Weekend Update: November 10

A weekend update on a Sunday?? Content is booming! LOL, no. The wedding content bled into the weekend and I didn't want you guys to miss out on a fun weekend update post so better late than never!

I've been wearing this sweatshirt a lot and I keep getting a ton of DMs about it so just wanted to re-link! And yes, I cut it so it's a cropped sweatshirt. I ordered the size L!

What I Bought:
-I got these amazing leaf plates in for Thanksgiving and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I'll be sharing more on stories soon but in the meantime, if there is anything on the site you like, you can use code KRISTA20 for 20% off + free shipping
-A super cute ruffle white top
-Another fall skirt
-EEK! A new Canada Goose jacket -- the color... you guys... 
-A long sleeve sequin mini dress
-The prettiest military tweed jacket (that looks much more expensive!)
J. Crew holiday has dropped and it's my favorite time of the year... They were also offering 40% off so I had to take advantage of it and I got a lot. Pray some things don’t fit!!
-Black watch plaid heels with a bow
-A possible wedding guest dress option
-Red lace top (with bows!)
-Velvet pants
-Blackwatch plaid blazer
-Tree PJ set
-Red plaid pants
-White wool skirt
-Black watch plaid pants

NYC Life: On Wednesday, I had an event after work with Lilly Pulitzer to celebrate the holiday season. On Thursday I had another event/dinner with Sail to Sable and some friends and it was a lot of fun to see everyone I have known through Instagram in real life! I wore this super cute houndstooth top and matching jacket that I just adore (I was hoping for the dress version but it was sold out at the time!). My week was all over the place emotionally and I have no idea why. So I'm blaming it on the time change and mercury because that seems reasonable lol.

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are celebrating a friend's wedding today a little upstate. It is the last wedding of the year but we're looking forward to seeing everyone! The last time we were all together was for our wedding in September. Surprisingly we only had two weddings this year -- as opposed to our seven last year and our five(?) next year!

Favorite Finds: 
-A sequins jacket for the holidays 
-Fringe mini dress, I love some good fringe
-Another tweed jacket because I have a problem
-OMG I'm so excited for this... hahahah a plush caftan aka a fancy robe
-A great red bell sleeve top
-Eyelash mock neck sweater
-A plaid mini skirt
-A shearling poncho...
-And finally a great white top with a bow! 
A Must Watch: My Drink with James interview about TikTok! It was a lot of fun to be on the podcast with him and I swear I could talk for hours about it. It's such a strange but addictive app -- one that will either be shut down or be the next big thing! Kind of crazy.

Most Popular Item of the Week: My new Lilly dress! I had so many people stop me the other day when I wore it asking where it was from and complimenting it! I've never experienced anything like it haha.

Amazon Purchases: 
-Restocking my favorite cotton pads (so boujee but so good lol)
-Orderd the new Airpods! Did you know Apple is on Amazon?
-Pearl hoop earrings that seem much more expensive than they are
-Same with these gold statement earrings
-Caved and bought a black headband...

Holiday Gift of the Week: UM this is awesome... a weighted blanket that looks like the chunky knit throw that everyone loves. WOW this is a great gift for someone who wants a weighted blanket but wants it to look good. 

Holiday Giveaway: The winner from last week is Melissa at @melterrry!! Email me!! This next week's giveaway is $500 GC to Homegoods (c/o Homegoods!). How to enter? Be sure to like/comment on my IG posts this week to enter. I'll pick someone at random who is active all week!!

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