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If you've asked me about denim in the past year and a half, I've been all about Mott and Bow. So much so, I feel like it's time to share a full review + Q&A of the jeans that have taken over my closet. 

(from left to right)
1. Orchard High Rise Skinny / Dark Gray with Raw Hem / 27x28
2. Jane High Rise Skinny / Medium/Dark Blue / 29x30
3. Jane Mid Rise Skinny / Faded Medium/Dark Blue w/ Raw Hem / 27x28
4. Jane High Rise Skinny / Medium Blue / 28x28
5. Carmine High Rise Skinny / Light/Medium Blue / 28x28

Guys, I am obsessed with Mott and Bow jeans. They are close to the only brand of jeans I wear because they fit my body so well. I've always had such a hard time with jeans in the past because of my body shape: smaller waist with large hips + thighs. If you know, you know. The jean gap at your back is easily the worst thing ever.

I was really happy when high waisted jeans came out and even happier when jeggings made their way to the market. I don't think I've really worn non-stretchy jeans since and they only keep getting better. Mott and Bow reached out about four years ago now to gift me my first pair of denim. At the time I wasn't super loyal to anything (and still wearing legit jeggings from college) so I decided why not.

My first pair were the Jane High Rise skinny with the longer inseam and they were amazing. I kept going back and forth for years between them and my favorite AG denim, mostly sticking with AG until last year when Mott and Bow stepped back into my life.

They reached out to send another pair of jeans and this time I wanted to try something different and went with the Jane High Rise in a different color and a shorter inseam -- really breaking out of the box here lol. But it is when everything seemed to change for me. 

Ever since my other jeans just do not compare. I feel like I've finally found *my jeans* and I'm unsure if I'll ever look back. I mean I have a TON of denim in my closet and I love to try new styles and brands all the time, but as I've gotten new options in, nothing seems to come close to the comfort of my Mott and Bow jeans. I always find myself reaching for them, even with new ones in the rotation. 

They recently sent me two more pairs to test out (all of these jeans have been gifted by Mott and Bow over the past four years) and I tried hard to get in different styles and colors. I currently have five pairs and am looking into testing out their mom jeans in white. Until then, here are my thoughts, some photos and a full review of each pair!

For most of my life, I have always been a 29/30 in denim. When it came to stretchy and high-waisted jeans, I was mainly able to get away with size 29 due to my waist but ever since the wedding and a more consistent workout routine, I've been able to drop down to a size 28.

All of this to say, I am in limbo with my denim. I am unsure what size I am truly as I'm normally one size, but size down with certain styles. That and all of these jeans (with the exception of two) are older so they are a larger size. 

Here is what you need to know in terms of Mott and Bow sizing: size down in their jeans. They say their jeans will stretch about half a size up so it's best to order a snug fit. When you wash them, they will go back to the original size. I personally have been wearing their 28's but just recently ordered 27's.

For reference, I am 5'6 / 150

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Orchard High Rise Skinny 
Dark Gray with Raw Hem size 27x28

These are my newest pair of jeans and possibly the most "out there" style for me. I rarely ever wear black or grey denim as I just don't like to wear the color... but I'm trying something new. This was also my first pair of 27's and I was almost nervous they wouldn't fit! They are definitely snug since they are right out of the package but I, so far, am loving the grey/black coloring of them. The Orchard style is very soft, thin and easy to wear. 

Medium/Dark Blue size 29x30

These are my OG jeans, the tried and true, never forgotten pair. As you can see, they are a little big on me now around the waist area, but overall still fit just fine! I feel like these will be great transition jeans when I'm expecting so I do plan to keep them! I will probably re-buy in the same style/length but in my proper new size.

These are also the only pair I have that are the longer jean. I love them for winter/fall so I can easily tuck them into my shoes and boots, but I'm also a fan of rolling them up once or twice and pairing them with a flat or heel. The darker color is perfect for the dressed-up blue jean look

Faded Medium/Dark Blue with Raw Hem size 27x28

Eek! These are my first pair of mid-rise jeans in I don't know how long. Not going to lie, they make me a little nervy as I'm a big fan of tummy tucking everything in lol. But the Jane style is far and away my favorite because of the flattering style and compression material. The darker style is also great to dress up and the raw hem makes it very on-trend!

Medium Blue size 28x28

Say hello to my most worn jeans... ever. If you get one pair, make it these. They are the best jeans I have ever owned and worn and 90% of the time when I'm wearing denim on the blog, Instagram or IRL it's going to be these. They are tummy tucking, booty hugging, and most comfortable jeans I own. They don't stretch out but more so hug and mold to your body. They are a curvy girl's dream! Not to mention this style specifically goes up to size 40 so they are for everyone.

Light/Medium Blue size 28x28

After the Jane style, Carmine is my favorite. They are more "jean material" than the Jane (aka less stretch) but still have a good amount of elasticity to them. The Carmine's are also a little thicker material but I still love to wear them. I also love this wash of blue where it is lighter without being acid wash!


Q: Which are your favorite pair?
A: The Jane high rise skinny! I wear them all the time and have been my go-to for the past two years. They are the perfect suck you in, make you skinny jeans with a ton of stretch and hug to them.

Q: Does the color rub-off?
A: I've only experienced color rub-off with my dark pair of Jane high rise denim but I do think it's worth a mention that the rub-off was nowhere near as bad as other denim (like my dark wash AG jeans!)

Q: Do they have tummy control?
A: I think all high-rise denim has some tummy control so yes. I think the Jane high rise does the best job at this, but you can personally compart and contrast the styles above with the photos taken from the side.

Q: Does the butt sag after wear?
A: No! What I love about these jeans is that they never sag! Even my pair of jeans from 2016 that are too big -- no sagging! They stretch out about half a size but that's the most they'll ever do.

Q: Do the skinnies have enough stretch to fit wide calves/hips but tight on the waist?
A: Yes! I would say I have borderline wide calves (very muscular, and has about a 50/50 track record with boots being too small in the zip calf area) and these have all fit great. I really do believe the jeans stretch out where you need them to and fit where you are smaller.

Q: How much stretch do they have/Do they stretch after wear?
A: They stretch about a half a size up with wear but go back to normal after wash! I recommend going a full size down

Q: How do they wash/Do you wash them often?
A: They wash great -- they do not fade, stretch out (actually do the opposite) and keep their shape really well. I personally do not wash my jeans often -- maybe a handful times a year -- unless they have been stained. I've read many articles saying it's best to not wash them often but to each their own!

Q: Are they true to size/What size do you normally get?
A: They are not true to size -- I would say they run a size large. I've been wearing 28's for the past couple of years but have recently found the need to switch to 27's after losing some weight.

Q: Are they comfortable?
A: YES! The most comfortable jeans I own.

Q: Do they sell low rise?
A: Yes (low rise = mid rise lol)! They have a ton of styles: high rise, mid rise, boyfriend and mom styles.

Q: How does the color hold up after washing?
A: They are great! Don't fade ever -- as you can tell by the two high rise Janes above.

Q: Can you compare them to AG jeans?
A: Well first off, the Mott and Bow jeans are much more affordable. AG definitely has more style options and trendier looks but comparing the basic styles together, I really like Mott and Bow. They do a great job of hugging to your body without stretching out, are insanely comfortable and just fit my body better in terms of the hips and waist area.

Q: Do you have a discount code?
A: Yes! You can use "KRISTA10" for 10% off until March 31st!

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