Madewell Denim Review

We are back with another denim review! I've already covered my true loves: Mott and Bow, and most recently, Everlane. Today we're on to Madewell (aka the current king of millennial jeans). I feel like everyone owns Madewell denim. I didn't hop onto the trend until now!


It is no surprise that I am a jeans girl through and through. I just love denim. I've made it my mission in life to find the most comfortable, supportive, and slimming denim. My journey has led me down many roads, and today it brings me to Madewell! After falling in love with a new pair of white jeans, I decided to test out a majority of their line and review them all.

I know when there are too many options I get overwhelmed easily and don't buy any. My personal style is high rise, stretchy, and usually skinny, but I'm trying to find more straight legged jeans to expand my collection. The big issue with that is usually my body shape. I have very curvy thighs, hips, and butt, but a skinnier waist and calves. So I need jeans to hug most parts of my body correctly to consider them a good fit.

I am happy to report I found some gems! For reference, I'm 5'6", 145 pounds, and normally wear size 28 denim.

These jeans were the big hit of the haul, and a big reason for the Madewell review! A ton of people suggested these were the best white jeans. I originally bought them in my normal size 28, but with the super high waist and stretch I found I could size down to a 27. When I repurchased the smaller size, I noticed a lot of Madewell jeans were on sale, so I bought all of them for this review!  

Needless to say, these are my new favorite white denim. They check all the boxes. I don't know how or why, but I feel like my legs are a mile long in these jeans and I feel skinny in them. Sometimes white jeans can make you feel like a stuffed sausage (lol), but these do not! They have a different kind of stretch versus their blue counterparts, but they stretch a ton. 

(also available in white and black)

I really liked the wash and style of these jeans. They were just what I was looking for in a skinny, straight look. However, they were tight in the thighs and loose in the waist so sizing down wouldn't have been an option for me. They were super high waisted, which I think is amazing, but that was also the issue. The higher the waist goes up, the smaller I need it to be. If they were more mid-waist, I think they would have fit a lot better. 

(also available in black)

These were a great classic straight pair of jeans (as the name suggests). If you're looking for something simple, I would say these are your best options. The size 28 fit me great as well. There was a little bit of give, but not a ton, so they really hold you in and hug your body nicely. 

I sized down in these since they were a curvy style. I found that I can get away with that since these styles accommodate my hips well. The issue was it was almost too much material around my hips that it kind of bunched up when I walked. They didn't give me the "hold you in" feel that I look for in a lot of my jeans. I also didn't *love* the wash of them; too acid wash versus vintage. 

On the other end of the spectrum, I ordered my normal size 28 in the perfect vintage jean, and couldn't even zipper them up!! There was absolutely no stretch at all, and they seemed to run small. These were obviously a no for me. 

(also comes in a darker blue and black)

These I really liked. They felt like worn-in jeans that are just comfortable to wear and ones that have become your go-to over the years. I liked everything about them from the wash, to the style, to the fit. The only issue is that they were too big in the waist, so I will reorder them in a size 27 and see how they fit!

(also comes in a darker blue and black)

These were also a big hit for me! A++ all around. As much as I'm trying to branch away from skinny jeans, I have to give appreciation when it's due. These jeans fit wonderfully, and unlike the white, I ordered my normal size and they fit like a glove. They were stretchy, super soft, and extremely high rise, which are all my favorite things about jeans lol. I was here for it! The only caveat is after wearing them for a day, they stretched out a bit around the knees and waist. I wonder if I do actually need to size down or not. 

(also comes in white, black and a darker blue)

These may seem the same as above, but these are the high waist skinny not the high rise skinny. The overall feel and look is about the same, but the high waist has a slightly lower rise in the waist and is made of 94% cotton (so more denim feel) versus the ones above that are 44% cotton and have more of a jegging feel. Everything I said above still applies, but I don't love this color in a skinny style. They are just not for me! I did really like the raw hem at the bottom though!

These are again the same jeans as above, so the same still applies. BUT these are the cropped version. I'm 5'6" so they were a little too short on me, but would be great for someone smaller looking for jeans that hit at the right length! I also really loved the wash of these so I will be looking for them in a non-crop style!

Rigid Stovepipe - Portsmith Wash - Size 28
(also comes in three different blue washes: light, medium, and dark)

And finally we have the stovepipe style! I was most excited about these because I loved the wash and style. The waist fits perfectly, but the hips/butt area was way too tight. They have a button fly too so you could see they were pulling and ready to break at the seam at any moment lol. There was just no give or stretch in the hips. Even with a little bit of stretch, I could have pulled these off no problem. I'm sad about it but my wallet is happy lol.

If you want more jean reviews, you can check out my past ones HERE. And please leave me comments for what brand I should review next!!

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