, and 2 - a great investment. These shoes are made to last and will continue to do so for years to come. Riding boots on their own are great investments, but riding boots that are also weatherproof? It's perfect. Not to mention, they are really comfortable since they are flat heels and have a stretchy back, so they are very leg hugging. (Posts here and here)

J. Crew: Over the past two years, I've been really loving my J. Crew Nordic boots! They are cute and go with a lot of fall and winter looks, plus they are really warm. The lining inside the shoe is super soft, and it feels like you're walking on a cloud! For the price point, they are also mid-range in terms of affordability, especially when J. Crew is having a sale (which they always are!). If you're looking for something preppy, warm, and in the $150 range (on sale), these are for you! (Posts here and here)

So what are your favorite boots? Who else should I be checking out??


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