Gift Guide: For the Girls + Beauty

Another day another gift guide! Sharing all gifts for the girl AND beauty products. As I was writing everything up I was like, this is basically my highlight reel of all my favorite things lol so I hope you enjoy!

For the Girls:

Everyone who wears jewelry needs a cleaner but it's not something you ever want to get for yourself. So make it gift they will use all the time!

2. White Bedford Blanket Scarf - $78
I gave these out to my bridesmaids at our wedding (since the dinner was outdoors) and they all loved it. My MIL even tried to take one it was that warm!! There is a lot of love and talk about Dudley Stephens shirts but not enough about their scarf. I travel with mine and wear it to all the weddings or fancier events I have in the fall and winter. 
3. Wubby Fleece Pullover - $78
This is the softest thing you will ever put on your body and I promise you, you won't ever want to take it off! I've had mine for close to 10 years now (before they were cool) -- I remember I had to get a men's size because they weren't selling women's styles yet! 
4. Birdies The Starling Loafer Slipper- $95
These are Megan Markle's favorite shoes and I can see why! Ever wanted the comfort of a slipper but they style of a fancier shoe? Birdies are the answer! They are literally slippers on the inside of the show and are incredibly comfortbale!

5. Terminal Cosmetic Case - $99
I feel like this is old school glam but how fun is this cosmetic case?? I don't know how practical it is for traveling but I am HERE FOR IT and I want it in all the colors (but mainly the white/brown).

6. Ugg Genuine Shearling Bluetooth® Earmuffs - $100
These are the best thing ever and if there was ONE THING you should buy on this list, I think it should be this. I am a big music listener and in the winter my ears just get cold AF with my AirPods. Plus, you can't really wear anything over them unless you want them jammed into your ear. So may I present the warmest way to listen to music and talk on your phone: Bluetooth earmuffs! They will change your life in the winter.
7. Logomania Phone Case - $100
Everytime I see this case I'm like damn that's cool. But then I see the price and I'm like eessh maybe not. I wanted to include it in case you're looking for a fancy case! This is a great style of monogram.

8. Vanity Case Set - $110 
I actually have been gifting these to some of my bigger corporate clients this year. Since I usually only know the girls via email/text I wanted to get them something universal, stylish and nice! I decided on this two for one set than you can monogram!

9. Genuine Shearling Slipper - $119
I've had these slippers since high school and I still wear them to this day! They are the easiest thing to throw on and walk out the door in or just lounge around the house. They keep your feet warm and comfortable and there's not much more you can ask for!

10. Ink Navy Travel Case - $120 
This is another great universal gift for someone you either barely know or know really well. Everyone needs a travel case for their tech, jewelry or makeup!

I've been wearing my Uggs so much as of late (they are from 2015!) that I decided it was time to get a second pair. I went with the short boot option and actually have been loving them more than I thought! They are easy to wear and soooooo soft. 

This is a MUST for any girl on your gift list. The issue is that once you have one, you'll want about five more so beware! It is my most worn item in fall and winter and it will truly keep you SO warm!

Another great set for my super organized girls. I love that this comes in a set of 4 that you can either use together or sepreately! I'm all about the more bang for your buck.

If you or anyone you know is in the market for a new work bag, this is it! Cuyana has the best leather items that won't cost you your life savings. I persoanlly like the zipper tote so nothing will fall out!

Say hello to the perfect gift for your moms: the ultimate CBD collection from Equilibra! It's like a true treat yourself box that has all the essentials and a few extra items that are only sold in the set. This CBD has changed my life this year and now I do not go anywhere without it. You can use the code "COVERINGBASES" for 15% off!


This is my favorite beauty sponge to use. I don't know why but it's SO GOOD and super affordable. Any/all stocking stuffers are welcomed!

I cannot stop raving about this lip balm. I'm obviously a BIG promoter of SPF and the fact that I can get it in my lip balm is... wait for it... the bomb! Not to mention it's like actually really hydrating and not sticky at all. Anytime I don't use it I'm like why did I just do that??

The makeup eraser is such a fun and cool invention that I still don't understand. You just get it wet and it removes all of your makeup! HOW! How does that work?? Even eye makeup! I like to use this first, then a cleansing balm to get the rest and then my normal routine. Just face wash alone will not get it all off! You can read my full review HERE

Is there anything I love more than my ice roller? It's a true game-changer and can be used so many ways! I always use it to ice my face and help calm acne. It's great for de-puffing in the morning or for headaches. It just feels good on your face! You can read my full review HERE

5. Lip Sleeping Mask - $20
I bought into the hype of this product and how here we are. I'm all about being extra hydrated overnight so a non-goopy lip sleeping mask is just what I'm interested in! I was able to snag it in a gift set so I'm currently testing out the mini!

6. Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks - $25
I'm not the biggest fan of eye masks BUT if I had to pick one, these would be it. They actually seem to do a good job at depuffing/hydrating/brightening compared to others ones I've tried! I always keep one handy just in case.

I got this for a sponsored campaign and I've been using it ever since. It's the first lotion (that doesn't cost a million dollars) that is truly fragrance-free, good for your skin, fast drying and 100% clean.

8. Eye Sparklers Palette - $34
This is a special holiday eye shadow palette and it includes my FAVORITE shade (moondust) as well as a few other colors in the same formula. It's the most high shine/subtle glitter shadow you will find. It's sooo good. 

9. Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Eye Master Collection - $39
These are the brushes I use for my eye makeup and this collection truly has everything you need! They are the only things I use and for the price, they are great quality!

I know I've raved a lot about hair ties this year but I think I have finally found "the one" lol. These slip hair ties are expensive BUT you get a lot in each box and they really do wonders for your hair. They are so soft and actually cannot catch or pull, they don't leave a large dent in your hair, and they do a good job of holding their shape!

I have friends who rave about this product and how it's like the Dyson but much more affordable! I personally didn't love it but I think it was because it just wasn't right for my hair. I wanted to include it because it seems that I'm the only one who feels this way and I wanted to share another option for you!

12. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner- $55
I did a review on this product here so you can see the results for yourself but WOW best lash serum ever!!

13. RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner  - $58
I also did a review on this product which is even more dramatic than the lash one! This is a real game-changer and my eyebrows definitely lighted up after I stopped using it but they stayed!! I haven't used this in close to a year because I no longer need it!

14. Cleansing Balm - $69 
This is an awesome cleansing blam and is currently sitting on my desk totally empty waiting to be repurchased. It does a great job at getting everything off and it's totally clean which is just nice to have.

This is expensive for a pillowcase, yes... BUT it will help your skin and hair over time! Cotton is really rough on both things and getting a silk pillowcase will help fight aging and hair damage all at once. There are other more affordable options but this is what we use and love!

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