Our Wedding Video

I am VERY excited to share today's post and video with you guys! OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!! Now that we've shown it to our families, I feel it's a good time to also share with you all...

It's a long one but it's so good (and of course I am biased lol). But Michael Justin and his team really outdid themselves with this entire film (and photos!) and I cannot say enough amazing things about them. They delivered the video when we were on our honeymoon and we watched it almost every day for a month. I've seen it so much I can quote basically the entire thing lol.
As some of you know, we did the wedding a little different and got married during the week in a small backyard ceremony officiated by my dad. We hired photographers and videographers for two full days (our rehearsal on Wednesday and our wedding on Thursday) and it was a big decision. Now seeing the videos the team sent back, I wish I would have had them for the entire week! Although, I think that video would have been a full hour in length. We had about 12 hours of raw footage after only two days.
Michael called me about a month ago and was like, "We have too much footage to fit into a 10-minute film," (which is how much you get if you book them for video + photos). And I said, "Make it as long as you need. If it's a half-hour, I'm here for it." And so he made it and it feels like five videos in one. It captures the week and wedding so perfectly and it's my favorite thing ever.
With the feature film (which is what I'm sharing above), we also got a produced/edited wedding ceremony (not just one single shot on a tripod but allllll the angles), full speeches, cake cutting, first dances, and Andrew's Jeopardy game. 
I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a videographer for your wedding. It all goes by so quickly and you remember so little of it. The next day after the wedding I remember saying, "I have no idea what was said during the ceremony." It' been so fun and happy to relive it all and have time to process it a second, third and fourth time. It's something we'll have, share, and watch forever.

I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to leave your thoughts/comments on YouTube. I'll be responding to them as they come in :)
You can check out Michael and his team HERE!

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