Canada Goose Trillium Parka Review

Say hello to my new best friend. She's bright, shes's blue, and she keeps me really really warm. I love her.


So lets recap this timeline for you guys... in 2015 I got my first Canada Goose jacket. I was debating it for a while since living in New York is the coldest I have ever been. I now realize that Chicago is much more frigid, but when I was living there, I had a car, and we drove everywhere, so it's, wasn't that big of a deal, you know?

I had plenty of down/fleece/wool coats, and I brought them all with me to New York in 2013. But it just wasn't the same. I needed something warmer. And (maybe I'm just showing my age) I don't know why but as I've gotten older, I've gotten colder. It's a real issue lol.

In November of 2015, I pulled the trigger, and I bought a Shelburne Parka (Tuckernuck was gracious enough to provide it to me at a wholesale price) in a beautiful slate green/gray color. I kind of took a shot in the dark with the style and size (there were seriously no good reviews about it that I could find!!), and it ended up working out great.

I LOVE my jacket. It has lasted me four strong years, and it looks as good as new. I don't think I've ever had a coat that has held up as well as this has. It's proof that investment items can pay off in the long run! It helped me survive winter after winter, and I swear I could do just about anything in that coat (like riding my bike to work in February!), and it kept me warm.

Outside of the price tag, there is actually nothing I don't like about the jacket. I love the style, fit, color... everything! I love it so much I started itching for another, but I didn't know where to start. What style, size, and color would be best that I'd actually use it but also different enough from my one true love?

I started my research back up, and even after a few years passing, there weren't any great reviews online. So I decided to make my own. I thought the Trillium jacket (one of their most popular and warmest styles) would be the best option for me. I was also into red (still am) and thought, why not just go for it. I did. And in 2017, I wrote a comparison guide of the two coats. 

Read my comparison guide of the Shelburne and Trillium Parka HERE.

It was nice to compare the two side by side and see what I do and don't like. But the issue was... I didn't like the jacket. I kept it for a few more days (only wearing it in my apartment) deciding what to do, and I just didn't find myself reaching for it to go out, so I sent it back. I packed it up and never looked back! Kind of dramatic, but you get the idea lol.

There was just something so bulky and big about it, I felt like it swallowed me whole. It made me appreciate my Shelburne more, and I loved that it's not the norm that everyone has! Not only in color but in shape. I always find random people stopping to compliment it, and I love it! I've also turned a few friends on to the style as it's really flattering, long and slim (for a down jacket). 

Fast forward another two years, and it's 2019, and Tuckernuck releases this Trillium jacket in the most amazing beautiful blue color. It was nothing like I had seen before, and I LOVED it. But I kept telling myself I just didn't need it! I had tried it once before, and it didn't work out... it was time to move on. 

But me being me, I couldn't. I kept going back to it, thinking about it, and with each passing day, I wanted it more. So I decided to shoot my shot and reach out to Tuckernuck and see if (in exchange for coverage, etc.) they would offer me the same price as before. To my huge surprise -- literally, I shrieked -- they sent it to me c/o. [This obviously has no change in my review of it, but I always share when something has been/is comped/discounted/sponsored]

So here it was, the jacket of my dreams... how do I make sure this time it works for me? 

WELL, the Canada Goose Gods must have been looking down because my usual size Medium (what I have in the Shelburne and what I wear in just about everything lol) was sold out. My options were small or large, and I went a size down to the small. I mean, who wouldn't, right? If it was bulky before, maybe this will help!

I got it later that week (about a month ago now), and it was perfect. The size down was so much better, and while it's a little tight around the hips, it just looks better! It was truly the jacket of my dreams. I don’t know why, but I am very anti-black jackets because everyone has black jackets. They get lost in a crowd (or worse get taken by mistake), and I guess I'm just not one to blend in!

You can see all my blog posts featuring the Shelburne Parka here, here and here.

SOOO with all of that said, I wanted to do an updated review of the Trillium style jacket since my last one fell short. Also, to address the elephant in the room, I am aware that the hood is made with real fur, and I realize that it is terrible. I respect your opinions and choices, so I ask that you give me the same courteously in return. In both instances where I have gotten these coats, I have donated back to the WWF. While I realize it is not the same, I do wish to help give in the best way I can. Another good thing is that Canada Goose offers jackets without fur hoods like the Kinley Parka if that is of interest.

You can see Tuckernucks full guide and review of their Canada Goose Parkas (like this graphic) here!

My Review for the Trillium Jacket:

1. The Warmth -- It is Canada Goose's warmest jacket that is meant to keep you warm to -13°F, which is CRAZY town. Like that is so cold, and it will still keep you warm. Aka, when you're stuck in a horrible wind tunnel on one of those bitterly cold days in February, this jacket is here to save the day. Now, do you need a parka to keep you warm down to -13°F? Probably not... but it sure is nice to not worry about it.

