A Few Things... Vol. 1

If this goes well, we can make it into a new series on the blog! I just had a lot of little things I wanted to talk about/post on the blog but they were either not enough for a full post or not fully ready to be talked about/in the process of being created. So I thought why not just throw them all together to make a (hopefully) fun post for you all. Hope you enjoy...

(above) Lots of questions about my earrings and lipstick! Earrings are from Jennifer Behr but they sadly sold out after I posted about them. There are these without the charm that are available and these similar looking ones for much cheaper. As for my lipstick, it's $9.99 from the drugstore but you can buy online here! Color is matador. 

(click on the photos above for original post + outfit details)

My ginger jar prints seen in the background above... some of questions about them! I bought them forever ago when I moved into this apartment of Etsy. Here is the Etsy shop so you can check out all of her prints; but this is the listing I bought (set of 4). They also come in set of 6 and set of 8, or you can buy them individually. From there, I just bought normal 8x10 white frames and kept the matte in them.

This dress is back in stock!! It sold out sooooo quick last year (before I could even post about it) but now it's fully back in stock, but probably not for too long. It runs TTS and I'm wearing a size 6 here. I love it so much, you will too!

Some more dresses! Both are from ASOS, which can be so hit or miss -- some are super cute and some are so so not lol. These dresses I thought were semi-hits -- I really like the blue one, maybe for Mexico or a summer wedding. It's a little boob-ish but other than that it's really gorgeous! As for the white one, I'm really just picking up all the white dresses I can find. I really love the neckline of this dress but the back is a leeeetle too low for my liking (can't really wear around family!). Pretty for some, maybe not for me.

Flowers have taken over my apartment! My order of these giant hydrangeas have come in and now I just need to style them and figure out what is needed in terms of decor for the wedding. I'm going to have a larger post on this in the coming weeks for Wedding Wednesday so stay tuned!

Kind of a horrible photo but I snagged this new fleece from the Dudley Stephens restock and am really loving it. It's a boat neck style vs the turtleneck and I love that it's just more open in that way. Also all heart eyes over the color: it brings out my eyes and is great for spring. This is also their new terry fleece material which is much lighter for spring so it can transition better into the warmer months!

How cute are these custom/personalized stamps! I love that they're a little extra touch of fun and personalization for your mail. You can get them for just about anything (wedding related or not) and can upload your own photos too. 

GUYS! Thank you for alerting me that these are 25% off!!! I was just saying last week on the blog that I shouldn't buy them now because I should wait for a sale. And what do you know... the next day there was a sale! These are the gold above since the white style aren't in any stores -- only online. They should be coming in tomorrow so hopefully I can share them with you guys before the sale ends. 

This is another post for a future Wedding Wednesday but I finally found my perfect white plate. I've never really shared this with you guys but I really wanted to set the table for the wedding and have since been planning it out. All I needed was something to go in between the Johnson Brothers plates and found these Lenox ones on super sale at Macy's. They are exactly what I wanted! Chargers can be found at Walmart.

No filter photo -- the right side is with this new Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (and some bronzer) and the left is a clean face. I took these for myself originally but now we're sharing them lol! I am testing out some more new makeup from Sephora and really wanted to see what all the hype was about tinted moisturizer. I get it now! It's kind of perfect for someone like me who doesn't wear a lot of makeup on the regular but still wants a nice glowy complexion. There will be a future post with this and my Kosas tinted oil soon.


So what did you think of this new style of post?? LMK down below!


  1. I love this type of blog post! I would love to see more. I love that you dip into several things that we have seen recently on your instagram stories and want more info on!

  2. I like this style! I feel like it replaces (somewhat) the daily vlogs. Don't get me wrong, totally miss the vlogs, but understand it's A LOT for you. But I liked the randomness of the vlogs and this type of posts touches on a little bit of everything Krista. Keep em coming!

  3. I love the "old school" feel of this post! Reminds me of the good ol days- keep it coming!

  4. Love this post - definitely want to see more!
    Also, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is THE BEST.

    The Champagne Edit

  5. Love this style of blog post- whenever I read your blog lately I feel like I'm back in the good ol' days of blogging (aka 5 years ago) - I wish more bloggers were still as authentic!

    PS- I ordered the J. Crew Factory sandals you rave about today- can't wait to get them!

    xoxo A

  6. I think this kind of post is really interesting, it's different from anything I've seen and I like it. I think you should keep doing them.

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.com

  7. Loved this post and LOVED those place settings!

  8. Love this style of post!! Just a quick way to update us on recent happenings--but fun! Love seeing the hodge podge of pics too.

  9. Love this blog post style! It's kind of like the weekend update (which is my favorite) but with a little more description :)

  10. Love this kind of post! Keep them coming! I know you've been in a little blogging rut lately and if posting more like this inspires you, then definitely keep it up. :-)

  11. I love these kind of posts that are just little thoughts, and little questions answered!! Keep them coming!! Hope you have a great weekend, Krista!!
    xx Libby


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