January Favorites

HOW is it February already?? Did January not just fly by for anyone else? So crazy, honestly. But as a new month is here, I wanted to start a new series for the blog: monthly favorites! I personally love it when other bloggers do these, so I wanted to start my own. It's a hodgepodge of things that have made my January so great!

Line & Dot: Sylive Sweater (also here)/ Mott and Bow: Jane Jeans / Sarah Flint: Natalie Flats (size half size up!) c/o / Rebecca Minkoff: Edie Suede Bag / Amazon: GG Pearl Earrings

Glossier Makeup -- I don't know what finally made me pull the trigger on Glossier Makeup, but I did, and I haven't looked back. I've been wearing their products nonstop this month, and I've never felt more naturally beautiful. I love how fresh-faced their line makes me look, and it has given me the confidence to rock less and less makeup! 

I've been using their lipstick, highlighter, blush, and brow gel religiously and love each of them so much -- I don't know how I lived without them. I'm debating trying more things, but as I haven't been really reaching for much outside of these items (I can't remember the last time I wore real foundation), I think I may be good for now.

Necessaire Body Lotion -- I started using this for a campaign and immediately was all about it. I've been searching for years for a body lotion that doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky -- I'm extra sensitive to texture -- and I haven't found anything that truly dries down until this! It takes about 5 or so minutes, but once that waiting game is done, you are totally good to go.

It's also clean and has a lot of good things in it -- which they promote, but tbh, that's not really what draws me in. I don't know that I've really seen a difference in my skin, either. I just love it for the nourishment it gives without leaving my skin sticky.

Biologique Recherche P50W -- I've wanted to try P50 lotion for a WHILE. I feel like everyone has talked about it's their holy grail, life-changing product (it's a toner), but I've been so hesitant because my skin is so sensitive and this stuff is harsh -- I wouldn't last a day! But when I found they sell a sensitive skin option, I was all over it. 

I bought it online from Joanna Czech, and she had a travel size option, so I thought, why not test it out and not fully commit. I've been using it for a little under a month, and I think I can see a really big change in my skin. I'm noticing fewer breakouts, more even texture and tone, and an overall brightness to my face. I have some days when I notice a little more redness or drying, and I'll try and skip a day or two, but overall it's been wonderful. I'm interested in seeing if there are more items in the line I can use.

Clothing + Accessories:
Rebecca Minkoff Suede Bag (and here) -- I've been eyeing a brown suede Chanel bag for some time, but I can never seem to pull the trigger! I don't need it at all -- but it's always so eye-catching when I see it! So when I stumbled upon this bag, I was in love. The brown + gold hardware was giving me all the heart eyes, and I just couldn't seem to get it out of my head. 

I thought I'd try it out and see if it scratched the itch of the Chanel bag, and to my wallets surprise, it did! It holds a TON and has a lot of great inner pockets. It's super easy to dress up or dress down, and you can wear it a few different ways. I'm a big fan!!

Harper Wilde Base Bra -- Also stemming from a past sponsored campaign, I've been wearing this bra nonstop since getting it in November. It has replaced all my day time bras (and that's saying something because I have great bras). The easiest, everyday, white shirt, and most comfortable bra I own! I can't say enough good things about it. It runs TTS for me! (You can get 15% off with the code "KRISTA15")

Lululemon Enlite Bra -- The story of this bra is so random, but here we go lol. When we were in New Zealand, Lulu had a Boxing Day sale, and I thought why not go in and look around. I found a few cute tops I liked and decided to try them on, but since I was there, I might as well try on a few more things and randomly picked up this bra and a few others. I ended up loving how the bra fit and how supportive it was!

I normally wear a 34DD, and running/cardio, in general, is very difficult. I have a Wacoal one that I normally use and love, but it's not the cutest bra in the world. I ran last week with this bra and didn't think once about my chest or have any pain. It was like a miracle bra, and now I don’t think I'll ever be able to run without it! It's that good. And if you're like myself, I really recommend checking out this bra! It's worth alllll the money lol.

GG Pearl Earrings -- My dear friend Sarah posted about these, and I just think they are the cutest statement earrings! So feminine with the pearls and really affordable too!

Sarah Flint Flats -- The Sarah Flint team graciously sent me two pairs of flats that I fell in love with at their showroom in December, and I've just been loving how well they go with everything and how comfortable they are! I will admit they take a little bit of break-in time, but after that, they will quickly become your go-to. I believe investing in good shoes is important because they will last you a long time, but I do also understand that not everyone can do so! If you are and feel compelled, you can use code "KRISTA45" to take $45 off)

Equilibria Relief Cream -- I've been using and loving Equilibria since my wedding, but I feel like, in this past month, I've found a whole new love for the relief cream. I've been using it for everything from my period to my sore muscles and even on my temples and wrists at night! (You can use code "coveringbases" for 15% off too!)

Larq Water Bottle -- I got this as a Christmas gift from my SIL, and it's been the only water bottle I've used all month! I (of course) love that its navy, but it also cleans your water and the bottle via UV light. It's the way of the future, and it's just a nice piece of mind knowing the water is extra clean.

1917 -- I've been cranking through all the Oscar nominations this month and excited to share. I only have a few left! Each year I try and see every movie nominated in the big categories, and so far, 1917 has been my favorite. It may be my favorite even all-time -- like definitely top 10. It was so good, and I cannot recommend it enough. It's shot so beautifully, with Andrew and I's favorite cinematographer! I personally think it will win it all but only time will tell!!

The Circle + Cheer on Netflix -- Twas the month of amazing new shows to binge on Netflix! If you're looking for something addicting and easy to watch, may I direct you to these two shows. The Circle is a social media/real-life reality/game show that is so dumb but addictive. And Cheer is about college cheerleading that will make you want to do a backflip and relive your glory days. Just be ready to be obsessed with the team!!

Andrew Yang -- *Ok, this is political so please feel free to skip right past it.* But I've never felt so strongly about a person or a candidate before, and I have been really compelled to share. I feel like he is someone who is talking about the things and issues I worry about, is not left or right (but forward), has a better understanding of what technology will do to our lives, and just seems like a normal guy

If you're interested in learning more, I really suggest reading around or listening to some podcasts he's been on. I, of course, respect whatever you wish to do and who you support and ask you to do the same for me! He's just been a big part of my January (and the past six months really), and I felt compelled to share. 

Pill Shaver -- *WARNING* this product will make you addicted to shaving pills. I'm constantly looking for things around my house to shave because it's just so much fun! So far, the biggest culprits have been a pair of leggings, wool socks, and a sweatshirt. But I'm always looking for more!!

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