Prose Root Source Review

We all love a good before and after, right? As everyone knows by now (I'm sure), I'm the biggest fan of Prose and their haircare line. I've been using it now for ... what, three years now? I'm totally hooked. There is no going back! And when they asked me to test out and review their newest product, Root Source, I was all over it.

^The picture above is the most recent photo I have of my hair

^This picture is before I started using Root Source a few months back.

I always want to make this disclaimer about my hair whenever I talk about it: I have very healthy hair. I have never colored it, split ends have never been an issue, I have thin strands of hair but a lot of them, and I don't use a ton of harsh heat.

BUT does that mean that my hair would look this good without Prose? No. Prose has done wonderful things for my hair and has helped me with my biggest hair concerns like overall thickness and oil control.

Whenever you guys reach out about Prose, the common questions asked are: "Will it give me thicker hair?" or "Will it help my hair grow more?" and my answer (up until now) has been "no." I think that there is a big difference between topical and oral help when it comes to hair (or skin) care. For thicker or longer hair, I believe a lot of it comes from the proper supplements.

For the past two months, I've been testing out Root Source, which is a two-step supplement hair system from Prose. Like with their other product lines, everything is customized to you and your needs. So you fill out a pretty in-depth (but quick!) questionnaire where they cover everything from your daily habits, to your hair type, and even your location so they know what kind of weather or air quality you're dealing with.

Root Source is a plant-based supplement system that is personally customized with clinically proven natural ingredients to help grow your best hair in two hyper-targeted steps. It has no soy, nuts, gluten, GMOs, synthetic fillers or additives, artificial flavors or colors, drug ingredients, or hormone disruptors. And it's toxicologist and dermatologist-approved, has sustainable, traceable ingredients, is vegan & cruelty-free. 

The two-step system includes a supplement focused on hair health and your scalp and another for hair growth. The biggest results are said to be shown after 12 weeks, but I started seeing some minor ones right away after taking them. My hair was even smoother than normal (if you can believe it lol) and seemed to have less noticeable breakage/flyaways. 

Some longer-term things I have seen (and it could just be because I'm looking at my hair under a microscope for this campaign!) is the fact that it's growing faster than normal. I just got my hair cut in March and I feel like it's pretty much back to pre-cut length. Not that I needed my hair to grow faster, but it sure is! I'm also seeing less hair fall out in the shower too which is nice for me (and Andrew haha)!

Some overall drawbacks for me (because this is a full review after all!) would be that I don't love that it's two separate pills. I know that's pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, but I just don't like swallowing pills in general. It's also a little expensive to keep up with, BUT I would much rather know that I'm getting quality ingredients for a higher price than everything else. It definitely helps to see results quickly to help justify!! And I'm excited to continue seeing more as I use it for longer. 

Overall I've been really happy with Root Source and I will continue to use it as part of my daily hair care routine and if you're looking for something like this out in the market, I really recommend checking it out. I know Prose isn't for everyone, but you can read some real reader reviews in this blog post about Prose if you want to hear from more people like yourself!

If you do happen to want to try out anything at Prose, you can get 10% off via my link here and 15% off any time you sign up for their subscription service, The Salon.

Thanks to Prose for sponsoring today's post!

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