Fall in LL Bean

Fall in LL Bean

It's not news that I've been a longtime lover of everything LL Bean. I love the company for the company and support them for that reason. It doesn't hurt that they also make some really cute, high-quality items. They're amazing all year round, but they excel during fall.

Fall in LL Bean

I was browsing for a cashmere sweater yesterday and came across so many interesting items. I immediately added everything to my cart and it added up to a couple thousand dollars lol. So I scaled back, but I wanted to share everything I had my eye on!!

I see myself wearing a lot of sweaters and jeans around the house and running errands and LL Bean has us all covered in that department. I included some of my personal favorites that I have owned for years as well as some new items I have my eyes on!

Don't sleep on LL Bean...

Fall in LL Bean
Top Row: Sweater Fleece Pullover / Quilted Quarter-Zip Pullover / Lambswool Peacoat / Lambswool Duffle Coat / Ultralight 850 Down Sweater 

Middle Row: Fisherman Sweater / Mixed-Cable Sweater Crewneck / Ragg Wool Sweater Mockneck Pullover / Waxed Cotton Down Vest Mountain Pile Fleece Vest

Bottom Row: Fisherman Sweater Pullover Fair Isle / Sherpa Fleece Pullover Jacquard / Fisherman Sweater Cardigan / Mixed-Cable Sweater Turtleneck / Fisherman Sweater Pullover

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