New York City Snow Day

Anyone else really miss snow days from when they were kids? There was NOTHING better than it snowing and you praying to have your school shut down! Those were the days...


Canada Goose: Shelburne Parka / J. Crew Factory: White T-shirt / AG: Farrah Jeans / Sorel: Conquest Shearling Wedge Boot / Tuckernuck: Cable Knit Beanie / Amazon: Belt

I've lived in cold weather for a while now and have had my fair share of winters but more importantly jackets. I've had every jacket under the sun promising to keep me warm in negative degree weather but none compare to my Canada Goose jacket. I mean I ride along the water each morning to work on a bike and the only part of me that is cold are the places where my jacket isn't.

I know they are very expensive but I swear they are 100% worth it. They hold up, they keep you warm (like seriously warm) and have a ton of great features. You can watch my video review on it HERE and my Shelburn vs Trillium review HERE.

Outside of me raving about this jacket, I more so wanted to show a casual winter time look (I actually wore this to work last week!). I've become a bigger t-shirt and jeans kind of girl with the new addition of these J. Crew t-shirts. I SWEAR by them -- and they're only $12! I feel like I've been on the hunt for a great simple t-shirt and have never truly found one. Until now of course. I have three in white and two in every other color. I'm even wearing one now as I type this! The hype is real y'all.

And a newer addition to my wardrobe are these sorel boots. I just wanted a winter boot with a wedge for work and these are great! I think what I love most is the fact that they are SO comfortable for wedges. I mean I walk around all day in the city with them on and my feet didn't hurt at all. Thats a win!


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