Weekend Update: January 12

Another week in the books! I've been having a lot of fun lately and I hope you guys are too. Lets talk about what made the week so great below!

-Another bow back sweater (same as above but in a different color!)


Reading: I have not been reading this week (eek!) but Caitlin and Grace shared their reading lists for the month and they're great!

NYC Life: This week felt super quick (I didn't realize it was Friday until today) but I sure am glad it's the weekend! That means Andrew comes back from Japan today and I've totally missed him since he's been away. I feel like I'm not a real adult without him haha it's weird. It's been a week. Outside of work, I had a facial and ran a lot of errands. I also officially became incorporated on the blog (yay!) and you may now refer to me as madam President. lol

Weekend Plans: Hopefully filming (finally) over this long weekend! Outside of that, just running more errands and catching up on the blog and some work I'm doing behind the scenes! 

Most Popular Item this Week: For SURE this navy purse with a cute gold ring. It looks similar in style to the Chloe but is only $68. I've been using it for work this week and love it. 

Throwback Post: Your Guide to Buying LL Bean Boots -- still one of my most popular posts every year!

Favorite Finds:
If you're in the market for new swimsuits I LOVE this black/mesh one and this green one
How COOL are these casual sneakers
The famous Gucci mules come in brown and now I think I need them :/ 
About to pull the trigger on this CT highlight. Anyone have it??

Favorite Blogger Post of the Week:
-Loved Olivia's bundled up look for the winter!
-Can totally get behind Felicia's realistic goals for 2018
-Reflecting on 2017 and setting new goals? Olga's post was awesome

**PS I would love to feature some you guys -- the ones reading this post -- (who also have blogs) each week, so if you want to be considered for next week, leave me your favorite post from this week and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song of the Week: "IDGAF" by Dua Lipa -- which she justtttt released a music video for!!

A Must Watch: Loved this video about "How Couples Sleep" it was really touching and actually pretty funny!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: I have created an Amazon shop page!!! Please be sure to bookmark this page (I keep getting a ton of questions for a link) here you will find ALL my Amazon purchases and I will keep it updated daily! PS there was a lot this week...

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