BBG Q&A and Week 4 Review

Very excited for todays post you guys! I was overwhelmed with how many of you were interested in learning more about BBG and I can't wait to help answer your questions and take you on my journey!


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I asked you guys last week to send me questions via Instagram DM for what you wanted to know about the new workout routine Andrew and I are following. If you're familiar, we're doing BBG and we just started week 5 this week (it was rough) but I do feel great and am really excited to share more below:

Q: What is it?
A: BBG stands for Bikini Body Guide and it's a 12-week (also goes up to 24) workout plan created by Kayla Itsiness (a personal trainer in Australia).

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: On her website under her "ebook" tab. Or if you have a nice friend/sister/mom who has it, they can send it to you (that's how I got it). 

Q: How much does it cost? Is it worth the money?
A: It looks like it's $56 online -- and while I didn't purchase it, I do believe it's 100% worth the money. I know her app is more expensive (the Sweat app -- like $20 a month) and I've never opened it so I can't talk to the price or the worthiness of it. We're really just talking about her PDF guide!

Q: What made you start BBG?
A: I think what originally made me start it (like a year ago) was seeing the results from others on her Instagram page. It's hard to dispute all the people saying such amazing things. I gave it up after 4 weeks (more on that below) and just recently picked it back up a little before the holidays because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Q: How do you follow it? Are you looking at your phone during workout? 
A: There are a couple different ways to follow the guide, by having it on your phone/tablet or by printing it out and using it that way. I personally just look at it on my phone (under iBooks) but a lot of my friends use printouts to bring to the gym. 

You can see HERE how the guides are laid out -- she only has 4 exercises per circuit so it's easier than you think to view it once for the first circuit and again for the second.

Q: Do you use the sweat app?
A: I do not. I only have the PDF and find that is really all I need currently.

Q: Is it easy for beginners? 
A: In her guide she does state that: "Due to the high intensity of this training, I do not recommend these workouts for absolute beginners. As stated on my website, these circuits are designed for people who have a very basic level of cardio fitness."

So it really depends on what your definition of beginners is. But no workout routine should be easy for you (it wouldn't really be working out then). I won't sugar coat it -- it's a difficult workout in the sense that it really pushes you in every way -- cardio, full body... But the workouts themselves (pushups, sit-ups, mountain climbers, burpees) are basic.

What I would suggest as a beginner is to take the circuit slow (at your own pace) and maybe break it up by only repeating each circuit once (instead of twice) until you're ready for the full workout. 

Q: Is it hard if you haven't worked out in months?
A: Short answer: it's hard no matter what.

Long answer: Here's a good example/comparison: Andrew started it (he modifies the weights) and he was working out pretty consistently for about 3-4 days a week. I started it and the only real exercise I had on a weekly basis was riding my bike to/from work.

We both thought (and still think) the workouts are hard, that they really push you and were both constantly sore for the first two weeks after the workouts. 

Q: Can you do it at home or do you need a gym?
A: Short answer: you can do it at home but it's easier if you're at the gym.

Long answer: The first time I was doing BBG, I was working out in my apartment (using my ottoman as a bench -- some people use a chair) but I already currently own 8lb weights and a jump rope. For weeks 1-8 you'll need those three things (and a mat if you don't want to lay on the ground). But for weeks 9-12 you'll need items like a bosou ball. But I firmly believe that you can do this from home as long as you have those items. 

This time doing BBG, since it's Andrew and myself, we use the gym and it's pretty great!

Q: How long does each workout take? How often are the workouts?
A: This is what I LOVE about BBG. In total its only 28 minutes long and you only workout 3x a week. I usually do Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday workouts and each day consists of two circuits that you do as many times as you can for 7 minutes and do the whole set twice. So it looks like this:

Set timer for 7 minutes, do the 4 exercises as many times as you can in the 7 minutes. Rest for ~1 min. Do the second circuit (same timing as the first). Then repeat again. So you do each circuit twice.

In the beginning, on your off days, you do low intensity training for 30-45 minutes (walking, swimming, yoga, riding a bike) and near the end, you do high intensity training for 10-15 minutes of interval sprints. She explains this all in her PDF!

Q: How flexible is the schedule? What if I miss a day?
A: It's completely flexible! When we were traveling for the holidays we were able to adjust what days we do (never a back to back day) or when we missed some days we just picked right back up when we were back. If you miss a day, I would just pick up where you left off (within reason).

Q: How difficult is it to get into the routine?
A: As far as workouts go, I think this routine is pretty easy to follow along and to get into. Kayla does a great job of laying everything out in her PDF.

Q: How do you stay motivated? (to go to the gym and complete the workout)
A: To be totally honest I could not do this without Andrew. We started doing this workout together and having someone that holds you accountable is a big help. He's also much better about getting up early to workout than I am so having him is really what motivates me.

Also once you start seeing a change in yourself and in the photos you take, you'll be motivated to keep it up!

Q: How did you keep going after the first day/first week?
A: The first week is hard, I agree. Your body just needs to get used to the workouts! It was motivating to me when I was so sore after workouts -- that means it was working!

Q: How did you build up the strength to successfully do the workouts?
A: You build it up over time the more you do them. Burpess in the first week were the worst and now I can get through them with ease. You just need to let your body build itself up. Keep with it and you'll get better! If you don't feel ready to move on to the next week, repeat the week you just did and wait to get stronger that way. 

Q: How does it compare to your typical workouts?
A: I wasn't working out before this but when I did workout, BBG is harder but I don't think I was working out properly before (just kind of doing whatever with no schedule) 

Q: Do you follow the diet? Are you changing your eating habits? 
A: I do not. I want to get the workouts down first and see where I am. I'm not so much trying to lose weight as I'm trying to get in better shape. I did decide to cut out red meat and pork before in late November and I have stopped drinking (but I wasn't really drinking much before). I'm also just making better eating decisions but no diet regimen to follow.

Q: Have you lost weight? Do you see a difference in the fit of your clothes?
A: Like I said above, I'm not doing it to lose weight. I love my body right now and where I am I'm just trying to tone it. I honestly don't really believe in weighing yourself because the scales lie. Muscle weighs more than fat. Thats why Kayla tells you to take photos instead of weighing in. You'll see more through the images than on the scale.

I dont really see a change in my clothes yet but I am only 4 weeks in!

Q: When did you start to see results? Have you seen results? 
A: I personally started seeing a difference after two weeks (you look at yourself enough to know). Some people around me have started to see it now (at the end of 4 weeks) but most changes won't come until later! 

Q: What are your thoughts? 
A: I love it and can't recommend it enough. I wish I had taken photos before I started but I forgot but I do see a change in my self that I am really loving. More than anything it reenergizes your love for yourself and makes you just feel good. I will check back at the end of week 12 and let you know how it is!


Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below -- I'm sure other people reading this would love to hear your reviews as well!

If you have ANY more questions, please leave them below and I will do my best to answer them!


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