American Eagle Outfitters Denim Review + Try On

WE BACK with a fun new denim review (as well as some other great summer styles like shorts and tanks!) for you guys today. And I'm really excited about this one. AE is not only affordable but inclusive to everyone at every size and I'm really excited to share these reviews with you!!


The denim review lives on another day and today we're talking about American Eagle. If you missed it, you can read about my Madewell, Everlane and Mott and Bow Reviews and first impression here. Believe it or not this will be my first time ever trying out AE Denim!! So many of you have raved about the line to me but for one reason or another, I just have never tested them out.

But everything has changed and I'm not a convert. They have some really cute styles and a TON of options for everyone and every size. I found a few favorites as well that hold up with some very expensive denim! My dear friend Annie works for AE and she graciously sent me everything below (whatever I don't like, I will send back!) and even added in some of their best sellers.

I tried to find all of their most popular styles and fit options to test out and review for you guys below. I also added the base price for everything but AE runs some amazing sales so almost everything below is actually more affordable than listed!

For reference, I am 5'6, 150, and wear a size 28 in denim. I normally wear a 6/8 in bottoms depending on the bottom and for everything below I'm wearing a size 6 and M. So lets hop into it!!


Ok, these jeans are legit and probably my favorite of the entire try on! They are SUPER high rise (11 3/4” rise) which I'm a fan of and perfect to wear with crop tops if you don't want any skin to show. The stretch is there but at the same time these jeans do a great job of sucking you in and almost help, in a way, shape your body.

I would say they're super comparable to Madewell denim (these specifically) but just at a fraction of the price! I'm interested to see how they wear over time and if they stretch out in any weird places like the knees. But first impressions are amazing. They run TTS I'm wearing a size 6 which is comparable to a size women's 28.

These were also some of my favorites from the whole try on. They are great jeans that feel more lightweight and moveable vs thicker material (that is still stretchy but just a little heavier) if that makes any sense at all. They truly do feel like jeggings but in the best way possible. The dream style of jean is their "legging like" jeans that have more stretch than you do lol!!

Wearing my normal TTS size 6 (28) again and they fit perfectly with a rise of 10.75”! Normally I size down in curvy but they really do fit like other jeans. I normally don't love curvy styles on me just because I feel like it's usually too much fabric around the hips and crotch but these actually fit really well on. Their curvy styles have more room in the hips so that you don't have to size up and have your waist be improperly sized to accommodate your body shape!

These were the same jeans as above but with a different denim material called the "Luxe" jeans. Which is new to AE and has 100% stretch fabric that molds to your body -- they are made to have an instant on-body experience that lifts and supports you, especially with the comfort stretch waistband. The fit, to me, was just about the same as the jeans above but a little more body shaping and hugging. I think I prefer the ones above just because of the wash, but I'm definitely going to look into these in other colors. 

So these are not me and not for me but I wanted to test out all of their most popular styles to see what works best. I find that you can truly find some gems when you step outside your comfort zone! These are again a size 6 (/28) and fit great. I personally don't love low rise anything (these sit at 8 3/4" rise) so I'm out right there lol. 

And while they are classified as skinny, I thought they felt more straight through the legs. They were tight on my thighs and loose but not skinny on my calves. BUT they are still super stretchy which is a plus but just overall wasn't for me. 

So these are not my style at all but Annie included them in the box and they were surprisingly much cuter on than online! The top is a paper bag waist and totally stretchy so it's a pull on. Wearing the same size 6 and they fit great around the hips. Again another high rise of 11.75", super comfortable, no stretch in the actual leg of the pant and the denim is really lightweight. Like almost a linen material but make it denim lol. 

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My quest for the perfect mom jean continues! These might have been my least favorite of the bunch sadly. I'm not sure if it was the style of the pink band or just the fit of the pants themselves, but the top band was WAY tight and then right below it was really loose so it just created and pushed things into place I didn't love lol.

The pants were kind of stretchy in the wrong places for my body type and overall just weren't the most flattering. But you win some you lose some! But...

I did try this style of mom jeans on and liked them a lot better. So much so that I'm going to keep them! Everything is the same as above -- still size 6 (28W), high-rise (11.75" rise), mom jean style BUT they fit so differently. The ones above were tight at the band and really loose everywhere elsewhere these are pretty much tight all over and maybe a little looser from knee down (with a tapered ankle).

I would say I'm right on the edge of these fitting properly and if you are in-between sizes, to size up in this particular style! It was the tightest (with no stretch) around my hips and butt so if you are slimmer than I am there it should be ok. I think I also just really loved the wash and distressing of this pair specifically.

These are the same overall style as above but just with stretch in the denim this time! I didn't think they were really flattering on my body shape so I'll have to pass -- they kind of made my hips look super wide (IMO). They were also a little bunchy around the knees and like a skinny straight that I didn't love. I'm very particular about white jeans!!

So these are similar to a blue pair above and while these were great, I just didn't love them as much as my Madewell white pair (which are my favorite white jeans currently). These were also a little bunchy around the knees (but not as bad as the pair above) and more straight vs a true skinny -- at least on me. You can see how it looks around the ankle and calves.

They also were not see-through, high rise (10 1/4" rise), and again super stretchy! They also don't have real front pockets as a heads up -- which I find people either love or hate.

I honestly have the hardest time when it comes to shorts. My thighs like to eat them UP so I've been on the hunt for comfortable and cute denim shorts and I'm very picky. It was actually these shorts that inspired the entire try on review! So many fellow bloggers have raved about these so I wanted to test it out for myself. 

I'm wearing a size 6 in the shorts and they fit great -- they do loosen up a little over time but not enough to size down in. They defintely run TTS. They're super high waisted which I love and come down enough to cover the bum which I'm a big supporter of. Due to the ripping on the front, they're also looser around the bottom which is another plus.

Compared to my other jean shorts, these are a much lighter, thinner material denim which I've come to enjoy since they will kind of form to you and are not stiff at all. They do ride up a little when I walk but that comes with the territory lol.


I ADORE this little crochet top -- which is perfect for summer. It ties at the shoulder so you can adjust it how you like and I just wear a strapless bra with it and it seems to work out well! The material is a thicker weave but it's totally fine for summer/hot weather since it's pretty airy. Wearing a size M and it runs TTS. 


I have this top in the white, tie-dye, and maroon and love them all! Wearing size M throughout, I wore a strapless bra with it and it fits like a dream. I love how stretchy and soft the tops are and the little dainty straps. Very 90's and I'm here. for. it. The length is defintely more of a cropped length but if you pair it with high waist leggings, there is no issue!

This also comes in a ton of colors and is just as soft as the tanks above! This is a ribbed style, super soft and stretchy tank that is kind of a halter but doesn't tie around your neck. I would say it hits right at the hips and isn't that long but also isn't cropped. Wearing size M for this as well

I'm pretty picky about bodysuits but this one I really liked! It was comfortable (all over) and a thong style. It tucked nicely into jeans, had a great stretch to it and I really like the neckline! It looks way more luxe than the price leads on. Wearing a strapless bra with it because I didn't change out of it form the previous slides but I assume you could totally wear a regular bra with this without worry.


WHEW! That's everything!! What are you favorite styles I tried on? Any further questions you may have that I left out? Please let me know below!!

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