Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Top Picks Try on Haul and Review

Who is ready for a big try-on haul and review of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases and top picks!! I have a lot of really fun outfits and items I can't wait to share with you all! Hope you enjoy!


BP: Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan (comes in 5 other colors) / Calson: White T-shirt / BlankNYC: Suede Mini Skirt AG: Step Hem Jeans / 7FAM: Denim Shorts

Sizing: The site said this ran big so I ordered a size down and got a small. It's definitely made to fit loosely so I thought the small worked.
Price: $31 marked down from $49

Thoughts: I love the idea of a long cardigan to wear with jeans or shorts that you can throw on at will. I originally got it because I really need something for work during the summer. I wear a dress to work to combat the heat, but then have to deal with the AC in the office and I'm FREEZING. The only thing I don't love about the sweater is the drop shoulder. It kind of makes my arm look bulkier than it needs to be.

Sizing: I pulled a Medium and Small when I tried it on in-store and the shirt definitely runs big. If you want a looser fit, I'd say stick with your normal size.  I went a size down and kept the small and love the way it fits.
Price: $17.90 marked down from $25

Thoughts: I really love this shirt!! It's so extremely comfortable and I'm even wearing it right now! I got two white t-shirts in the sale but this is my favorite. I especially like the neckline because it's so simple but not as traditional.

Barefoot Dreams: Circle Cardigan / 7FAM: Denim Shorts / BP: Studded Booties AG: Step Hem Jeans Calson: White T-shirt / Vince: Slip on Sneakers

Sizing: I ordered my normal size M and I would say this runs TTS! It fit like a glove
Price: $76.90 marked down from $116

Thoughts: It is SO SOFT. I threw it on the moment I pulled it out of the box and wore it around the rest of the day. It's a heavier material and you can tell how nice it is (and why it's more expensive) but I think it's totally worth it. It has a cowl/unstructured neck so it's easy to throw on with anything but be warned that it is HOT. It's so thick that it really traps the heat. It will be good for winter, but it's bad for July. Compared to the above cardigan, this one wins, but the other is cheaper so it's more of a save/splurge situation!

Sizing: AG runs TTS and are very forgiving and stretchy so I ordered my normal size 29 jeans.
Price: $163.90 marked down from $245

Thoughts: I've been on a roller coaster with these jeans. I was SO excited for them when I ordered them. Then I opened the box and hated them. Later, I tried them on and loved them. I think what I really love most is the raw and step hem of the bottom of the jeans. I think it's really fun and a super easy way to be trendy with traditional jeans. What I really hate about them are the white paint specks all over. It just kind of ruins it for me. I kept picking at them subconsciously because I thought there was dirt on them. I'll probably end up keeping them because they are really flattering but for those on the fence, I would spend my money on THIS PAIR instead. They are my favorite jeans I own!

Sizing: TTS - I ordered my normal size 8 and they fit very nicely!
Price: $79.90 down from $119.95

Thoughts: I think everyone needs a pair of cognac booties in their closet for fall. I have a couple pair and I wear them ALL the time but surprisingly I don't have a suede pair so this is my first! I bought these because they were somewhat reminiscent of a Valentino pair I fell in love with a few years ago. They are fine to wear (not the most comfortable after a few hours) but you kind of skimp with quality for price when it comes to BP. I would still recommend them however!

Free People Pullover Sweater:
Sizing: Ordered a Medium and thought it was very true to size with a little longer sleeves.
Price: $64.90 marked down from $98

Thoughts: The color I'm wearing is the "rose" color and it really is a beautiful light pink. I think Free People sweaters are high quality and this fits the bill. It's more of a boxy/shorter fit but I just rolled up the bottom band and wore it tucked up. I will say it didn't look cute the other way but I do have large hips so that might be a me issue!

O'Neill Sweater:
Sizing: Ordered my size M and it fit perfectly with a baggy/loose fit.
Price: $38.90 marked down from $59.50

Thoughts: I had never bought anything from O'Neill but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this sweater is. Online it looks a little more olive green, but in reality it's a slate grey/olive green depending on the light. The sleeves flare out a little, which I like, and it has a loose fit which is so soft and easy to wear!

Waocal: Sports Bra / Zella: High Waisted leggings / Adidas: Pink Sneakers

Waocal Underwire Sports Bra:
Sizing: I ordered this bra in two sized -- my normal size 34DD and then the size Nordstrom suggested (they claim it runs large) which was a cup size down and a waist size up so I got the 36D as well. I personally thought the 34DD fit better so that's what I kept! The 36 was just too big around and I know over time bras stretch out.
Price: $42.90 marked down from $65

Thoughts: So before this bra came in I went to Nordstrom and bought THIS BRA from Zella and was like "welp, I don't need the other one now" (other one meaning the one above) because I loved how comfortable the Zella bra is. But when I tried this on and it fit like a glove I changed my tune. This bra is what dreams are made of. I cannot tell you the pain of trying to work out with a large chest but this bra is so heavy duty that it kept everything in place. I even did a little test and I'm seriously so happy with it. Probably my favorite item from the sale and I returned the other bra!!

