Weekend Update: July 24

Happy Friday! Is time moving super weird for anyone else right now??? The fact that the end of next week is AUGUST doesn't make sense in my mind. It's rainy here today but I get to see Ashby and catch up on her wedding so I'm excitedddd. Hope you all have a great weekend. The picture above is a canvas I'll be launching in September!

Five Items I Have My Eyes On:
-I am PUMPED this sweater is back for the anniversary sale. It's been a favorite of mine year after year and I always get a new one during the sale.  

-The cutest casual but semi-dressed up, an extremely preppy polo dress!

-I've had this eyelet top in my cart all week -- just trying to decide if I should get the white and be borning or step outside my comfort zone and try out the pink

-This simple navy shift from Lilly is *to die for*. I love the collar and (in normal times) be a perfect dress for a wedding.

-I love the idea of a duo mask and sunglass chain! This one is tortoiseshell and super cute 

Best Sale of the Week: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview is LIVE!

Weekend Plans: Not much lol. Like every other weekend, I'll spend some time needlepointing, probably watching some movies, catching up with friends (via FT), and heading up to Westchester for dinner Sunday. Copy, paste, repeat.

A Must Watch: I absolutely loved AOC's response to Ted Yoho. A must watch for everyone

Most Popular Item of the Week: The exercise dress from Outdoor Voices! It was 20% off earlier in the week and I was able to snag one for myself. I am SO excited for it.

What Made Me Happy: I re-watched the parent trap yesterday in a marathon of movies and just remembered how much that movie meant to me! It is SO GOOD. Thank goodness for Disney+

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