Year in Review: 2020

Year in Review: 2020

I was pretty lazy with the year-in-review posts I do between Christmas and New Years' every year, but I didn't really think this was *the year* to share my top travel, my top fashion, and so on lol. But I did want to just briefly go through the best of 2020 on the blog. I always like to look back and see what made this year so great via analytics, day-to-day, and what you guys loved the most. 

I do this every year and it's fun to look back and see. So, with that, here is my Year in Review: 2020!

Year in Review: 2020

5 Favorite (new to 2020) Things I Bought:

  • Madewell White Jeans -- These are THE best white jeans out there. I fell in love with them this past year when I was going through my jean review and in all my years of searching, I've never found a pair of white jeans as good as these. 
  • Tangle Teaser Brush -- It may seem silly to include a hairbrush on this list but it really was a stand-out product this year. I have since thrown away my Wet Brush (and all the weird little grey balls it catches) and have replaced it totally with this tangle teaser brush. I don't know what makes it so great, but it's great. 
  • Cle De Peau Concealer -- A concealer that you 1000000% do not need (the price is soooo dumb honestly) but one that I'm upset to admit that I can't live without. I use it all the time and have it with me on the go. It's so easy to use and blend with your fingers to give a totally natural but concealed look. 
  • Fleece Sweatpants -- Are you always cold? Wearing a million things but can't get warm? Do you love sweatpants? These fleece lines sweatpants are the new pants for you! Coming in at the low price of $36 ... do I sound like an infomercial yet?? LOL but really. Jess introduced me to these and I wear them every single night after dinner. They are so, so, so warm, I size up to a large and they fit great. I now own them in two colors so I can wash a pair without ever having to run out.
  • Uniqlo T-Shirt -- I've been trying to avoid super-fast fashion but damn if this shirt is not the best white t-shirt around. It's super thick, looks WAY nicer than it is, and really holds up. 

5 Brands I Couldn't Survive Without:

  • Chappy Wrap -- I found Chappy Wrap this year and I simply don't know how I lived without them. I have amassed quite a little collection. I have a blanket in just about every room and I'm under one all the time. I got my MIL hooked as well. I don't know what it is about this blanket but it has changed everything for me.
  • J. Crew -- I feel like J. Crew was of the only places I shopped this year. Maybe that is lame, but thinking back to what brands I was buying from, talking about, wearing, and using, J. Crew came right to mind. I think their crazy sales helped a lot and they're slowly making their way back to the J. Crew we all know and love!
  • Dyson -- The only hot tool I use/have used for the past two years is my Dyson Airwrap. It's totally changed the game for my hair and I don't know if I'll ever use anything else. It does it all! And it has really improved my hair as well in terms of damage. Cannot say enough good things about it (outside of the price tag).
  • Penny Linn Designs -- I *may* be a bit biased but if anything, this year taught me that if I put my mind to it, I can achieve it. Creating a second business -- one so very different than what I'm doing here, has been really refreshing for me. It brings out my creative juices and it gets me excited every day I get to keep doing it!
  • Tula -- (use code KRISTAROBERTSON for 15% off) I re-found Tula this year (after many years of loving them!) and my skin has never been so thankful. It really goes in cycles as to what works and what doesn't and I feel like my face is a revolving door or trying new things, having them work, keep using them, them no longer working, and then starting all over again. Tula seems to be a brand I can always go back to and they've really expanded their product line since 2014 when I was their No. 1 fan. 

Most Clicked On Items:

Most Purchased Items:

Most Popular Blog Series: 

My closet challenge at the beginning of this year was a big hit. I had to stop around June/July since I stopped wearing real clothes lol but maybe this year is the year to do it? I have no desire to shop for anything other than home decor stuff right now so maybe bringing it back (and cleaning out what I don't wear) is just what I need!

Top 5 Blog Posts: 

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My Favorite Sponsored Post: 

I've been so fortunate to still have sponsors work together this year and I'm really grateful for each of them. I personally really loved working with brands that I have such an affinity for like LL Bean, Prose, Dudley Stephens, Tula and so many more. I don't know if I can really just narrow down one!!

Covering the Bases By the Numbers...

  • -6% YoY Blog Traffic Growth (but up 13% in the number of sessions per user, which means the people who read my blog read it more frequently this year).
  • 204 blog posts
  • 175 Instagram posts
  • 3.07% Average Engagement // 92.5MM Impressions on Instagram

Top 5 Blog Traffic Rankings:

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