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Eek! Welcome to the first gift guide of 2019! I know I'm probably a little late for some but for the rest, I'M HERE TO HELP! I have a lot of fun (but very useful) gift guides coming your way and I encourage you to check out the format and let me know what you think!
So how this is going to go is at the top of every post will be the overall collage. Then in the body, I'll share each item individually, the price (always shown in order of price) and a short description of what each item is and why I think it's a great gift!

WITH THAT, today is a gift guide for "everyone." These can be your family, friends but they can also be your coworkers, the random cousins you're kind of friends with but not super close to, the random gift you need to get someone for their stocking... OR just something out of the box and cool for someone you really like! They are gender-neutral so it can go for (say it together now...) everyone.
This is one of those gifts you'd never get for yourself but once you have it, you won't stop. It's great for literally anyone who wears sweaters or has leggings that pill. It's a literal pill saver for your clothes. It's so easy to use and super affordable. Great stocking stuffer, random grab bag or white elephant gift!

YES I LOVE THIS GAME. I think games are still so fun to give and this is one that you can give and start playing right away. Name a better thing that will bring people together for just $10. My family loves to play this game. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't!

I bought this for my sister (and one for me) last year for Christmas as we both deal with a lot of cat hair in our house. This is the best hair remover I've used and it's really great because the wand is so big that it covers a lot of surface space all at once (vs using it like 10 sheets of a lint roller). Andrew uses it all the time for the couch AND its really easy to clean as it cleans/removes pet hair every time you put it in the case.

I bought this for my in-laws last year with all of the kids + SO on it (plus Dixie lol) and they loved how personal/thoughtful it was. When in doubt, if you want to get something really good but not spend a ton of money, look for something easily personalized. Etsy is a great place to start but (especially around the holidays) I love to give ornaments. It's a special way of celebrating the season!

Ok, hear me out. This is for anyone who loves a simple life thanks to technology. If they have a smart speaker, get them some smart plugs! We have it set up to our main lamp in the bedroom and living room so when we want the light off, we just tell Alexa to turn it off. Long gone are the days of "last to get up has to hit the lights" and whenever we're away we always joke to the hotel room to turn off the lights lol. It's also controlled via your phone if that's easier! Last year we had our tree on a timer and it would turn on/off with the sun!

Ok... has anyone heard about this game?? We play it non stop over Thanksgiving. It's basically a super-advanced version of tic-tac-toe. You can either get three of the same size up/down/across/diagonal, you can get small/medium/big in a row OR you can get small, medium, big all in the same spot. It takes a lot of strategy and attention to win but it's like hard and easy at the same time. We LOVE to play it. 

Maybe a little more than you need to spend on a keychain but it has magical powers!! Plus you can get it monogrammed and that shit is cute. How many people don’t carry around a portable charger because they either forget/they are too bulky/don't want to deal with it? And then how many of those people travel without their keys? Exactly! This is the ideal easy gift for literally anyone. We all need an extra charge sometimes. 

Andrew has me hooked on packing cubes. At first, I was like, there is no way these will ever help. BUT THEY DO. I don't know how but wowow. Even my mom (who is an expert packer) was surprised at how much these held. I think it's because they close down on your clothes so it's not bulging out when you go to close your suitcase. He also got them for his sister last year and they have become a great gift for a lot of people in our life!

These are another fun way to make your home more tech-friendly! You can control the lights with your voice or your phone. Dimming, color, night light -- you name it! It's kind of really cool and if we didn't have our smart plugs, these would be next on our list! This is a great gift for the tech junkie that has everything... because I bet you they don't have smart bulbs!

A great uni-sex scarf. Andrew and I actually both have it and love it. There is something so classic about the Barbour plaid print. It will last you for ages and it's also a really nicely made scarf. Everyone loves scarfs, no one wants to buy their own.

The BEST slippers in the game. I think everyone in Andrew's family has these lol. They are easily the most comfortable slippers out there and are perfect for around the house or quick errands (they have a really nice tread on the bottom). With LL Bean you know you're getting quality things made to last! These are great for parents/bosses/friends/significant others... really anyone. You don't know you need them until you have them. 

This I have yet to try but I've heard amazing things about. So, yes, it's expensive for a water bottle BUT IT CLEANS ITSELF!! Isn't that amazing? It cleans the water inside but also cleans the bottle so you don't have to! It also has great insulation so it can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. This is on my wishlist!!

I think this is a super fun gift for anyone who is always taking photos, crafts or loves a good sentimental item. I miss the novelty of printing out photos and I know I can't be the only one! Also, a great gift for yourself if you want to give others photos like this!

A must-have for any pet owner! Each year Dixie usually gets a pretty tech-savy gift and this was hers (I think) three years ago! It's technically made for dogs but it works for us with a cat. It's basically just a way to check in on your pet, talk to them, and send some treats all via your phone! This is also a great piece of mind item to just check-in and make sure they're doing ok!

Everyone loves a good cornhole set but no one ever wants to buy it for themselves! It's expensive BUT it's something they'll have forever. I bought my BIL a custom set two years ago and they are out every party and family outing. To elevate it, just get it personalized and BAM you have the title of best gift giver (ever). 

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