Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try On Haul + Review

I received the first part of my Nordstrom Anniversary sale today, and I wanted to share some thoughts and reviews of the first batch of items. Some I loved, some I didn't and imma tell you alll about it!


Originally $59 // Sale Price: $38.90
Size: Small (recommend sizing down)
Thoughts: I was kind of hoping this would be more tan than pink but here we are! That's what I get for trying to step outside my comfort zone lol. I do really like the sweater, and have one in white sitting in my cart. Is it anything special? Not really, but it's super soft, fits nicely, and has a pretty good sale price. If you're looking for an off-the-shoulder sweater to wear with jeans/pants, I really do like this one. 

Originally $215 // Sale Price: $143.90
Size: 28 (they run TTS but if you're in between, I suggest sizing down -- they're stretchy!)
ThoughtsJust about the only time I'll buy AG jeans is during the Nordstrom sale. They are too expensive otherwise (this is coming from a recovering AG jean-oholic). I decided to test these only because this *is* my favorite style. They are a great pair of jeans! But I do think you can find similar styles out there for a lot less.

Originally $25 // Sale Price: $15.90
Size: 8 US
ThoughtsI like this bodysuit *but* it's definitely on the thinner side. Personally, I prefer the Free People bodysuit to this one. While it's more expensive, you're definitely paying for quality! A little more bang for your buck. Nothing against this one from Topshop, but it's a super-thin material and the sale price isn't that good of a "sale."

Originally $109 // Sale Price: $64
Size: Small (runs big, size down)
Thoughts: I really like it! I like the color and print, and I think it's a jacket that could be super versatile for many different occasions. I really want the black and white version as well but I worry I'll never wear it. It's such a classic print it's hard to resist!! The material of the jacket is also a lot thicker and stretchier than I expected but I really like it. It's a great quality. 

Originally $69 // Sale Price: $45.50
Size: Small (runs big, size down)
ThoughtsI hated it. It looks cheap and a little tacky honestly! Don't waste your money.

Originally $238 // Sale Price: $158.90
Size: 28 (TTS)
ThoughtsFor how expensive these jeans are I was expecting a LOT more. It may be the specific pair I have but the zipper was not smooth at all and kept catching when I tried to put it on. It was also weirdly tight in all the wrong places. Together with the top, I hated this outfit!! If you're looking for a nicer light wash pair of jeans, look to AG!

Originally $59 // Sale Price: $34.90
Size: Medium (size down I need a small!)
ThoughtsA tried and true closet favorite. This is from many Nordstrom sales ago and I still love it. A must buy honestly! It's half the reason I was so upset about the tank above. It was an embarrassment to this amazing tank!

Originally $280 // Sale Price: $176.90
Size: US 6/UK 10
ThoughtsThis is my favorite Barbour jacket in the sale! It's a really nice lightweight (like super lightweight) quilted jacket and it has all the makings you love from a Barbour: the olive green color, the corduroy collar, the tartan lining. A+ all around!

Originally $475 // Sale Price: $299.90
Size: US 6 / UK 10
ThoughtsThis is the only waxed Barbour in the sale and also the most expensive! BUT it's a great jacket. It's like a trendier version of the traditional style with all the extra zippers and buttons. Still really cute and I like that the collar is removable so you can have a thinner corduroy version.

Originally $ // Sale Price: $199.90
Size: US 6 / UK 10
ThoughtsThis is (sadly) currently sold out BUT it's an amazing raincoat. I own two other Barbour raincoats and they are really well made. This seems to be an updated version that's a little more slimming and has lined cuffs, which I really like!

Originally $250 // Sale Price: $149.90
Size: US 6 / UK 10
ThoughtsThis was my least favorite of the Barbour bunch! It just kind of felt cheap and didn't seem like a Barbour jacket at all. I'd skip and save your money!!

Originally $55 // Sale Price: $35.90
Size: M
ThoughtsI love this hat!! I own it in a couple of colors and I really like how simple this style is. It's a great item that you can wear now for summer!!

Originally $59 // Sale Price: $28.90
Size: Medium (runs big!!)
ThoughtsI hattteeeedddd this dress. The only redeeming part was that it was VERY soft. Other than that, it felt like I was wearing a sleep shirt. No all around. 

Originally $69 // Sale Price: $45.90
Size: Medium
Thoughts: This dress was definitely very "cool girl chic" and super soft + stretchy -- great for someone pregnant! But it hugged me in all the wrong ways and I would feel so self-conscious it in every day!!

Originally $39 // Sale Price: $24.90
Size: Medium
ThoughtsThis bra was fine. I liked the length of it but overall it was just meh. Nothing bad, nothing great. It was not supportive AT ALL and I'd probably never wear it to work out in. Not even in a yoga class!!

Originally $48 // Sale Price: $27.90
Size: Medium
Thoughts: Now these I LOVED. They somehow feel like you're not wearing anything at all. It's wild. They are A+ in my book. Definitely something you can lounge around the house in but also wear into fall for a cute casual look. 

Originally $ // Sale Price: $35.90
Size: Medium
ThoughtsThis was definitely a cute sweatshirt and I'm still on the fence about it honestly. It's stiff but I really like the color so idk!! It's in my TBD pile for now.

Originally $49 // Sale Price: $28.90
Size: Small (dumb)
Thoughts: I have a full post about faux leggings and comparing all the options in the sale but I just wanted to come on to say DO NOT size down in these lol. They are SUPER hot and thick but also they smell like burning plastic. So do with that what you will.

Originally $59 // Sale Price: $28.90
Size: Medium (runs TTS)
ThoughtsThese were some of my favorites of the bunch and the easiest to get on BUT they have a baggy crotch and it's one of my biggest pet peeves about leggings. So in good faith, I cannot recommend them lol.

AND THAT'S ALL for the try-on haul. At least for now! I have more coming in today that I will hope to have up soon. If you want to see any of these in motion, head over to my IG stories today for a full review and mirror try on!

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