Real Women Review: Prose Hair Care

It is NO surprise to anyone by now that Prose has literally changed my hair. We're actually coming up on a year with it in July and I don't know that my hair has ever been in a better place. 

I've been using the shampoo and conditioner exclusively since last July, their dry-shampoo for in-between washes and as of the last two weeks, I've been testing out their pre-shampoo mask for the scalp. I had their one for the ends but it's really my scalp that needs all the love!!

As a recap, for anyone who may be new around here :) -- Prose has changed my hair 110%. I am able to go longer between washes, my hair actually has some volume and body to it (where before it was stick straight and very hay-like), it has less damage AND it's been growing like a weed! Seriously, my hair has never grown faster in my life lol.

I love that Prose is custom for your hair because it's not a one size fits all business. With my formula, we focused on oil control, volume and shine. My hair is naturally very thin but I have a lot of it so it's overall thick but it gets super oily quickly and with that, loses any volume.

My hair is so much different than those around me and I like that I am able to tweak the formula when I need, depending on my current situation (like my wedding: I was able to tweak it due to my stress level). BUT that doesn't mean it's perfect for everyone. Just like everything else, while it may work amazing for some it might not work at all for others. BUT Prose has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you don't like your formula, you can reach out and tweak where needed!

And that's why I wanted to ask for YOUR reviews!! You've heard me shout Prose from the rooftops and now it's time to hear what readers like yourself have to say. I asked on Instagram Stories for ANY reviews (positive, neutral, or negative) you guys have to include in my post. I got so many reviews I had to cut it off, but know that not a single one that was sent in was excluded OR modified! These are real reviews from real women like yourself:

@Jamieropes: I had kept my eye on it and watched/listened to your feedback via Instagram stories and blog posts.  I knew I was going to be graduating college and moving, so I was waiting until that happened before I started, really so I could get a pretty accurate read on the shampoo/conditioner since in college you’re always not always on a solid schedule and not always doing the best things for your hair (aka lots of heat, environmental factors, lack of sleep, shitty diet sometimes, etc). Because of that, my hair was a big YIKES when I came home.

I knew I was probably going to have to cut off at least 7 inches of damaged hair (keep in mind this is Jan 2020 and the last time I cut my hair professionally was Nov. 2018, so you KNOW there’s damage). I booked an appointment for the end of Feb. because I wanted to know what prose could do in 2 months (you had said you didn’t see a difference until like 5-7 washes in).

I started using it at the beginning of Jan. The first couple times my hair which NEVER gets oily got oily in 2 days, and I was having to wash it more often. My hair was already to my waist so that was a huge pain for me, but I stuck with it. As time went on people, like my mom, said that my hair looked softer, but you could still tell it was damaged at the time. I also started to use their dry shampoo to save myself from having to wash my hair. I didn’t like the dry shampoo at first but there’s a learning curve and now I use it and it does a fantastic job, but not my favorite dry shampoo I’ve ever used.

Fast forward to my hair appointment. I told my stylist that I knew I would have to cut about 7 inches off to get the damage off, but she surprised me when she said that my hair was actually really healthy and I only needed about 2 inches off (remember almost 1.5 years with NO hair cut, all of that time I was in college too). So in those 2 months that I used prose, it truly helped nourish my damaged hair, and after the first several washes, my hair stopped getting oily after 2 days. The cherry on top of it all, was the fact that when my brother, who I hadn’t seen in several weeks, saw me, he asked if I had dyed my hair a lighter color, meaning prose also lightened my hair, which can be taken as a good thing or a bad thing based on the person, but I, personally, loved it.

TLDR: After being told I would have to cut 7 inches off my hair to get the damage out, I used prose for 2 months and only had to cut off 2 inches. My hair seems lighter, a little more voluminous, and much softer now which was enough for me to sign up for Prose’s subscription service so I could get them right to my door without another thought. Plus the 20% off of everything with the subscription wasn’t bad either!

@jfrey2: I tried Prose because of you and just received my second order! I absolutely love my shampoo and conditioner. You know a product is good when your mother makes a comment about it! She literally said she noticed my hair looked healthier, shinier and more voluminous.

