Review (+ Comparison) of the Barbour Jackets in the Nordstrom Sale

It is no secret that I love Barbour jackets. I have somewhat of a collection from over the years. I just love their quality, their style and I plan on keeping them forever and hopefully passing them down to my kids one day. Is that crazy?

Barbour, LL Bean Boots and old school Lilly are the things I've seen be passed along to younger generations and I just love the idea that the quality of the products is something that will last forever (as long as you take care of them!).

So yea, I love me some Barbour. And when I saw there were a couple jackets included in the Nordstrom sale I was really happy! I definitely don't need any more in my closet but I did want to try these on and review them in comparison to my other Barbours -- mainly the ever-popular Beadnell jacket.

It's not often, well it actually never happens, that Barbour goes on sale this much. They're still expensive for jackets but if you're getting one any way you might as well grab one that is on sale! There are three options for jackets and they only had two in-store so those are the ones I'm reviewing but I'll touch on the third style later in this post!


First up is the Barbour Oakland Quilted Jacket. It comes in three colors: black, navy and green. All the jackets are quilted with a corduroy collar, front snap closure, front snap-flap patch pockets, an interior snap-patch pocket and are lined with the traditional Barbour plaid on the body of the jacket. 

I think the jacket runs a size large. I'm normally a US 6 or 8 in Barbour depending on the style and in this coat, I'm wearing a US 4. 

Barbour Oakland Quilted Jacket (on sale):

The most similar style to this jacket I own is the quilted Beadnell (below). The biggest differences are the length, the cut on the hem, the lining, the weight of the quilt and the second pocket. The Beadnell version is much more heavyweight than the Oakland since it is fleece lined.

Barbour Beadnell Quilted Jacket:

Both coats are obviously great. What makes the Oakland more appealing is how affordable it is on sale and the more feminine/everyday cut and style. It's a more similar style to other jackets out on the market vs being more of a traditional "Barbour" style... if that makes any sense. In terms of quality, it's great -- better than I originally expected but it is much lighter in weight. 

I would compare the quilt of the jacket to be lightweight like a Patagonia nano is (but without the same warmth). It was really easy to wear and would definitely be considered a light jacket for cool days. You can layer but I wouldn't suggest it if you're buying it for warmth. 

Personally, I love this jacket and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a Barbour! 

(Beadnell left; Oakland (on sale) right):

Next, we have the Barbour Shoreline Wax vs the traditional Barbour Beadnell Wax. The Shoreline jacket is only available in sage green and features a corduroy collar, front zip and snap closure, is fully lined and is water-resistant. 

The biggest difference between this and the Beadnell is the overall length, the missing second breast pocket, the lining pattern, and the water resistance. I'm not totally sure if the Beadnell is marketed as being water-resistant like this one. The waxing does look different between the two, especially when compared side by side (just as a note, I recently got my Beadnell rewaxed at the end of the season last year).

Barbour Shoreline Water Resistant Waxed Jacket (on sale):

Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket:

I'm wearing a US6 and would say it runs TTS but suggest sizing up if you are in between or want to heavily layer it in the fall and winter. This jacket I like, I really do. BUT if you want a waxed jacket, I suggest buying this Violet Waxed jacket for only $20 more

This is the jacket they didn't have in store but is still available online and comparing the images and the description of the jacket vs the Beadnell, they are almost identical. I think the only major difference is the weight of the jacket, I believe the Violet is meant to be a lightweight version of the Beadnell.

(Beadnell left; Shoreline (on sale) right)

So in conclusion, if you want the Beadnell style without the Beadnell price, get the Violet jacket (TTS). If you want a cute and easy quilted jacket, get the Oakland Jacket (size down). And if you want a waxed jacket without the boxy shape of the Beadnell, get the Shoreline jacket (TTS).

AND if you want to win one of the FOR FREE!!! Listen up: I'll select one winner tomorrow for the public access sale to win a Barbour jacket of their choice (if the one you want is sold out, you can get a GC for the same value)!

TO ENTER all you have to do is click on this link, see what's available and let me know in a comment below what jacket you would want! I'll be tracking the link so I'll know who clicked and who didn't. A winner will be announced in tomorrow's post at 12:30 ET!

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