Gift Guide: For the Guys

The girls were this morning so it only makes sense that the guys are this afternoon!! This is another two for one deal but I decided to include 30 items in this gift guide because guys are the hardest to shop for (aka they never know what they want lol). I'm coming in hot with some old, new, unique and timeless gift ideas!!

1. 16-Color Motion Activated Toilet Light Night - $11
Ok hear me out on this one... it's kind of brilliant, no? It's a night light for the toilet so when they get up in the middle of the night they know where to aim without turning on all the lights. Could work as a funny (but useful!) stocking stuffer or white elephant gift!

As we get older, I feel like everyone should have a nice cardholder for work. It just gives that little extra touch of professionalism. I found one that is leather and monogrammed for a pretty low price!!

I picked the office to get your attention (or maybe I just lost you) but Stance socks have a TON of print options -- usually all of your favorite things. They are also really, really great socks. And men always need socks. I don't know how but they seem to like to put holes in their other ones lol.

A good coffee table book about something drinking/sports/travel/photography/political-related always seems like a good idea for the dads out there. It's easy to gift and universally liked!

Andrew and I are always fighting over our travel containers and it reminded me that this is a such a good gift that you don't really think of. Everyone needs them and this is a large set WITH a pouch for only $25.

This is super cool and affordable! It's more of a novelty item than anything but the one time he's smoking a cigar and needs a place to rest it, he's going to be greatful for this glass! Obviously perfect for a regular cigar smoker. 

For my golfers out there! Etsy is just the best because where else would you find this set at this price? For the guys at the wedding, we made them all custom golf towels and it was a big hit. The ones we bought are no longer in stock so I found these which are the same monogram pattern and come in a larger set!

Ok, this may just seem like another belt to you but it's actually BRILLIANT. I think it started on Shark Tank but the belt doesn't have holes. It has little notches on the outside of the belt and all those notches are like pseudo holes. So the belt can be any size, it's really easy to adjust, and the people I know who have these (we got one for Andrew last year) won't shut up about it. 

Every one (guys and girls) need a toiletry kit for travel. This is a really well-made option that your guy would love!

Andrew was SO EXCITED when this came out on Amazon this year. I guess its a guy thing from their childhood? Idk but he's a big fan and its not too much money, so I thought I'd include it. 

11. Monogram Initials Cufflinks - $50
These are actually the cufflinks I got Andrew for the wedding. I liked that they could be personalized without breaking the bank. Especially since he doesn't really (ever) wear cufflinks. They seem to be really nicely made but I'm looking forward to seeing how they hold up over the years!

12. Monogram hanging garment bag - $75
I was looking for a garment bag that wasn't a million dollars and found a few good options on Etsy! Why are they so expensive?? Obviously, you'd get a block monogram on this but it goes to show its unisex! There have just been too many times when we're on our way to weddings and he has a plastic cover on his suit. We're better than this!

I bought something similar to this a year or two back but wasn't using it as much as I thought. Then Andrew asked for it to be on his side of the bed instead and we moved it over! It's an alarm clock that mimics the sun rising and its a really enjoyable way to wake up TBH.

For this guide, I just went around the house and looked at the random things Andrew uses all the time. Guys are easy and a one-stop toiletry bag like this is all they need. Because Andrew travels so much, I think he uses it more than average but you can also just leave it hanging like this in the bathroom at your place. Maybe great if he has roomates or is in college?

Hopefully my FIL isn't reading this blog post, but this is what we bought him this year for Christmas! Andrew has a similar one from Barbour (which is velvet lined) that he wears all the time in the fall and winter, we thought this would be a great gift for his dad. Jim loves LL Bean anything so I think he's really going to like this!

16. Kindle - $90
The Kindle is a great tech invention and honestly better than an iPad when it comes to reading. Andrew has one (I think the orignal) and I loved it so much when we were at the beach that I decided to get one for myself. Then my FIL asked for it two years ago and he's been loving it too. Super univarsal and easy to use, hold and read with!

17. All Birds Men's Wool Runners - $95
The perfect dad gift is a pair of All Birds. Andrew and my dad now both have a pair and they wear them every. single. day. Easily the most comfortable "dressed up" sneaker out there for guys. They have a ton of colors and styles so you can find something for everyone on your list. 
18. New England Patriots Winstead Stripe Sankaty Performance Polo - $99
Every guy loves a good performance polo. You can wear it to just about any kind of event BUT the kicker here is that you can get one with their favorite sports team on it -- college or professional. A great mix of sports and fashion (in a grown up way!)

Ok this one is kinda really cool. It's a stovetop smoker so you don’t need a grill or any overly fancy device to smoke your food! This is perfect for people like us who live in an apartment and can't get access to a grill if we wanted to!

Ah, a tried and true classic. Has any man ever been gifted a Patagonia that he didn't like? The answer: no. If you want to play it safe and get something under $100 he's guaranteed to love, this is it. 

We're going to ignore the ugly shoes in this photo and just focus on the pants. I had a friend at work tell me about these, which in turn I told other friends at work and the next thing you knew, all the guys in the office had these pants. They are the perfect lightweight and comfortable YET work-appropriate dress pants out there. Andrew has them in three colors and wears them constantly. He says its the closest thing to sweatpants he can wear to work!

Andrew would kill me if I bought him another pair of shoes but aren't these SO CUTE??? Like, let me give you warm comfortable boots for your walk to and from work in the winter. LET ME LOVE YOU. So because I can't buy them, you should lol!

Idk what it is about men and music but they love some speakers. I think my dad, BIL and Andrew have all been gifted a Bose Bluetooth speaker over the past couple of years. It's just always so handy to have around and use!

Ok, if your guy likes to golf, get him this swing analyzer. It's like the perfect mix of sport and tech that guys go crazy for. Andrew got this a few years ago and has really loved using it to get better.

Sunglasses are usually a pretty safe bet for guys and what to get them. It's a nice gift, something they probably need, and something they wouldn't get for themselves. Andrew's favorite pair are his square aviators (and he looks so good in them!!) or his wayfarers!

I am a big advocate for AirPods. They have totally changed the game when it comes to wireless headphones and I use them every day of my life. I actually just got the AirPod Pros which are 1000x better than the original but are also a lot more $$ than the original. I thought probably too much for a gift guide so I included the original!

I personally love needlepoint anything but belts, especially on guys! If you don't want to make your own, you can get some ready to go online like this American flag belt. Smathers and Branson are one of my favorite needlepoint makers (I own a keychain and Andrew has a bulldog belt). They are made really well.

I have heard nothing but absolutely amazing things about Yeti products -- their most popular being the cooler. It's meant to last and keep everything inside cool without worry. This seems like a great gift for your dad or the guy who loves a good beach/tailgate/game situation
This was actually recommended to me via IG stories and I think it's kind of brilliant! If you're shopping for someone more outdoorsy or a big camper, this would make a great gift.

This is definitely a splurge item but boys (at least the ones I know) wear everything until it has holes it in so you know it'll be worth the investment in the long run. Andrew has a few Barbour jackets but his quilted one is his favorite! Something that will never go out of style.

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