Canada Goose Review: Trillium vs Shelburne Parka

I remember when I was shopping around for a Canada Goose last year I was scouring the internets for reviews and explanations of the difference between their line of jackets. So today I wanted to bring a comprehensive review of the two most popular jackets that Canada Goose carries and tell you what I like, what I don't and which one I want to keep!


(left jacket is the Trillium and right is the Shelburne)

I've had my Shelburne parka for a little over a year now and I love it (you can see my video review HERE). I'm so happy with my purchase and I seriously look forward to wearing it everyday during the winter. I love the color, the style and everything in-between. I loved it so much that I thought I wanted to get another one -- a red one more specifically so I recently snagged the Trillium parka. Let me share my thoughts!

(I'm wearing a MEDIUM in both jackets and I'm 5'6!)

Pros for the Trillium:
  • The Warmth - this jacket can keep you warm in -15 degree heat and it's the warmest jacket Canada Goose makes. It's actually made for you to wear in the arctic and survive. So props to how warm it is! Now do I need something this warm in New York city? Probably not. But do I want it? Duh. 
  • The Hood - Not only is it super warm and perfect to keep the wind and rain out of your face, but it's also huge. Sometimes too big (like can't see anything because it's in your face big) but it's adjustable so you can fix just about anything. The very best part though (and why it made it on the pro list) is the hood is completely detachable. You can zipper the hood and the fur off -- all separately. So when you don't want it around, it doesn't have to be!
  • The Pockets - There are two sets of pockets on this jacket, as well as one on the inside. The top pockets around the chest are fleece lined and super warm while the pockets by your hips are huge and can hold just about anything. Sometimes it's nice to have all that pocket space!
Cons for the Trillium:
  • The Shape - This was one of the biggest drawbacks for me... it was just so extremely boxy. The jacket does have drawstrings on the inside to clinch the waist but it doesn't totally help. I worry that I got the wrong size but when it's buttoned, I don't think I could go smaller. It honestly felt like a unisex jacket and I think the pictures show just how much bigger it is than the Shelburne. 
  • The Sleeves (can sometimes be a pro) - One of my favorite things about the Canada Goose jackets are the fact they have this tight black part of the sleeve around your wrist so the wind doesn't come up your arms. On the other jacket they come a little longer than my wrists but on this Trillium jacket they come to my knuckles! It just seems to me that they're a bit too long. But others can find this a good thing, so to each their own.
  • The Bulkiness - This might just be repetitive of the two above, since they both contribute to this problem, but the jacket is just too much jacket. You can see it in the photos above, especially when I am turned to the side, how thick this jacket is. I thought it was worth a mention just how wide the sleeves are around the hands. I swear I could fit two arms in the hole -- this just once again adds to the overall shape and bulkiness of the jacket. 

Pros for the Shelburne:
  • The Warmth - While it's not as warm as the Trillium, it's still the warmest coat I have ever owned. I can wear this out all day in the winter and be totally fine. Honestly one of the best winter purchases I have made! Since is meant to only keep you warm is -5 weather, I find it's still perfect for New York.
  • The Length - I love the length of this jacket. It hits a little above my knees where the trillium hits about mid thigh. Both are great in terms of length but when I sit with the Shelburne, I find it completely covers the bum and therefore makes everything warmer. 
  • The Shape/Structure - Opposite of the Trillium, it has a great shape to it. MUCH more fitted and feminine. Also a huge difference is that the jacket is also quilted so I think that adds another layer to the overall fitted structure. It even has two back flaps that I use when it gets too hot or when I just want a little extra wiggle room. 
Cons for the Shelburne:
  • The Hood - One of the only major cons about this jacket is the fact that it doesn't have a removable hood. You can remove the fur but not the hood itself. This is good for someone who loses things easily but not so great for those who want it detach it.
  • The Pockets - I didn't realize until I tried out the Trillium how much I liked having two sets of pockets. The Shelburne only has one set around the hips -- which are fleece lined so that's nice they are always extra warm. We can't have it all can we?

Overall Thoughts:
I love the Canada Goose Jackets and there is seriously not a warmer coat out there. My favorite thing about the jackets (that both have) are the internal backpack straps so you can keep your coat on you while remaining hands free. You'd be surprised how many times I use them! You really can't go wrong with either jacket shown here.

My Pick: The Shelburne
I love it and I continue to love it everyday! I think I'm going to return my Trillium jacket because I don't really love the overall fit and I expect to truly love such an expensive jacket!

There are also a ton of great types of jackets Canada Goose offers. To see a general overview, I think Tuckernuck put together a really great guide to learn the differences in all the coats. You can see that HERE or by clicking the images below. Snapshots of the two jackets are also below:

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