@amandapaigrhanley: I tried Prose after you recommended it and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I would wash my hair daily my entire life, the last couple of years I’ve been stretching to every other day (with usually a bun or ponytail day 2), now I wash my hair TWICE A WEEK. I think the shampoo and conditioner are awesome by the dry shampoo is a game-changer. I wrote a blog post about it myself

@ashleydorsey: Prose literally saved my hair. The water in my apt got progressively harder over the last six months and while I got a filter for my shower it dried my usually low maintenance hair out to literal straw. Not kidding when I say I had my hair back to normal after one use. I did end up tweaking the formula a bit and now feel like I have exactly everything I need in a shampoo conditioner set. I just ordered the leave-in conditioner as well so I’m excited to add that to round out my hair care routine.
My roommate actually tried to get me on the briogeo bandwagon and I tried a sample of theirs but it just didn’t really do anything for me. I can’t even explain the difference it makes having the products personalized to fit your hair needs exactly. 100% tried prose bc if you and am SO thankful to have my soft, healthy hair back bc of it!

ALSO not sure if you knew this already, but when I reached out about changing my scent they sent me their new scent card which is basically a scratch and sniff of all their scent options. It was awesome to choose my new scent and be 100% confident I was going to like it

@cait.hastings: I love love love prose!! I bought it after your recommendation and it has seriously healed my hair for about a year my hair didn’t grow because of stress and working in a hospital, but after using prose it has finally grown and looks healthier than ever! Can’t recommend the products enough 

@notanaveragefashionista: I bought prose because of you! Only been using it for about two months and only wash my hair about twice a week. So far really loving it. My hair definitely feels lighter because of it. I did change the formula on my second delivery to be a little more moisturizing but haven’t started using it yet 

@caitlindconway: Hi! I’ve messaged you before thanking you for bringing prose into my life but happy to share my thoughts again! I was having serious hair shedding/breakage issues before trying prose and was having to wash my hair every day - I can now easily go 2-3 days with no wash, my hair has never felt fuller or stronger, and most notably I was able to switch my part from the side to a center part, which I literally haven’t been able to do for 10+ years because of the hair breakage around my face. Truly life-changing gave me so much more confidence! Thank you!

@hothamadcheese: I tried Prose after being disappointed in several expensive shampoos. I love that Prose is individualized for my hair needs. It smells great and it lasts me a while. So glad I took a leap and tried Prose! I got the dry shampoo too. It’s a little messy in my opinion, but it works well and I appreciate that the non-aerosol is better for the environment

@smichaels615: I’m LOVING my prose. Not only is my curl consistent without added product but my scalp doesn’t feel anywhere as dry as it did for YEARS with the pre-shampoo. I’m still figuring out the best way to use the dry shampoo.

@carolinecotton: I did and have absolutely loved it! I was a little unsure at first and it definitely took a few washes to notice a difference, but I’ve been using it for a couple months now and absolutely love it. My hair seems healthier, softer and overall just better. Next I want to try the dry shampoo and leave-in conditioner from them!

@ctgillespie: I tried prose because of you and love it! Feel like I can let my hair air dry now as opposed to blow-drying it to eliminate frizziness

@parcelsandpostplease: Hey Krista! I ordered prose because of you and I absolutely LOVE it! I threw out nearly $300 worth of product and won’t buy anything else. I recommend it to everyone I know! I’d love to help you out with pricing feedback if you’re looking for folks! 

@kimberly_merck: I tried prose because of you and it changed my hair! I suffered a lot with anxiety during my wedding planning last year and my hair definitely suffered because of it. I invested in Equilibria and Prose because of you and both were amazing but the Prose honestly made me feel beautiful at a time that I just wasn’t feeling beautiful. My husband can attest to the fact that the first time my hair dries after using it I couldn’t stop flipping my hair and making him feel it because of how good it looked. I will use this brand forever!

@laurenbbusta: I purchased Prose because you posted about it and I’m hooked! I have a subscription now. Going through infertility opened my eyes to how terrible some products are. I LOVE the clean ingredients, how my hair feels after washing, and that I can go days in between with just dry shampoo. I tell everyone about it!

