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I recently shared this Q&A on Stories, answering all your questions about the nap dress, and thought it would be helpful to share it here too for any of those who are interested. I have a full obsession with Hill House now so I'm ready to speak about it lol.

Why is it called a nap dress?
Hill House is a home/bedding company so I think this name fit their brand best. It is also a play on "it's so comfortable that you could take a nap in it." 

Is "nap" the brand or the style?
The brand is Hill House and all of their dresses are called nap dresses. Each individual dress has their own unique name. 

Is the nap dress true to size? What size do you get?
I would say that they run small in most styles. I am a small in the Ellie and the Nelsi. There is a great style guide on the site. 

How tall are you? 
I am 5' 6"

Do you wear a bra with it?
Yes, I wear a regular bra under the Ellie nap dress because the straps are wide enough to hide the bra. The dress is thick enough to go braless though. 

Do you know if the black or white ones are see-through?
They do say that the black and the white ones are sheer but I am not sure how see-through they are. When in doubt, I would wear a slip under it. 

How do you wash them? Dry clean, handwash, etc.
I wash them in a normal cycle and tumble dry on low. I have heard that others dry clean theirs so both work. Handwashing is not necessary in my experience. 

How do you keep the straps smooth? Do you iron it?
You can steam or iron them but I usually just give them a good tug after washing and am good to go!

Where can I get a cheap one or a dupe?
There are a lot of knock-offs out there (although none quite as good) but I am seeing them pop up on resale sites like Poshmark and Facebook groups as well. 

Is it worth the money?
It's all relative depending on personal preferences. For me, I do think they are worth it. I love wearing them and reach for them often. They are within the normal price range that I pay for dresses, and I know that I will wear them enough to get my money's worth. I do think that they are very well made and a lot of thought went into making them great. 

Is the dress soft?
They are cotton so they are soft and lightweight. I wouldn't say it is like wrapping yourself in a blanket but I don't mind the fabrics. 

If I am pregnant, do you recommend sizing up?
That is a personal decision but I would probably buy my normal non-pregnancy size so I could wear it after the baby. It is definitely roomy enough to fit over a bump too.

How would you style it for chilly weather?
I wear it with a sweater or a Dudley over it but have also seen it styled with a turtleneck under it. 

Do you own other styles? How do they fit/compare to the Ellie?
I currently own the Paz Top and the Nelsi in addition to the many Ellies I have. The Paz Top is great, I got it in a normal size M, but it's about an inch too short. You can really only wear it with super high-waisted items. I hope they fix it for the next drop.

I also own the Nelsi and I love it! It's not as good as the Ellie but perfect for people wanting sleeves. I got a lot of compliments any time I wear it. Really easy dress to throw on and go.

Some more favorites from the drop!

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