Gift Guide: What's on My Christmas List

Come one, come all! Welcome to my official Christmas wish list of 2019. This post is mainly for my family but I thought it would also be fun to share with you all. So please enjoy...

*Parents and siblings reading this: please check with the other side of the family before purchasing!! I am giving you all the same list*

1. Seamless Gift Card - $Any Amount
Ok, family! I LOVE Seamless, I try not to order it so much but it's just so easy and sometimes I like to treat myself to a nice breakfast or lunch. And the real issue is that I love this acai bowl place but it's so expensive so I'd love some help with that! Any and all amounts are welcome lol
I have these earrings without the pearls and they are my favorite earrings to wear! But the pearls make me go all heart eyes. 

Remember when I lost all my rings over summer? This was one of them and I've been trying hard to replace them all ever since! I'd love this in a size 8!

I've heard such amazing things about this mirror and have been wanting it for a while now to do my makeup and travel with. I love that it comes with a magnifier and a phone holder. Say hello to better IG stories!

5. Ugg Genuine Sheepskin Insoles - $20
I've pretty much worn my old Uggs down to the soles so I think this would be a fun addition to add back in my favorite boots (and bring them back to life!). Size 8 :)
6. LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle - $95
Ok, ok. Expensive for a water bottle but it cleans itself (the bottle and the water)!! I love technology like this. Any color is welcome but black or pink. Surprise me!
You all know I love ornaments and I've been eyeing this set for years (every time we pass by the store in town!). I think it's just such a fun and classic way to bring Nantucket to our memory tree (as if we don't have enough Nantucket stuff lol)

Ok, this is kind of a "couples gift" that Andrew knows nothing about but I want some new pillows for our bed. I've heard amazing things about these pillows (mainly from Grace #influenced). If not for Andrew (the night pillow), I really want the beauty pillow; especially since it's made for stomach sleepers (like myself).

SOOOOOO I actually bought this for myself. I KNOW I shouldn't have but I found the mini size of this bag on Poshmark for an amazing deal and couldn't pass it up! So Merry Christmas to you girl, you deserve it. 

Andrew got this for me two Christmases ago but the non-gold option made me break out :( So if anyone is looking to drop some $$$ on me, this is what I'd like. Size 4, 10 or 14k yellow-gold, block monogram KLR.
You can see my wish list from 2017 and 2018 here!
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