RevitaLash Review vs neuLASH (and Current Eyelash Routine)

If there was one question that I've gotten more of this year than any other it would be what I do to my eyelashes to make them look so long. Well I'll let you in on a little secret.. there are about three steps and you can get the same look!

(this is the before:)

(and all of these are the after ~ 2 months using RevitaLash:)

If you've been around for a hot second (like two years ago to be exact) you'll remember I was on the neuLASH bandwagon for eyelash growth serums. It was great. It worked, I liked using it and I had no issue with it. I think I just ran out one day and never repurchased it. 

Fast forward a year and I decided to try out a eyebrow serum from RevitaBrow and again, fell in love. It worked great (some would say almost too great), I loved it and I'm still using it to this day. Just only on the outer part of my eyebrows this time!! It got pretty dark lol.

After that I decided to give it a go with their lash serum, RevitaLash and to no ones surprise, I'm ALL about it. There are a couple parts to this post that I wanted to go through so I broke it up like the below so you can read what you need to!

RevitaLash Review: Ok guys, I love it. It works so so well and I've really noticed a big difference in my eyelash length. I've noticed some in the thickness department but nothing to write home about. I think I've repurchased this serum at minimum four times and even got some for my mom for Christmas. 

My eyelashes touch my eyebrows. Is that not so crazy? There will be times where I have to wear my sunglasses loosely as to not interfere lol. This is all of course with the help of mascara but still -- they feel longer now than they ever have before. 

The application process is easy and when I first started I was using it day and night and reduced to only at night when I started noticing changes. If I skip a day it isn't the end of the world but, just like neuLASH, if you stop using it your lashes only stay long until your next cycle (remember your eyelashes fall out/come in about ~3-4 weeks). 

I apply a very thin layer at the top of my eyelashes and am very aware NOT to go above -- because new eyelashes will start growing there. It's kind of crazy and learned that the hard way. I let it sit for a couple of minutes before I apply any kind of eye cream or product around my eyes as to let the serum dry in place. 

I haven't had any negative side effects at all and overall had a great experience with the serum so far. The best thing about it is the fact that it lasts for SO LONG. A small bottle will last 3-4 months and a larger one 6-7 months. Which, in my opinion, makes it worth the price.

If you're looking for something that works, is easy to use and lasts a long time then this is worth your money. Obviously, you need to be in the market for a lash serum and it's not just an add on to your cart but for those who are, I do recommend RevitaLash!

In terms of timing to see results, I would say it took about a month to really notice and then they just keep growing from there. Like you're waiting and waiting and then all of a sudden you have a great eyelash day, then another, then another and you're like ohhhhh riiiiggghhhtt. This is from the serum! Then they just keep growing and you think how much longer can they possibly get and stop using it and the cycle repeats. At least for me lol.

Comparison to neuLASH: You can read my full review and see photos in this blog post. To be honest, I think all serums will work just fine. The only one I've heard negative things about (and it's seldom) is the Lattise and that's just because it's a medical grade serum and not something that should be used without talking to a doctor. All the serums are around the same price too so there's not a real winner in this category.

The places where I do think RevitaLash had some upside as compared to neuLASH is how long the product lasts (RevitaLash I felt lasted a lot longer) and the length. RevitaLash made my eyelashes feel much longer than they did with neuLASH and I still think a little thicker but that could just be in my head! You can judge for yourself between the two blog posts.

ReivtaLash products: What I do really like about RevitaLash is their line of products. I have now tried three items (their lash serum, their brow serum and their shampoo) and think all of them work. It's a line that I have loyalty to now and a place I know I can trust for great results. 

If you haven't yet, pop over to my RevitaBrow review and check out the results for yourself. Like mentioned above, I use the serum on the tail end of my brows now instead of the whole thing and it's the perfect little compromise. I now have balanced and full brows that I'm really happy with!

As for the shampoo, it's not something I've mentioned here before because I'm still trying and testing it out and didn't want to post about it until I have a full review of it. It's been about a month or two but I haven't been using it as constantly as I'd like because of travel but I plan to get back into it and have a review later this year. So far it's an A in my book!

Mascara Routine: I do believe that makeup and mascara are a huge factor in how long and thick your eyelashes can look. I mean just look at the one eye done photo and see that difference! Especially for my eyelashes, they come off as a very light brown and the tips I swear are blonde so they're impossible to see without some mascara on them. 

So here is my trick to the perfect false eyelash look that I have sworn by for 3 years!

Base Mascara: There are a lot of great options out there (like Diorshow or a drugstore favorite, L'Oréal) but I've been using and loving the Givenchy Base Perfecto Mascara for close to two years exclusively and I promise you it really works. It is great with all different kinds of mascara and does a wonderful job at coating the lashes to make them thicker and longer without getting clumpy. I swear its all in the brush because it just picks up so much product that coats your eyelashes perfectly.

YSL the Shock: This has been my ride or die for close to two years now. In ever makeup tutorial and review I'm wearing this mascara. I think I originally tried it out because I got a tester or sample with purchase from Sephora and wowowowow I was hooked from day one. I think it just gives you the thickest longest lashes out there and really goes for that false eyelash look.

Some may not love it because they want more of a natural eyelash but I'm into the thicker longer eyelashes. I like them to look coated and something that you can see from farther away. I will spend a while making sure they are evenly spaced out and fluttery and this mascara helps me do just that!

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume: I s-w-o-r-e by my YSL (and still do!) but I was so blinded by love I refused to try anything else. But then Marc Jacobs sent me this mascara to try out in a press mailer and I did and I kind of really loved it. It did everything for me that the YSL did -- thick lashes, great coverage, added length... but it did it just a little bit better. It gave me a better flutter lash and less clumpy than the YSL (there is a time for clump and a time for flutter). It didn't have as much product on the brush so I felt like I could control the mascara more in terms of amount.

I didn't think it was possible to get me off of the YSL but they did it! Now I'm really loving this and just repurchased a new bottle. What I am doing now is using the YSL at first to glob on the mascara and then using the Marc Jacobs to help spread it out and clam it down some.

Really, either way you can't go wrong with either mascara. What I am really excited to try out is Marcs new lash primer -- if they converted me from YSL than can they convert me from Givenchy??


WHEW -- another long post! Who am I?? I hope you liked this review and whatever else it turned into lol. If you have any other questions, LMK down below -- happy to help answer!

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