Weekend Update: July 10

Happy Friday! Hope everyone was able to catch some much need sunrays this week. Sending you love from the beach!

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-This eyelet maxi dress (comes in white and pink) is SO CUTE. I adore the neckline and ruffle shoulder sleeves. 

-I've had these Nike sneakers in my bag for two weeks now -- they just look so cool.

-My favorite Tnuck dress now comes in this AMAZING Antelope color/print. It's one of the best dresses I own.

-I have a dress in the same print but something about this top keeps drawing me back to it. I can't stop thinking about it. 

-The perfect summer maxi dress for under $100.

Weekend Plans: We head home tomorrow :( so I assume a lot of the weekend will be unpacking and getting back into a "normal" routine. 

A Must Watch: Watchman on HBO!! I decided to watch it after a friend kept saying great things about the show (I never wanted to before because it looked scary from the previews!) but it was honestly one of the best shows I've seen in YEARS. It was so so so good. So good that I'm now rewatching it with Andrew and it's even better. The show is so smart and just all around perfect. I cannot say enough good things about it. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: Again, this sweater tank -- which is on sale for $40! It looks so good on and is the perfect item for chilly nights (or just chilly people like myself lol).

What Made Me Happy: Honestly, so much of this week has been amazing. Being away from our apartment, being with family, just feeling overall less anxious... it's been amazing for my state of mind. BUT I will say the #1 thing this past week was HAMILTON!!!! I have watched it now 5 times lol and I just cannot get enough. We were lucky enough to see it on Broadway in NY and again in Chicago and it's just one of my favorite things, ever

But now getting to see it again with this cast... it's just amazing. Getting an up-close look, being able to rewatch, and focus on different things... it's just amazing. It's been full obsession mode over here for the past week. So much so I literally had a dream about it last night!

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