Andrew's Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Andrew's Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Andrew is taking over the blog today! Admittedly he is not a big shopper at all but I do love to buy him a thing or two during the sale. He always ends up loving what I choose so it works out!! I asked him to put together his top picks from the sale in case anyone was interested in shopping the guy's section for anyone in your life!!

Andrew's Top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks For Men 

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1 // Ray-Ban Wayfarers: To me, these are almost like a rite of passage into adulthood. All grown men need a pair.

2 // AG Everett Slim Straight Jeans: I've never worn AG jeans, but I know Krista is a big fan. With them on sale, it seems like the right time to give them a shot.

3 // Cole Haan GrandPro Sneaker: I have a pair of Cole Haan boots and absolutely love them. They are so comfortable it's bizarre. I like this earthy green and could see them working well in my fall rotation.

 4 // Trisilk Eye Mask: Our apartment stays so bright at night that I often wear an eye mask to help fall asleep. I feel like it helps me fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. The silk is easy on my skin too, so this is a great buy.

 5 // Ted Baker Pocket Polo: I don't know why, but whenever I see Ted Baker items my first thought is always, "that's cool." Everything seems fashionable but classic at the same time. For instance, I could see 1955 "dad" Andrew wearing this, but I could also see 2020 "not dad" Andrew wearing it.

6 // BOSS Slim Fit Dress Shirt: You can't have enough crisp white dress shirts. Considering I have both a suit and a blazer on this list, it's a good opportunity to pick up another white shirt.

7 // Topman Hooded Sweatshirt: I love the color salmon. I'm also not a big fan of prints. This is a pretty simple hoodie that I'd wear all fall.

8 // TravisMathew Slim Fit Pants: I play a lot of golf. Travis Mathew skyrocketed to popularity in golf circles for their comfortable, stylish, breathable clothing. I don't have anything Travis Mathew yet, but I'd make these pants my first purchase.

9 // Ted Baker Wool Suit: Here's Ted Baker again. This suit is plain old sharp. I'd feel like James Bond in this one.

10 // Timberland Chukka Sneaker: Chukkas are great because they are casual enough for a lazy weekend, but still office appropriate. If there is such a thing anymore...

11 // Goodlife T-Shirt: I like earth tones, what of it?

12 // Canali Silk Tie: This is to pair with that slick Ted Baker suit and the white shirt. We are building quite the powerful ensemble.

13 // Bonobos Knit Blazer: I'm obsessed with Bonobos. The first time I looked through the Nordstrom sale, all I wanted to do was pick all the Bonobos items. Alas, I mixed it up for your sake but kept this blazer on the list. I have a bunch of blazers, but I don't have a gray one yet.

14 // Versace Watch: In all honesty, I am not a Versace guy. I'm also not a watch guy. So why did I put this on the list? Because look at it! And because along with the Ted Baker suit, BOSS shirt, and Canali tie, I'm pretty sure I could walk onto any private jet and no one would say anything.

15 // Bonobos Stretch Button Up: Again, it's Bonobos and I love Bonobos. This looks like a versatile shirt so it's on the list.

16 // AG Everett Slim Straight Jeans: See No. 2

17 // Cole Haan Waffle Oxford Shoe: See No. 3

18 // Bonobos Chino Shorts: Seriously, Bonobos ...

19 // Faherty Short Sleeve Button Up: I have a Faherty hoodie and love it. Their style is a little louder than I'm used to, but this shirt is right up my alley.

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