@meghan_sb: And now I am absolutely obsessed. Prose has absolutely changed my hair routine and I’m so glad. I now wash my hair 2x/week and it still looks good. Total win!

@daniellemarzullo: I tried prose. Love it. I got my mom using it. She loves it. We are Prose fans!

@paigewillett_: Hi I started using Prose bc of you!! I’m a 22 yr old college student in Arkansas and I’ve definitely noticed a big difference in my hair! It’s a lot smoother and doesn’t get greasy/oily as fast as it used to. I love love Prose I think my one and only complaint would be bottle size I just wish there was an option for a bigger bottle too

@hottomallo: Didn’t love prose as much! Pros: smelled great, Left my hair feeling clean immediately after, Gets nice and sudsy, Made my hair nice and shiny the day I washed it. Cons: Conditioner was very “watery” and not what I’m used to, Had to use a lot to feel like it was really penetrating my hair, My hair got greasy much faster than other shampoos, The bottles are relatively small for the price, It took a LONG time to come in. About 3 weeks. I likely won't order again.

@kathrynstephanie: Let me begin by saying I have a love-hate relationship with dry shampoo. I have extremely oily hair that I need to wash every day. If I don’t then I need to use copious amounts of dry shampoo! I love the way my hair looks but HATE the way it feels when I use dry shampoo in general. 
I bought prose after tour reviews and I absolutely loveddd how it made my hair feel. Not stuff or powdery like the other stuff. BUT I felt like I had to use a lot of it for it to fully cover my hair and very little of it came out in the pumps. Having said that I would buy it again but I would alternate between that and my other favorite dry shampoo! Thanks for coming to my ted talk 

@rachel.carter16: I love prose and tried it because of you!! The shampoo and conditioner was nothing amazing but worked better than store-bought and then I tried the dry shampoo, O M G!! I can go 2 days without washing and the third day with my hair up if I use the dry shampoo with the shampoo and conditioner and it won’t look gross! I used to barely be able to go 12-24 hours without it being obviously greasy.

@allisonmcgahey: The dry shampoo was amazing! The shampoo did not work for me as it did not have any sort of lather so I always found myself using a lot to feel “clean”.

@maggiematella: I tried prose from your post and I love it! I moved to West Texas where everything is dry and my scalp was flakey and hair was brittle (so gross) and this was the ONLY product that hydrated my scalp and brought moisture back to my hair as well as shine and frizz control. I have super thick, frizzy, curly hair and this worked like a dream!

@katelynnjones89: Hi Krista!  - I did buy prose based on your reviews! I find that it works best when I don’t use it every day - I try not to wash my hair every day anyway but back to back seems to leave my hair a little greasy. I have pretty normal hair so I didn’t request mine to do much other than some added volume. I also found you really do need to leave in the conditioner for the 3-5 minutes. So far enjoying it and love the smell I picked. Not sure if it’s 100% worth the money but I’m definitely liking it :)
@michaela_donlan: I absolutely love It but I don’t know if the price point is worth It tbh.

@awatson026: I tried prose and did not love it! The smell was fantastic but otherwise, I felt like it made my hair much drier and did not help it at all. I feel like the conditioner didn’t do anything. Overpriced for the sizes.

@olive_pi: Hi!! I tried prose because of you - it sounds like we have somewhat similar hair so I was curious to see how it worked for me! I didn’t *love* the shampoo or conditioner - it was fine but not revolutionary to me and didn’t allow me to go longer between washes (super greasy hair means wash once a day for me). I did, however, LOVE the dry shampoo. No dry shampoo has ever made me look or feel better trying to go longer! This one changed that for me! It really soaks up the grease and extends the life of my hair - I bet it works even better for people with less greasy hair. I can now wait closer to 36-48 hours between washes whereas before 24 was pushing it.

@tabithaguyton: I tried Prose! I have very fine oily hair. I loved the mask and it really reduced my oil the next day and made my hair super smooth. But the dry shampoo just wasn’t strong enough to soak everything without turning my hair gray.

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