Gift Guide: Under $50 + $25

I hear you and I'm listening!! I am sorry these are coming out so late, I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Trying to get the rest of the gift guides out this week so you can shop and be done!!

Under $25:

I officially jumped on the pop socket game as of this year and WOW. Not to be dramatic but it has totally changed my life. Now, whenever I have a phone without it I'm like wtf... The reason I thought a custom one was a good idea was actually inspired by Ashby! Hopefully, she isn't reading this (she said gift guides aren't "her thing") because she has an old busted crusted one that is on its last leg. She LOVES pop sockets but always uses random free giveaway ones. I thought as a small wedding something or other (or just because) I'd get her one with her wedding monogram!

I love me some reusable water bottles but I've found that I drink the most water with a straw so this is a great stocking stuffer item for the ever-popular hydroflask!

This is a GREAT stocking stuffer for literally anyone on your list. My mom gave us these a year or two back and I do not travel without it. It's a retractable lint roller so it won't get gross in your bag. There are so many times where you want/need one but don't have it on you.

I'm patiently waiting for this to come out for the AirPod Pros because this was my favorite case for my AirPods. One - it was different, two - it was cute but three - (and most important) it made it so I could carry these on my keys. SO much easier when they're attached to something bigger!

Jess Keys RAVES about this straw set + case and she hasn't lead me down a wrong path ever so I trust her! I think it's a cute way to be eco-friendly while also keeping your straws with you and clean. I never like the idea of just carrying around a regular straw in your bag so this def helps!

If you don't think this the cutest ornament then you're lying to yourself. Perfect for any preppy girl or guy on your list!

Mario Badescu is so in right now and this little trio spray set is a great stocking stuffer or add on gift for the girls in your life. 

Everyone needs a portable charger with them at all times but sometimes they can get really bulky!! This is an easy, on the go, charger that won't take up a lot of room in your bag but will give you 2x the power!

There is something so fun about doing a large puzzle in the winter. It's a great indoor activity and this one is so cute and right on theme! Perfect as a family gift or someone you know would appreciate it. 

This is the perfect "I want to seem fancy but I'm on a budget" gift. I mean doesn't it look so much cooler than $18?? Great for any wine lover out there and perfect for your secret santa under $25 requirement. 

So many of my friends have these kinds of keychains (they're big enough to go around your wrist so you can "wear" your keys and keep your hands free) and I think I'm close to buying in on the hype. The people who own them swear by them!

This is another great "ballin on a budget" gift and one that anyone would love! Monogrammed anything is the best way to give gifts because it's that extra little touch of something personal that goes a long way!

I totally forgot to add this to my list of things I want this year for Christmas but I'm always blasting my music from my sink and I think this would probably help me in my love for singing in the shower. I got the idea from my cousin when I was at her house over Thanksgiving!

This is a great little something small for the guy in your life. Maybe you're early in the relationship or you just want to get him another stocking stuffer. Andrew has one and loves it!


Under $50:

These were once under $25 and now checking again they are not soooooooo Under $50 it is! Hi welcome. Every girl loves a bow and gold never goes out of style.

1. 5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter - $35
I obviously have travel on my mind but you'd be surprised at how often these come in handy! Also having them be able to stack into each other is super helpful as I feel like I'm constantly running around trying to find the other parts. 

2. Harry Potter Light Painting Wand - $35
Ok here me out on this one... ANYONE who loves Harry Potter would LOVE this gift. I feel like we all know at last one person who is a fanatic. This is for them. Also (honorable mention for HP fans) last year I got my friend, who is a HP freak this LV (Lord Voldemort) sweatshirt (also $34!)

3. New England Red Nantucket Hat - $35
All guys love needlepoint and hats so why not get them a nice Nantucket red one? Obviously, there is a certain group of people who would like/be into this but if you know that person, this is a great affordable gift!
4. Bow Tech Gloves - $36
Finally cute gloves that also work with your phone! I feel like all the gloves out there are just so boring and not stylish. This is the best of both worlds and is well under $50! No one ever wants to buy gloves for themselves but they do always need it.

5. Swiss Army Knife - $39
I LOVE my Swiss Army Knife but I keep getting them confiscated at the airport so Andrew stopped buying them for me lol. It's just SO HANDY all of the time. Would make the best tocking stuffer ever!
6. Boat and Tote, Zip-Top - $40
Ah, my favorite bag OF ALL TIME. I have it with me right now and it's about 7 years old. It's holding up better than ever and I truly put it through the wringer on a daily basis. I love these bags (which are easy to monogram) and love gifting them so others fall in love like I do!

7. Black AirPod Case - $40
Another AirPod case if the person is more ~sophisitaed~ than the Coco perfume one above. Also a more unisex version PLUS it's monogrammed soooo...
8. Hydroflask 40-Ounce Wide Mouth Cap Bottle - $43
Hydroflasks have really taken over the reusable water bottle space this year and I've heard nothing but rave reviews!

9. Keychain With Leather Case For Airpods - $45
This is like the meeting of the past two AirPod cases but this one has it all. Leather, monogrammed AND keychain accessible. What is not to love
10. Kate Spade Crystal Hinge Bangle - $48
This is a really nice simple bracelet that would go with any arm party around. It's very reminiscent of the Cartier love bracelet but for much less!

11. Little Bow Earrings - $48
Ok these might be my favorite earrings OF ALL TIME. I have them in black and can seriously not stop wearing them!! They are really lightweight (as all Lisi Lerch earrings are) and are just the right amount of statment earring for every comfort level.
12. White Iris Earrings - $48
These are also a personal fav (I have them in red) that I wear all the time. The shape of them makes an awesome statement and you'd be surprised at how versatile the style is throughout any season!

13. Acrylic Game Set - $49
I'm a BIG card game player (my whole family is) and this is a really nice game set that comes with two decks, dice and can be personalized! A very personal gift under $50 for anyone you love to play games with.

14. Vegan Leather Phone Crossbody - $49
I know sometimes the phone/crossbody thing can look weird but I swear to you that it's the most brilliant invention ever. I love these when I'm traveling or at Disney. It's a nice peace of mind but also it keeps your hands totally free!! 
15. Roku Streaming Stick - $49
Roku doesn't get enough love but this is an awesome affordable way to make any TV a smart TV. It has everything you need on it and we have one in our house that we love to use!

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