Weekend Update: March 22

Happy Friday! Having a really great week and it will be capped off with a great weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring.. heres what I got into this week:

What I bought (for the past two weeks):
-This new style Dudley Stephens sweater (size M in blue -- use BOP20 for 20% off!)
-A new swimsuit (that is just very me) top and trying out two bottom styles here and here
-Testing out new white jeans for spring and bought these Levi's and these Sofia stretchy pair
-Scooping up ALL the white dresses like woah
-A cute (and very affordable!) clutch
-Never owned a crop sweater before, so lets try it out!

Favorite Finds:
-Loving this textured dress -- SO sophisticated
-Super cute slingback pearl shoes (for under $40!)
-If you like my J. McLaughlin purse then you'll love this one at a much more affordable price!
-Loving these tweed heels -- great for work
-Classic white sneakers for spring also under $40
-Another white dress to add to the collection
-How cute would these flats be with white jeans and a chambray shirt??

Things I Want to Buy But Shouldn't: These Stuart Weitzman pearl sandals. They are perrrrrrrfect for my wedding but the smart thing to do it wait for them to (hopefully) go on sale. UGH I love them. Can you add shoes to your registry?? 

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are off to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate my moms birthday. I know I was just there but I can't not be with her for her birthday!! Really any excuse to see her and go home, I'm going to take it. Really excited and looking forward to the weekend!

A Must Watch: Who else watched The Inventor on HBO? Andrew and I did together and didn't really know anything about it going in. It was good, very interesting but really long. Almost too long with a rather abrupt ending. Crazy story for anyone who hasn't seen it -- I do recommend it's worth a watch!

Most Popular Item this Week: DUH these J. Crew sandals. Over 100 of you bought them this week -- they are really THAT good. Join the bandwagon and get yo self a pair!

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-My new favorite bow earrings
-White scallop heels that are under $100!
-How brilliant is this magnetic bobby pin holder
-A cute tie crop top (under $15)!


  1. I love all these great finds! That bobby pin holder has moved to my amazon wishlist!

  2. Girl you find the best things!! I LOVE that J. Crew swimsuit you linked! It is so so beautiful, definitely on my wish list now :)

    xx Libby

  3. Any chance you could recreate this look for less? I love it but currently don't have that big of a budget

  4. Can't wait to watch The Inventor! Have you read Bad Blood (https://amzn.to/2YpHMv9) or listened to The Dropout (http://abcradio.com/podcasts/the-dropout/) yet?? I can't get enough of this story, clearly.


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