I was talking to Ashby about it, and I had her wear one for the day. She said it was the first time she's worn a jacket and has genuinely been warm throughout the entire time. There is just something so different about these coats. They will keep you so warm but will never overheat you. I don't know how it's done, but I assume it's why they are so popular and what keeps business boomin'!

As far as the comparison to the Shelburne, I would definitely say its warmer, but it's not a huge/or noticeable difference. I've never really been cold in my Shelburne (which is good), but I have since I'm paying close attention, noticed that the sleeves are warmer when I pull my hands in. It's random, I know, but it's one of the significant differences when it comes to the warmth that I do notice!

2. The Pockets -- I remember loving this about the last jacket, but the Triullum has FOUR pockets. Two at your hips and two at your bust. It's similar to a Barbour style jacket, and I am so here for the bust ones. I'm unsure why, but I just love to store my phone or chapstick up there for quick and easy access, but also, its a more comfortable holding position. Added bonus that they are fleece-lined, so they make great hand warmers!

The pockets at the hip are probably the closest thing to a negative I can say about this jacket. They are straight up and down, which (I think) makes it harder to get things in and out of, and they are not great for your hand or holding bulky items. I usually have my keys and wallet in these pockets below!

As far as the comparison to the Shelburne, I like the pockets on the Shelburne because they are big and slanted and can hold a lot. But every time since I got my Trillium, I miss the breast pockets. So it's a give and take. I guess it would be weird to have four slanted pockets, but that would be my wish!

3. The Hood -- A big difference in the Trillium vs. the Shelburne is that the hood is totally removable. Not that I would understand why you'd want to remove the whole thing, BUT if you so desire, you may. Personally, I think that the hood is the highlight of both jackets functionality because it's what really keeps you warm. When the wind is blowing, or the rain is falling down, you usually go to protect your head/face first. This helps with that. 

The hood is also so big and long that it can cover any hairstyle with ease and protect all of your face. There have been plenty of times where I've basically closed it shut to be tunnel vision only because the wind can get so bad. It's saved me more times than I can think of!

As far as the comparison to the Shelburne, this is a step further with the hood. The Shelburne, you can remove only the fur, not the entire hood itself. It may be a pro to some or a con to others. In my four years of having the jacket, I will tell you that I've never wished it away. 

4. The Straps -- This is easily the very best part of the jacket, and what (I think) makes the perfect standout/finishing touch of perfection to this parka! THE STRAPS are the things you never knew you needed. They come in all Canada Goose jackets (the Shelburne and the Trillium both have them), and I like to think of them as holding straps. They are literally there to help you hold your jacket when you don't want to wear it.

I mean HOW many times have you come in from outside, overheated and taken off your jacket, just to then hold it over your arm for the next 30 minutes? It gets big and bulky, and you basically lose an arm trying to do whatever you're doing. NOW with these straps, you literally wear it like a backpack, and you are hands-free. Not only is it a great peace of mind because you're not putting it down somewhere (like a bar) for it to get taken, but you literally can hold your jacket without holding your jacket.

As far as the comparison to the Shelburne, it's pretty much the same. I actually have used the straps so much that I have come close to ripping one side of my Shelburne (not the jacket itself but where the strap meets the liner). It was an easy sew back together, so there were really no issues!

5. The Exterior -- Like all Canada Goose jackets, they are water and wind-resistant. Which is obviously a must for all jackets. But for CG, they really take the wind-resistant thing to the next step. They have you covered on the zipper and button area, so there is no wind able to get through (you know, as most coats do), BUT here's where they go a step above. The flap for the buttons is so strong and durable that you can literally just button it and still not have to worry about the wind. 

I mean, there is nothing worse than being totally warm and feeling that gust of wind breakthrough and chill you again. Another place where I think they really cater to the wind-resistant aspect is the hand cuff things. Both jackets I own come with a built-in like thick sweater (that is not the right way to describe it, I know but appease me) cuff that comes from your wrist and down to your knuckles. 

It does SUCH a good job at making sure the wind doesn't run up your sleeve, but it's really best for when you're hands are cold. I'm kind of like a turtle when my hands get cold, and I just pull them right on up into the sleeve without worry. I'll also tuck them into the pockets for extra warmth, and it's done a pretty good job so far of keeping me warm!

As far as the comparison to the Shelburne, it's exactly the same on both coats! It's possible that the Trillium sleeve caps are a little longer, but they both do the same thing!

AND THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE. Did I write enough in this blog post? Sheesh! I just wanted to really give you an in-depth review of the jacket since it is a very big purchase to make. I hope I answered any and all questions about it! And now, here is the exciting part... 

I'm teaming up with Tuckernuck to GIVE A BLACK TRILLIUM JACKET AWAY!!!! We're posting the giveaway tomorrow, December 7th, on Instagram, so be sure you're following along + not miss it! I'm so excited about this, I hope you guys are too!!


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