Previewing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Kept, What I Returned and My Top Picks featured by popular New York fashion blogger, Covering the Bases
I'm not really sure how to feel about the Nordstrom Sale this year. It's usually the first thing that kicks off fall and all the excitement around that time of year.This year obviously feels different. I like that the sale is later in the summer. I don't like that you have to shop in tiers. I like that you can preview it early, but I don't like not having anywhere to wear your new clothes.

Am I alone in this? It feels weird saying you should get X and Y for the office, for school, for a vacation. It's one of my biggest sales drivers of the year, which means you guys are interested and is why I'll still promote it. But I think I'm going to take a different approach this year. I will try to focus on things that are actually good deals versus simply being on sale. 

I also wonder what kind of inventory Nordstrom has for the sale. The past two years almost everything sold out before public access and it wasn't fun! So I assume they looked to correct it this year, but maybe not because of everything going on? I really don't know. 

I'm also not one to support or push any kind of credit card on anyone EVER, but if you are ever looking for a reason, the anniversary sale is when I got my Nordstrom card. I use it only when I shop Nordstrom because they have good perks, one of the best being that you get to shop the anniversary sale early. They're also offering a $60 note when you sign up if that is of any interest. Obviously do not get a card if you have too many, have bad credit, don't pay your cards off, or are young and trying to build credit (there are better cards to do so). Just be smart!! 

With all of that, I went through and previewed the sale and wanted to call out some items I either have or have my eye on!


Out of all the categories, I would say the beauty selection was the best of the sale. There are a lot of great items and deals here to take advantage of. Like the RevitaLash/Brow serums; they work SO well and are a great two-for-one deal that you won't find anywhere else. You only need one for the year and then next year's sale you can stock up again. 

As for skincare, my LightStim device is included. The only other time I've seen it anywhere on sale is during the Sephora sale, which is when I bought mine! My facialist uses the larger one and let me borrow the one linked here before my wedding and it worked great for my acne. I know light therapy can help with a lot of different skin issues, and while it's expensive and not totally necessary, it's a great device to pick up if you're looking to enhance your skincare routine. 

They also have my Kate Sommerville face wash. I'll have to see how it compares to the travel size one I buy in terms of price, but I wanted to call out that I have been loving this (and the pink) cleanser. 

For hair, my tried and true/best blowdryer of all time is included. I got this for my mom who also loved it, but our airwrap curling dryer has replaced the need for it. And my very loved Slip silk scrunchies are also included, and are totally worth it. These hair ties are some of the best ever. Of course you should also get the silk pillowcases too

Then Drybar is selling a jumbo version of their dry shampoo, and while I kind of prefer the older formula, this is a good deal for anyone who loves this dry shampoo! It's a great time to stock up on some more Moroccanoil. I've used this on my hair every day since high school, and attribute a lot of my healthy ends to it!

But my FAVORITE deal of the selection would be the L'Occitane Almond Shower Duo Set. I use this to shave and it is THE BEST shave gel ever. This is a jumbo size with a refill. A must buy!


Not going to lie, the shoe selection was prettttyyyy boring. There are some shoes I bought in previous years like the ever-popular Sam Edelman knee-high suede boots, the perfect fall bootie from Marc Fisher, and the classic white Adidas sneakers. These are all similar styles to shoes I currently own and love. Also -- side note -- I miss wearing shoes lol.


The anniversary sale is the BEST time to stock up on jeans. I find myself doing it every ... single ... year. I can't resist! Especially for the higher-end designer labels (that never go on sale), this is the perfect time to buy. It's also a great time to try out the faux leather legging trend! I just thought it was funny to see all of them included. I own two of the three (the Spanx and Commando), but maybe I should do a review of all three??

And I *know* no one is really in an office right now, but these Spanx pants are legit the BEST thing EVER to wear to business formal+ offices. They are SO comfortable, high-waisted, classic, and look very fancy. 


For the tops specifically, the 1. State camisole is one of my most worn tanks ever and I got it in the sale two years ago. It is a *must* have, along with the Theory cashmere t-shirt. That's another anniversary sale purchase I make every year. A trueeeeee classic for your closet that will last many years. It's great to dress up any outfit you have. And it's the perfect transition top for fall and winter. 

As for the jackets, I'm excited to see what the Barbour jackets are like as I know they were a big hit with you guys last year when I shared this review. From what I've seen they look like more affordable Barbour styles and I love the tan collar contrast! 

Also out of everything I've seen, I am most excited for this houndstooth jacket (random I know).


After beauty, I'm probably most looking forward to some activewear purchases because that's what I live in now lol. I'm always looking for longer bras/crop tops to pair with my skorts and leggings. I stocked up on these Zella sports bras (in white, black, and grey) last year and every time I wear them I get asked about them! They have been sold out since the last sale. Also, two of my favorite TJ pieces are included in the sale too! These shorts (which I am wearing right now) and this (softest ever) t-shirt

Would love to hear what you have your eye on/added to your wishlist for the sale below! Maybe I'll surprise some people who leave a comment (and your IG handle so I can DM you!) for the sale :))

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