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Ah! I am excited and weirdly nervous to announce ... I'm launching a needlepoint store!
Quarantine has done crazy things to us all. For me, it was starting a second business from my one-bedroom apartment where my husband is also working from home. BUT I'm really, really excited about it.

The idea first came to me in March when I was looking for canvases and needlepoint accessories that weren't available. I've always been a fan of needlepoint since college, but it has definitely ebbed and flowed out of my life. I've been needlepointing seriously for the past two-ish years and it wasn't until COVID that I got obsessed. 

I found it was the perfect way to de-stress during a really crazy time. The best way to step away from the uncertainty, the news, the depression of our situation, and kind of just forget about the world for those few hours. Needlepointing is so mindless and relaxing. Doing the same thing over and over is what helped me get through these past few months.

So much so that I was running out of things to stitch!! Between not finding any canvases that I liked in stock, or any that I actually needed, I decided one day to paint my own. I've always had a laundry list of custom prints I wanted to stitch, but the only thing stopping me from buying was the price. SHEESH, they are $$$ lol. So what's the best way to get something done for cheap? Do it yourself!

I started searching the internet to learn how to paint and create my own canvas and decided one night at like 3AM (the insomnia was real) to buy my own supplies and give it a go. I bought a blank mesh canvas from Etsy and paints from Michael's and I was off. I wrote about that in this post, but I decided to paint the house we got married in. I found that not only was I pretty good at it, but I enjoyed it almost as much as stitching! From there I never looked back.

Over the next couple of weeks and months, I started painting more and more. I fell in love with the process the same way I fell in love with needlepointing. I loved being able to create. From designs I've wanted to buy to new ideas come to me when watching TV. To have a hobby again took my mind off the world.

I painted a Ralph's Coffee cup and mentioned if anyone wanted one let me know and I'd paint it for them! I had 50 people ask for/sign up for one within the first 12 hours before taking it down. The fact that 50 people wanted something I created for fun was crazy, cool, and really exciting. 

Since going full time with the blog, I've always hoped to create something that "is built to last" from my career. Although I do believe influencers are here to stay, I worry that as I get older, the less I'll want to do this full time (but never say never)! A lot of people spin off into the beauty or fashion industries, but that was never something I strived for. Although there was a brief idea of creating a unique, affordable, and cute bridal wear line, but it was only a pipe dream lol. Between thinking about the long term future and the response I got to my first design, I played around with the idea of opening my own store. 

I wanted the store to be a collection of things I wanted to buy, stitch, or own. One of the very first things I created was actually a Nantucket Basket needleminder. I'll have to look back at the timeline, but I think I started to create those before I ever painted my own canvas. I had to order a minimum of 200 and thought, "well, if nothing else, I'll just sell them on Etsy" lol. I wanted it that bad!

So I started brainstorming things I've looked for but couldn't find like affordable/cute project bags, fun scissors, certain canvases and designs, and then went out into the world (aka my living room) and made them. So if I've been a little "off" lately on the blog, this is in large part why! I've been working tirelessly to paint, create, buy, and manage the launch of my new store and have been putting a lot of my time and love into it. I'm just really excited about it. 

The plan right now is to launch the store in early September. That is when I'll have everything in stock and (hopefully) finalized. There is so much to do! I'm still painting some designs. Next is to stitch them so I'll be able to kit everything together, meaning you don't need to go buy your own threads. I'm still waiting for our project bags to come in, and then I need to figure out and order packaging material, take photos of everything and the finish the final website!

I'll have more details and information about PLD in the coming weeks as well as product reveals, how-to tutorials, and blog posts. If you want to keep up to date, be sure to follow along on Instagram at @PennyLinnDesigns and on our website (you can sign up for email notifications when we pre-launch) at Penny Linn Designs.

I have lots of big plans and goals for this so I hope you are as excited as I am!! Thank you for all your continued support. Without each and every one of you, this would not be possible!
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