What I Packed for Palm Beach

I am in Palm Beach for a fun getaway with Maren during her spring break. I am just at my best when I can outfit plan for warm weather themed vacations, you know?? It's been SO MUCH FUN breaking out all these spring items and the colors and the dresses! I want them alllll right now lol.

Before I go on a trip, I usually try and outfit plan as to not overpack (and my definition of overpacking is bringing things I will not end up wearing). By putting everything together and planning looks for specific things like bike riding, shopping, dinner, etc... I am able to not stress that "I don't have anything to wear" and have it all planned ahead of time. 

And I just have to clarify this before we begin but it is my job to shoot outfits and share looks. I overpack and change 5x a day. So there are a lot of looks but I like to have options and change it up and shoot it all! So below are a sneak peek of everything I brought with me to Palm Beach.

BUTTTT Before we start I want to call out two things... 1. My mirror -- SHEESH! It never looked this dirty IRL and then I go to edit the photos and it shows up allllll over the place. So I'm sorry about that. We usually clean on Sundays (and dust) but I took these photos Saturday before we left so it was not as clean as it should be but alas it is what it is.

And 2 -- my fellow fam in the back L-O-L I think it's so funny to see them!!! Maren, my cousin, has started working for me and was annotating my IG stories during my try on and Andrew was looking at Zillow. This is my main mirror and I live in a one-bedroom apartment (and the bedroom is only for sleeping) so this is what you get when we have a full house! Andrew also helps be the deicing factor when I'm outfit planning helping me pick which shoe or bag to wear and tells me when I look crazy lol so it's nice to have them nearby! 

Dress / BagShoes (similar)

Dress / BagShoes (similar) / Scarf

Top / Skirt / Shoes (similar)

Top / Skirt / Shoes (coming soon!) / Hat

Top / Skirt / Bag / Shoes (similar)

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