Weekend Update: February 12

Weekend Update: February 12 snow ski trip 2020

^^A year ago :( note to self: don't look back at old photos pre-pandemic. It will make you sad. 

Weekend Update: February 12

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-I bought this tunic from the Dudley beyond drop a few weeks back and omg it's amazing

-This dress is grandma chic

-Someone please tell me... the Nap Dress... is it worth it??

Weekend Plans: Packing orders today and then no big plans really for this weekend! Life has gotten pretty boring lately, ngl. And we never really do anything for Valentine's day. Although this is normally the weekend we take a trip for Andrew's birthday. Vegas, Dublin, Lexington... gah I'm really dreaming of a trip right now.

Currently Watching: We are two episodes away from the season finale of The Sopranos and I just can't wait. Now we need to figure out what we're going to watch every night!! We have Shark Tank, SNL, This is Us, The Judge, and The Challange currently in the rotation. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: This headband which is currently 50% off!!

What Made Me Happy: We had a wonderful restock and launch for Penny Linn Designs yesterday! We will be shipping everything out today and it will likely take the full day (over 300 orders!!) but it's really fun because Andrew and I do it together and it feels very connected if that makes sense. Like I'm taking time to help package up each order and send it off with love!! How cool is that.

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