February Favorites

February went by in the blink of an eye and now we're another step closer to spring! March is one of the best months -- between March Madness, Daylight Savings and... SPRING -- how can you not get excited??

Judith March: That's So Daisy Dress / Lilly Pulitzer: Sheena Sandal (also here and here) / Tuckernuck: Birdcage Earrings / Celine: Sunglasses (old) / J. Mclaughlin: Victoria Wicker Bag c/o

Caitlin and I shot this look when we were in Miami a couple weeks ago and this dress just brings a smile to your face. It's a HAPPY dress and just filled with sunshine and flowers lol. I've never ordered anything from Judith March before but I have been pleasantly surprised by this dress! There are a few sizes left so snag it if you can!

Like we did in January, I wanted to share my favorites from the past month. It's fun to round up my most loved and most used products that may not make it to the blog or Instagram otherwise. Sorry, I'm a little late on getting this up! But February just went by so fast I just wasn't ready lol. SO without further ado, here is what made my month so great:

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Cleanser - I picked this up randomly in the "blackout and buy it all" line at Sephora. You know, that line when you're checking out and there are a million mini versions of everything that you all of a sudden can't live without? Yea, there. I picked it up not actually realizing it was an exfoliant (hello, I blacked out) and was a little weary but it turns out it's super gentle and my very sensitive face has been liking it a lot!

Tarte Shape Tape Glow Wand - Back during fashion week, I was able to stop by the Tarte offices to get a little glam before an event. They used this (I think) new product on me called the glow wand and wowowow I've been loving it. I used it in my recent IGTV makeup tutorial and it really just gives a very light and sheer coverage with a lot of reflective light for your under eyes (or wherever!). 

Initial Pearl Earrings - I linked these back in the beginning of the year and all of a sudden the shop was gone. BUT IT'S BACK! Every time I wear these earrings, I get a ton of compliments and they are dupes, per se, for a pair of Dior earrings. Personally, I just like that they are pearl and gold and have my initial. 

Amazon Sunglasses - You want to look CHIC AS F&CK? Do you have $11? Well, these sunglasses are the ultimate cool-girl shades that everyone should own. I am a big fan!! I'm so here for cheap sunglasses that look high end. 

Madewell Tie-Dye Sweatpants - I cannot stop wearing these sweatpants its actually kind of embarrassing. They are thicker, which I like in sweats so they hold their own shape and don't just cling to my legs lo. They're also a super light neutral color so it seems to just go with everything. I bought them on a whim and now they're my favorite pants. 

P448 Sneakers - I snagged these last month to test and compare to my Golden Goose sneakers and wow -- I am SO impressed and wonder why I don't hear people talking about them more! They are out of this world comfortable, really cute and in style right now and are a fraction of the cost of GG! They might be my most comfortable casual sneakers. 

Target Tie Dye Sweat Set (top / bottom) - I'm very into tie-dye right now and I saw this set at Target when we were in Lexington and then ordered it online (there are no good Targets in the city). I love to wear them separately and together but are just really affordable and seemingly very easy to wear. So A+ for Target items!!

Uniqlo T-shirt - Ok, I have to admit I had* a pretty hard rule against shopping here because it's the epitome of fast fashion but I've had two trusted friends recommend their t-shirt to me so, when I walked by the store in the city, I decided to see what the hype was about. And I get it. I get it so much that I just went back last week and picked up another white and a black shirt as well. The material is super thick and pretty well made, I wear a small which is on the verge of being too small but the medium was much longer than I wanted. Thankfully it gives with wear and doesn't shrink in the wash!

Dudley Stephens Scarf - This is not new but I am VERY excited they brought this back in other colors!!! This is hands down the best wrap you will EVER wear. The perfect accessory for those who get cold easily. I bring this on all my trips as a nice shawl/wrap in case I need it on a cooler night or need something light to wear with dresses. It's a must!

Rent the Runway - You guys KNOW I love Rent the Runway and have been partnering with them for almost two years!! I just wanted to give an extra shout out this month because their new spring and summer arrivals are AWESOME and 'tis the season to sign up for Rent the Runway for all the weddings and summer trips! I've been using them non stop for my trips for Florida and I've never had a cooler closet. 

Trident Vibes Gum - Low key... this is the best gum out on the market. I initially received it in a product of the year round up and I've been singing it's praises ever since. It's SO GOOD. It lasts for longer than you want to keep chewing lol. I'm about to order more flavors to test out. 

Phil DeFranco - I've been watching Phil for the better part of two years and I don't think I've ever missed a show! He is a YouTuber who posts daily news shows that range about ~15 minutes (although I wish I was longer). I think he does an amazing job covering the news in a non-biased way (but he does give his thoughts from time to time at the end and always says they are his own before doing so). And it's how I stay up to date with the world. He is hilarious, and amazing, and so so so good at his job. Easily one of my favorite parts of the day!

If you missed it, you can check out my January favorites here!
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