First Impressions: Everlane Denim (Currently $50!)

Don't ask me why I've decided to buy more jeans. I was doing so well for so long. But lately, I've been a mad man on the hunt for the perfect straight jean. I want to branch out and explore my style options and be a "cool girl" with non-skinny jeans. 

And I have been majorly influenced by my friend Jess (ultimate cool girl) who LOVES Everlane. She is possibly their number one fan lol. She raves and raves about their denim and I thought, why not give it a try? I placed a large order of almost all their high rise denim (I don't f*ck with mid-rise anything lol) in various colors and styles.

I didn't know what to expect or how they would fit (denim can be very weird) BUT I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive their review system was. You can filter it by size, weight, and height and see what women similar to your body shape have to say about the denim! It's kind of amazing and did a pretty good job matching me with the perfect fit!

Once they arrived I tried all of them on and felt totally overwhelmed by the different styles and they all ended up blurring together. I was honestly just going to make this into an IG story series, but I needed to take photos in them so I could visually compare them all side-by-side. Then, when I had them, I thought why not just turn it into a post? Hopefully others like you can learn from it!

P.S. If you're around 5' 6" or a size 25, be sure to check out Jess's review on the denim!!

I shot this before going to Palm Beach and had it planned for later this week, then it got moved to the back burner with all the stuff going on right now and THEN yesterday I got an email saying all denim is $50. I had to get this up!

You can hardly ever find any good denim for $50 and that is what's so great about Everlane. They are clear with their pricing and are a well run, feel-good company. I'm more than happy to support them during this time and I hope you feel the same! So let's hop into the review...

**Before we hop into the review, I just want to mention I am 5' 6", 150lbs and normally a size 28/M/6 in clothing. My T-shirt is linked here and my flats are from Chanel!**

The White Jeans

The 90's Cheeky Straight Jean (regular) - Bone size 28

Sizing: The 28's were very tight on my hips so I would size up since there is little to no stretch

Stretch: None lol

Thoughts: These just aren't for me :( The bone color is much more prominent in person and has a little bit of a yellow tone to it. These also have a button fly that could barely stay closed since it was so tight at my hips but still had the extra space in the back. V sad!! 

The Super-Straight Jean (Regular) - Bone size 28

Sizing: TTS!

Stretch: They had some stretch but didn't hug enough in the right places (still had a small gap in the back of the waist)

Thoughts: Andrew calls these my painter pants. They're just too straight on my leg (but wait till you see them in the denim color below!) Again, between the color and the leg, they just aren't my speed! I'm still trying to figure out if this won't be my style or if this look doesn't work for my body type.

The High-Rise Skinny Jean (regular) - Bone size 28


Sizing: True to size. Perfect.

Stretch: Lots of stretch.  

Thoughts: These were much more my speed but the only issue is they were see-through :/ Sooo that's a sad, sad no!

The Blue Jeans

The 90's Cheeky Straight Jean (regular) Vintage Sunbleached Blue size 28

Sizing: True to size, running a half size small 

Stretch: Little to none but they do look good lol (some reviews say they give with wear, others do not)

Thoughts: I LOVE the color of these jeans. I need to see if there are more styles available. It's the true 90's mom jean! They're probably not really best for curvier girls as the hips/waist measurements are a little off but I feel like these could be the ones I try and make work. Idk, what are your thoughts??

The Super-Straight Jean (regular) Medium Blue size 29 (L) + 28 (R)


Sizing: Both fit totally fine to the point where I literally couldn't tell a difference. So I'm unsure what to say here lol.

Stretch: They have a little bit of stretch and give to them. I'll probably end up keeping the 28

Thoughts: These are exactly what I came for and so crazy different than the white style above! I hated those, and I think I really like these.

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Button Fly (ankle) Vintage Mid Blue size 28

Sizing: TTS

Stretch: Some amazing stretch to it that will hug you in all the right places without getting baggy

Thoughts: I love the button look and the overall vibe of these jeans. But I don't know that I'm obsessed with them or that they are that much different from similar jeans I own. I might try these in the darker denim color to change things up!

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean (ankle) Distressed Mid Blue size 29

Sizing: Run totally TTS. A lot of times I size down with stretchy jeans but these are perfect!

Stretch: There is a ton of stretch and are the perfect hug-your-body skinny jean

Thoughts: I do really like them but worry I have a lot of similar pairs in my closet. That's probably because these are very much inside my comfort zone!

Sizing: True to size!

Stretch: Lots of nice, comfortable stretch. Very soft.

Thoughts: These are for ALL my girls out there who have ever dealt with a gap in the back of their jeans due to their hips being wider than their waist. THIS IS FOR YOU!! These jeans are literally made with the dimensions of a smaller waist-to-hip ratio and seriously hug in all the right places.

Overall Thoughts + First Impression

I loved their jeans. You definitely need to find the fit that is right for you and test the sizing. Once you do, they are amazing. You can't really beat $78 jeans (right now they are sale for $50!) that look this good. I'm not surprised that their skinny jeans were my favorite of the bunch. That was a given. They just fit me so well. But I'm not in the market for skinny jeans! 

I'm in the market for something different, something straight. And I think (after trying lots of jeans) my issue is that straight jeans aren't going to be stretchy. They kind of can't be. So I need to find the best pair of straight jeans that work for all parts of my body. I think these might be them!!

BUT I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite jeans above. Truly, please leave me a comment and let me know!!! I'm way too indecisive and have no idea how to work with straight jeans on my body.

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