Zella Leggings:
Sizing: Ordered my normal size Medium (normally an 8/29 in pants) and they fit like a glove. They really suck you all in!
Price: $39.90 marked down from $54

Thoughts: I live for Zella leggings so to love these wasn't really a surprise. I LOVE how high waisted they are and how they really control everything going on. They do run a little long (I'm 5' 6" for reference) but I just rolled up the bottom an inch or two and they we're great. If you're drastically shorter then I am, I would just be cautious about the length!

Adidas Sneakers:
Sizing: TTS! Ordered my normal size 8 and they fit perfectly.
Price: $74.90 marked down from $99.95

Thoughts: I've never actually owned Adidas sneakers before but I am really digging them! They are really lightweight on my feet and the style of them make it really easy to slip on and off. I've never owned sneakers that are so stretchy up top so it's nice that they aren't super constricting on the top of my feet. There is also no need to break them in!

Eliza J: Fit and Flare Dress (also comes in long sleeve) / Sam Edelman: Camilla Tall Boot Tory Burch: Quilted Bag

Eliza J Dress:
Sizing: Wearing my normal size 6 -- very much TTS!
Price: $91.90 marked down from $138

Thoughts: I love Eliza J dresses so I knew the moment I purchased it I would be happy. It fits SO nicely and is a perfect dress to wear as a day-to-night look. It has some really nice structured lines down the front to give it a more tailored look and has the perfect length cap sleeve for your shoulders. It does like to pick up lint, but that's a risk you take when ordering a darker dress!

Tory Burch Quilted Bag:
Sizing: N/A
Price: $349.90 marked down from $528

Thoughts: TBH when I ordered this bag (at 4am) I thought it was a dark brown so I was a little sad when I got it in and it was maroon. BUT that doesn't mean it isn't a beautiful bag. Tory Burch is rarely on sale so you need to take advantage while you can. It would be a perfect bag for work since it's so large it can fit your laptop! Along with the top handles, it has a longer shoulder strap you can clip on.

Halogen: Bow Neck Top / Halogen: Plaid Mini Skirt Sam Edelman: Camilla Tall Boot

Halogen Bow Top:
Sizing: I ordered a size Medium but I think I could have been fine with the small. Halogen tops are usually very stretchy in material.
Price: $49.90 marked down from $79

Thoughts: I love the idea of a bow top no matter the placement, and I have a weakness for a good white shirt, so it's not much surprise this ended up in my closet. I wish I could have seen it in a size smaller, but I think having it tucked in helped (it was kind of boxy at the bottom). My only reservation is the neck is a little wonky. It seems like it wasn't put together correctly. I don't know if you fold it in or keep it out!

Halogen Plaid Mini Skirt:
Sizing: I'm sometimes between a 6 and 8 depending on how high the skirt hits on my hips. I went with the 8 here and it was too big. It's clipped in the back for this photo but I needed the size 6! So I would say it runs slightly on the larger size ONLY if you plan on wearing it more high waisted. This size 8 sat on my hips and ended at my knees for reference of the size.
Price: $45.90 marked down from $69

Thoughts: I really love the skirt, but I need it in a smaller size. It's going to be perfect for work this fall and I just love how nicely it pairs with this outfit. It's like a faux wrap skirt because it opens like a  wrap but it doesn't tie at all. It's also navy -- not sure if that is showing up in the photo!

Chelsea28: Bell Sleeve Top AG: Step Hem Jeans / Vince: Slip on Sneakers / J. Crew: Pleated Mini Skirt BP: Studded Booties 

Chelsea28 Bell Sleeve Top:
Sizing: I'm wearing a M here and think it's too big. I actually have reordered the small in this top and hoping it fits better. I think it runs a half size too big but the top is a stretchy material so the smaller size should be fine!
Price: $58.90 marked down from $89

Thoughts: I had a hard time deciding between the blue and white stripe or the all white version of this top. Don't think I could have gone wrong with either but I'm happy with my choice! I love, love, love the sleeves on this top -- they make such a statement!

J. Crew Pleated Mini Skirt:
Sizing: TTS for J. Crew! Wearing my normal size 6 and it fits perfectly.
Price: $95.90 marked down from $128

Thoughts: This might be one of my favorites from the sale (I love J. Crew) but the skirt just fits so nicely and it looks more expensive than it is which is hard to do with a faux leather. I love the pleats and it is the perfect length for work or going out. When you find a good skirt like this you have to keep it!

