The Best High Impact Sports Bra

I wanted to take a moment to talk about a sports bra that I have been loving for a while now since it is fully tested and true!


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I actually bought this sports bra during the Nordstrom Sale this past year (can see my review of it HERE) when I was in my first round of BBG. I immediately fell in love with the bra and actually returned another one I got during the sale! I'm wearing my normal 34DD size and I think it fits like a glove (and still has since I got it).

So (lets get real for a second) I have a larger chest and high impact workouts are really hard on my chest when I don't have the right support. When I was in cheerleading I used to double up on two sports bras or even sometimes wear a regular bra under a sports bra. Neither of which were comfortable, FYI. 

It wasn't until I started BBG (you can see my Q&A of that HERE) that I realized that I really need a sports bra that is going to hold me in place. Thankfully it was around the time of the Nordstrom sale and I was able to test out this one from Wacoal and see if it would work for me.

Thankfully the on a whim purchase lead me to one of the best supportive bras I've ever owned (sports bra or regular). I've always been a big fan of Wacoal bras since high school (they were my first "real girl" bra) and to this day my favorite bras in my closet are Wacoal (the natori bra has been replaced since this blog post). 

So what makes this bra so great?

It's supportive (which I've mentioned already) but I want to talk about how it's supportive. It has really thick straps -- that are adjustable in the back -- that keep the bra some slipping or moving around. I mean when you are strapped in, you are strapped in. It also has an underwire underneath which I think is where all the support comes from. The cups themselves are very thin and soft (so so soft) and when laid flat they touch the ground. (think about that vs a regular bra).

It's really interesting because most bras you think would be the most supportive would have thick cups but I really don't think it's necessary! I think it's what makes the bra so comfortable when you're wearing it and working out. 

So if you're in the market for a super supportive bra, I would check this out. I don't believe you have to have a large chest for it to work (in the same way you don't need to have a small chest for this to work) -- any and all sizes are welcome! Give it a try on because I know you won't go back once you do!

PS if you think it's ugly and it looks like a grandma bra, you're wrong!


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