Weekend Update: October 2

Weekend Update: October 2

I'm sure everyone is saying this, but HOW is it October? I know it's been the longest year ever, but October?? Really??

(jacket / sweater / earrings)

Weekend Update: October 2

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:

-One month away from Chappywrap dropping this ginger jar blanket and I'm obsessed. If you find something you like available now, you can use code KRISTA20 for 20% off!

-These cap-toe flats have the Chanel look without the Chanel price.

-My MOST worn belt is finally back available online! I have it in navy and wear it all the time. I'm debating ordering the cognac.

-As I'm writing this, I'm debating whether or not to order this navy suede dress before the 20% off sale expires...

-These would make AMAZING wedding shoes.

Best Sale of the Week: My favorite (dumbly expensive) concealer is 15% off, which isn't much, but is better than nothing. And worth it!!

Weekend Plans: We'll just be at home this weekend. After our trip to Atlanta last week, we want to make sure we're safe and healthy before being around others. I see lots of Yellowstone and The Crown in our future plans. Hoping for good weather!

A Must Do: We are almost A MONTH out from the election and it's coming down to the wire to make EXTRA sure you're registered and ready to vote. I checked my registration through Vote.org which is a great, easy to use site for everyone.

Most Popular Item of the Week: These masks!! By a long shot. Which makes me happy because SO many of you have been loving them as much as I have. They are SO GOOD.

What Made Me Happy: I got samples this week for new products I'm launching in November at Penny Linn Designs! We're coming out with some really fun items (for everyone, not just needlepointers!) but I'm most excited about our collaboration with Riley Sheehey!

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