ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code

ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code

I am relatively new to the ChappyWrap world. I received my first blanket as a holiday gift I believe last year, and I'll admit, I wasn't hooked right away. But that's only because I didn't give it a fair try. I had a Pottery Barn blanket that Dixie and I would love to snuggle up in on the couch. I didn't need another blanket. But I was wrong. 


ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code

One thing to know about me is I'm a BIG blanket person. I'm under one all the time. I like the weight of them, the comfort, and the warmth! No matter where I am or what time of year it is, I have a blanket around. But I never put much thought into what I like and don't like about blankets until after I got a ChappyWrap.

Sadly the first ChappyWrap donned the edge of our bed as a decorative throw, and it wasn't until I got my navy/white rope blanket this past spring did I fully understand the obsession. We were heading out to New Jersey for a two-week vacation and the house is always cold and without proper throw blankets! So I decided to bring it along since I knew it was also a great beach blanket.

Fast forward to the end of the two weeks and the blanket didn't leave my side for more than a few hours. It was at the beach, in the car, watching tv, painting, needlepointing, and sleeping with me 24/7. I fell in love with a blanket. 

I don't even truly know what it is about this blanket that is so good. It just is

What's all the hype about?

It's a great size. Perfect for getting your whole body wrapped or finding room for one more. 

It's really soft. But not in a soft bunny rabbit kind of way, more like being really cozy by a fire.

It's comfortable. I'm never cold nor too hot under this blanket. It's always just right. 

It's really easy to take care of. It's machine washable and doesn't lose its comfort in the wash! The blanket feels more worn-in like it's "the blanket" of your family home. 

It doesn't shed. That was one thing that was annoying about my last blanket. The shedding, pilling, and difficulty to dry were struggles. 

The only drawback to it, honestly, is the price. It's expensive for a blanket. But if you can afford it, it's 100% worth it. 

How does it wash? Can you wash and dry it?

It washes SO well and is why it's one of my favorite blankets. Not only is it small enough to fit into your machines, but it has super easy care instructions: wash cold on gentle and tumble dry on low heat. The blanket also keeps its coziness but does lose the "fresh blanket" softness that I can only compare to a fleece material. It's still super soft, don't get me wrong, but it will have a slightly different texture after wear and wash. I personally think it makes it that much better!

You can see the light blue ChappyWrap on the left (fresh from delivery c/o) and my older navy/white rope one that has been washed a handful of times. You can see the subtle difference in material but this is how it stays!

ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code
ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code

Does it pill or attract pet hair?

It does not pill or shed at all. No matter how many times you wash it! It's really great. And I would say this depends on the color of the pet and the blanket, but overall not too much. You can see in the photos below the navy shows more of Dixie's hair than the white. But, not to fret if you do see a lot of pet hair, it's super easy to throw in the wash!

ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code
ChappyWrap Review + 20% off Discount Code

How big is it?

Their original size blanket is 60x80 and will fit on a queen bed. You can see me in the picture below. I'm 5' 6" for reference. You can see their blanket sizing here.

ChappyWrap Review

What is it made of?

They're made of a natural cotton blend (60% cotton -- which makes it soft -- and 40% fill fiber -- which makes it durable). I would say it feels most like a fleece blanket but a little bit of a different texture. I will remind you again that they are incredibly warm without being too thick or bulky and making you overheat!

Can you compare to Barefoot Dreams?

I got this question a TON and sadly I don't own the BFD throw so I can't compare. But I don't believe they really fall into the same category of blanket. BFD is a polyester blanket and I assume really soft like a bunny. This is more of a fleecy blanket.

ChappyWrap Review

Do you have a discount code?

Yes! Use code "KRISTA20" for 20% off for the next 72 hours. It expires Sunday night (October 4) at 11:59 ET. They rarely ever go on sale so if you've been looking for an excuse to buy one, now is the time. Last Black Friday they offered 10% off + free shipping just as a heads up. 

This makes perfect gift for your mom, sister, or friend (THIS print is perfect for dad). It also makes a wonderful housewarming gift! I promise that the moment you test it for yourself, you'll never look back. 

Next on my wish list is this Nantucket print and these Ginger Jars!


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