Weekend Update: April 23

Happy Friday! Excited to be back with another weekend update. These are some of my favorite posts.

Weekend Update: April 23

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-The coveted nap dress is available in all sizes in navy!! This sold-out too quickly last week, but now they are restocked and I got my hands on one!

-I have this blue maxi in my cart waiting for a sale! Hoping to wear on my birthday trip coming up.

-*OBSESSED* with this RR dress is an understatement 

-Buying this dress to see how it holds up against the Outdoor Voices workout dress

-My favorite affordable sun hat is back in two new color straps.

Weekend Plans: I thought all day yesterday was Friday so I'm super confused by the thought of the weekend lol. So I have no plans. Maybe some stitching? Painting? The world is my oyster.

Currently Watching: I just finished the documentary on We Work and it was a wild ride. I had no idea how the company came to prominence and how it fell from grace so quickly. It was a great doc, on Hulu.

Most Popular Item of the Week: The straw hat in my picture above! You guys have been loving it.

What Made Me Happy: We were able to host a birthday dinner for my FIL yesterday and it was a ton of fun. I made him a cake that was a great hit with everyone and it made me happy!!

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