Weekend Update: May 14

This was the only photo I took this week lol. I got my second shot on Tuesday and it totally kicked my butt. Glad to share I'm back to normal and it was 100% worth it but sheesh!! After not being sick for more than a year, I was so not prepared.

Weekend Update: May 14

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-Under $100 cashmere t-shirt!

-I love everything about this quilted print dress (under $100!).

-Congrats to Jen on another amazing Sail to Sable collection! This eyelet dress is on my wishlist!

Weekend Plans: Not much of anything! I'll be doing some stuff for Penny Linn in preparation for our next launch but outside of that we have zero plans.

Currently Watching: We just finished Stranger Things (we had never seen it!) and now we're going to embark on a 90's/2000's teenage rom-com marathon. We just watched Not Another Teen Movie, Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing, and American Pie. I'm going to compile a list of the movies we plan on watching for you guys soon.

Most Popular Item of the Week: My favvvvorite Hunza G swimsuit is finally in stock!! I have this swimsuit in the belt version (that is forever sold out) but this is the exact same thing but without the belt. It's a one size fits all suit and it is the best suit I have ever worn. I know that sounds crazy and it just maybe but it fits and forms to your body and just feels so good on. I can't explain it but I feel great in it. 

What Made Me Happy: This is very silly/dumb but today is actually my favorite day! May is my favorite month (because of my birthday) and 14 is my favorite number. Nothing too exciting ever happens on this day but I always get excited when it's here and usually have a pretty good day!!

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