Weekend Update: March 6

Happy Friday! Has this week just been kind of crazy in a weird way for anyone else or is that just me??

What I Bought:
-New Lilly for my trip to Palm Beach!
-A very large but very cute headband that kind of matches the dress above
-The MOST me swimsuit ever... Top & Bottom
-An affordable crisp white shirtdress
-New sunnies for $25
-Have you tried Aqua? I'm living for this blue floral set (top + bottom)
-A great white summer dress for $60!
-New jeans for $88

NYC Life: This week consisted of a lot of work -- I feel like things are starting to pick up for spring and this week I felt that no matter what I did I was always a little behind. That coupled with the fact that my internet has been going in and out all week and then totally gone as of yesterday didn't help anything. And it's been one of those weeks where I just have zero idea what day it is!! But it's the end of the week so it works and soon I'll be off to...

Weekend Plans: Palm Beach! My cousin gets in tomorrow and then we fly down Sunday. SO excited!! I have just been begging for any reason to get to some sunshine and I booked this trip on a whim a couple weeks back. I also convinced Caitlin to join so it will be a lot of fun having here there as well!

Favorite Finds: 
-A perfect sun hat for $44!
-I'm really becoming obsessed with this Tory Burch style... and now they've come out with this. How do I resist??
-This would be a great cool spring wedding dress
-Tuckernucks new arrivals got me all heart-eyed over here... this yellow maxi and this tiered green dress are my favs!!
-A super cute cropped white lace top!
-Perfect pink earrings for $58

A Must Listen: I've been listening to The Wicked soundtrack this week. Don't ask me how it started but it has and no I cannot stop. It brings me back!

Most Popular Item of the Week: This Dudley Stephens fleece that is on sale! The camel is now $67 and the pink and blue are both $97! Use code FUN15 for an extra 15% off

Amazon Purchases: 
-This device turns the airplane TV into a bluetooth connection so I can listen with Airpods on the flight!!!!
-Core10 crop top
-A smaller pair of these Colorfulkoala leggings

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