BlankNYC: Suede Mini Skirt / Sam Edelman: Camilla Tall Boot / Calson: White T-shirt / BP: Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan 

BLANKNYC Suede Mini Skirt:
Sizing: I'm wearing my normal size 29 and it fits fine but since it's suede it has NO stretch and I think I would have been happier with a size 30 (one size up)
Price: $64.90 marked down from $98

Thoughts: I love suede mini skirts and this is no exception however I don't love the placement of the pockets and how they pucker when I walked. That could probably have been due to the fact the skirt was a half size too small and the larger size would have worked out perfectly but those are just my first thoughts! I kind of wish they were stitched down. I do really love the color and the little slit at the front!

Sam Edelman Camilla Tall Boot:
Sizing: TTS wearing my normal size 8 and zip fine (any smaller and it would have been too small) around my muscular calves.
Price: $149.90 marked down from $224.95

Thoughts: I think out of everything in the sale this is the biggest steal! I've been on the hunt for tall boots with a good heel that don't go over the knee and these are the winners! I really wish they came in leather over suede (just personal preference) but these turned out to be cute and went with everything I tried on. Shoes like these are normally SO expensive so that's why I think it's such a good steal. They also come in black and grey if you're interested in other colors!

Olivia Moon: Tie Knit Blazer / Halogen: Peplum Top / Milly: Tweed Mini Skirt / BP: Grey Slide Booties

Olivia Moon Tie Knit Blazer:
Sizing: Wearing a size M and it fits OK but I ordered the small because I think it will fit better. So I would say it runs a little big!
Price: $69.90 marked down from $108

Thoughts: I was most excited to get this in but since it didn't fit quite right I didn't love it. I really loved the idea of a casual blazer but I need to try it on in the smaller size to be sure. However, it was really soft and easy to wear. It did have shoulder pads which I was surprised by but overall I think it's a really unique and fun buy!

Halogen Peplum Top:
Sizing: Wearing a normal size M but like the bow top above, I think I would have been OK with the small due to the stretch of the shirt. But this worked well for being tucked in!
Price: $39.90 marked down from $59

Thoughts: First off, so sorry I only pictured it tucked in so you can even see the actual peplum but it's a beautifully structured top that is going to be so ideal for work! The bottom lays so nicely over jeans or a skirt but can also be tucked in just as well!

Milly Tweed Skirt:
Sizing: Wearing a size 8 and it fits but since there isn't any stretch I would probably size up if given the chance!
Price: $163.90 marked down from $245

Thoughts: I know it's on the more expensive side for a skirt but it's really made with some great material. I love tweed and I love Milly so I might be a little biased! But I think this skirt is really something special and since it's so marked down it's worth the price. I don't know that I would buy it full price though!

BP Slides:
Sizing: Wearing my normal size 8 and fit perfectly!
Price: $49.90 marked down from $79.95

Thoughts: I have been loving slides as of late and these are no exception. I will say however that I love my other slides (THESE) more than the BP ones but the BP ones are cheaper so it's totally a personal opinion. They are nice but there isn't anything super special about them.

Topshop: Peplum Jacket / Halogen: Scallop Hem SweaterBlankNYC: Suede Mini Skirt / Sam Edelman: Camilla Tall Boot

Topshop Peplum Jacket:
Sizing: Ordered my normal size US 8 and it fits TTS
Price: $54.90 marked down from $85

Thoughts: I reallllllyyyy love this jacket! I love how different it is, the peplum on the back, the bell on the sleeves. There isn't much NOT to love! Of course it's navy so that helps it match everything in my closet. The only thing I would take note of is it's a little cropped so you can't really wear a longer shirt with it underneath. It would be mainly for dresses or shirts tucked into pants or a skirt.

Halogen Scallop Sweater:
Sizing: Ordered my normal size M and it was TTS
Price: $39.90 marked down from $59

Thoughts: This is one of the sneaky steals from the sale! You would never know online how amazing and soft this sweater really is! It's a heavier material too which makes it seem that much nicer. The scallops are on the neck and the bottom hem and lay so beautifully. I think this is going to be great layered or on it's own come fall!

Calson: White T-shirt / AG: Step Hem Jeans / Vince: Slip on Sneakers

Vince Corbin Sneakers:
Sizing: TTS wearing my normal size 8
Price: $129.90 marked down from $195

Thoughts: I LOVE my Vince sneakers so when I saw they were on sale I snagged another pair. I don't really have a ton of navy shoes so I thought these would be a fun buy (and they were)! With my other pair of Vince sneakers you had to really break them in and stretch them out but with these I didn't think that was the case. They fit perfectly out of the box and are such a fun and new addition to my closet!

WHEW! So that is it for the first round of purchases. I may have been buying more here and there but I will keep you updated! Remember the early access sale ends on the 20th and public access is on the 21st so get your shopping in!!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel because I'm going to be putting out a review try-on haul with all of these items there later this week. I'll also be back with the items I got that I didn't love and the things that aren't pictured above.

If you have any questions or need any more information, let me know below and I will be happy to answer!!


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